Welcome back..to the one and only Phat Daily Column. Ah yes, we are bless tonight with two Thursday night wrestling programs. Let the Thursday Night Wars continue!!! Joy to the world, the Monday Night Ratings finally came in. So let's get right to it. On to the PDC.

Ratings Analysis


First Hour: 3.9
Second Hour: 3.0
Third Hour: 2.7
Composite: 3.2


First Hour: 5.9
Second Hour: 5.9
Composite: 5.9

Head to Head

RAW: 5.9 Tito prediction: 5.9
Nitro: 2.95 Tito prediction: 3.0

-Looks like Nitro needs to keep working at it to get the WWF off the top of the mountain. Nitro went back to their old ratings getting that lovely 2.7 in the third and final hour. I personally felt that Nitro had a better show, but I can see it lost some ratings. The action was TOO fast paced. It was going from segment to segment, and it had a ton of errors in it. Nitro would have a match, but instead of seeing anything happen at the end of the match, they jumped right into the lockerroom for another segment. RAW was more solid overall, but it had it's matches with tons of interference..but it didn't confuse fans like Nitro did. We'll see what happens next week!


-Alright, the Smackdown spoilers are floating around, and I got a chance to read them earlier. It looks like a top notch show, but of course, I said that last week. This week, I got tons of Smackdown fan impressions, and they said the show was outrageous! To read the spoilers yourself, Click Here. Many of the fueds you saw getting fired up on Monday are continued here, like Bossman-Big Show, and DX vs. whoever. I would say more, but why spoil a great night of wrestling for you? So enjoy Smackdown tonight!

-WWF Volume 4 is doing real well already, as Scherer reported that it is now #7 on Amazon.com's bestseller list. That's pretty good, as I expect another bombshell to be unleashed on the Billboard charts. The third WWF cd wasn't as anticipated as this one, and the market already knows that it can be on the charts. I'm sure the WWF is loving every minute of this one. I'm wondering if the WCW Mayhem cd, which is debuting the 16th(correct me if I'm wrong please), will steal any of Volume 4's thunder.

-I was waiting for the rumor killer on the "Kid Rock did the Jericho theme" news headline. Thanks to Lucas, many who claimed it was Kid Rock can only dream. I'm glad that rumor has been shot down.

-Oh joy, the WWF is trying the celebrity route again, as they are bringing Arnold Schwarzenegger on next week's Smackdown. But hey, it's Arnold...who doesn't love Arnold movies? Besides, he's best buds with Jesse "the Body" Ventura, so maybe he was the one who suggested him to do it? I don't know. As for what he'll do on Smackdown next week, just keep an eye on WWF.com for more details as they arrive.

-Well, this year, according to Lucas, will go back to the tradition matches at the Survivor Series. Due to midcard feuds and main event matches, the WWF went away from the 5 on 5 or 4 on 4 matches. Nice to see that will return, and it seems reasonable with many groups teaming up nowadays.

-Mick Foley's book will be #2 this week on the New York's bestseller list. Good stuff there, as I'm proud of Mick for this accomplishment. One of these days I'll find the time to read that great book, as I've heard nothing but good things about it.


-WCW continues to make cutbacks as they give Wrath the book, but they leave the door open for Wrath to sign a much lower contract. WCW lately has been slowly trying to correct the ridiculous wrestler wages that Eric Bischoff signed wrestlers to. Now, WCW is starting to think about doing the same thing for Stevie Ray. That would be good, because he might not sign with WCW for a lower contract, and me and Coolbeans can enjoy Booker T tear it up in the singles division. (credit: Calvin Martin for the news part)

-One thing I don't like about this new swing of WCW is the fact that they are copying the WWF more than ever. Now I'm not ripping the format of the show, as that's accepted because the WCW, after all, as the former WWF writers. It's just stuff like having Brad Armstrong similar to his brother, Road Dogg Jesse James Armstrong, and the Kid Cam, which is strikingly similar to G-TV. I don't know, it just seems to me that for two writers, who said they were burnt out on the WWF, are really making things look the same as they did in the WWF.

@That's it for today. I'll be back tomorrow with yet another edition of the Phat Daily Column tomorrow, so chill till then.

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