Welcome to the PDC for Friday, the one that you have the right to vote for. It looks like the WWF has been *attempting* to stack their cards lately, so we'll see how this one does in the ratings. We'll also see how you guys voted for it as well, along with the wrestler poll for the Phat 5. Enough already, on to the PDC.


Your Smackdown Grade: B

This letter grade had a good 22% behind it, with A/A+, A-, and B+ pushing a tough 18% of the vote. See...voting does matter, because it helps me do this column. Like Tuesday...voting will help our nation be a better place.

I would analyze the matches, BUT I got yelled at for last time, since many of you enjoyed the 3 way dance between Regal, Al Snow, and Perry Saturn. My lips will be sealed from this, so looking from the results, we'll discuss the MAJOR angles or happenings here.

We have a new Women's champion! Ivory won a woman's 4 way(every man's fantasy) to become the new champion. Good job to the WWF for making Ivory a part of the RTC, because from what I've seen, she's a very nice fit to the group. She just has that mean schoolteacher look to her, which makes her perfect for the RTC.

Wow. Hell has just froze over. Chris Benoit just got a win over Triple H. Man, I just want to cry because I'm so proud. Benoit won the match when the Radicals truly reunited. I really hope they bring back that music they used to have....especially to fill in for Saturn's and Malenko's horrible themes.

Good God, we have the first major seeds in the ground for the eventual Rock vs. Austin match. Funny, that's one match I could care less about seeing, that's just my personal opinion. We'll just see if this "big money" feud can prove people like ME wrong, or if it helps my theory that the Rock is boring and repetitive, while Austin's layoff really hurt his overall popularity. Ha! I wonder which one will put who over? The WWF really protects both of these guys from any major defeats. Oops, I'm starting to rip on two big fan favorites, so I'll lay off while I'm ahead. :)


On KingLawler.com, Jerry the King Lawler's official site if you are braindead, it's announced that the Kat's angle with Eddie Guerrero as "Chynette" has already been scrapped! I'm thinking there is more behind this than we are told, but it could be just a scrapping of plans for Eddie Guerrero to rejoin the Radicals. However, how can you go from a major feud monday, and forget about it three days later? Now that baffles me, and it's interesting for the WWF to just immediately scrap an angle between shows. At least have one final blowoff match, unless the match with Chyna on RAW was it?? But Eddie won that, right?

Hmmmm..... well, KingLawler.com, which is a site where EVERYONE stole the Halloween pictures from, assures us that we'll be seeing the Kat in a different role in the near future. Yeah, that way Lawler can let us see what he's getting at home. To quote Tom Petty: "It's good to be king...."

You know what, I'm calling the rumors of the Viacom and the WWF having problems BLUFF! I wouldn't believe it if I were you, especially since it's a WCW employee who broke the news(no offense to him, just stating a simple point). I just don't believe that Viacom could be angry at the WWF, in anyway, since the WWF has made TNN decent again and for the fact that Smackdown is just doing strong numbers still on Thursday. The only way I could see Viacom getting mad would be for this WCW deal to happen, and that's it. But if they would LISTEN to the possibilities of having WCW, then Viacom would be all smiles.

If the WWF gets WCW, that means they MUST be on TNT and TBS. However, I'm sure the WWF could control the advertising upon buying WCW. Gee, couldn't we have some Viacom television commercials on TBS and TNT during the newly revamped WCW? Couldn't we just move Nitro to an earlier slot on Mondays, and/or Tuesdays to avoid the conflict of competition. I don't see why Viacom is against the WWF's possible deal with WCW, because this could be the biggest thing ever for the wrestling history. The WWF could now get stronger, with WCW now getting stronger too. It's ridiculous for it not to happen, especially since WCW might fold if no deals happen.

Now the rumors of anti-trust laws coming into play happens now, and I have an awesome suggestion for wrestling to avoid any problems merging. How about unionizing the wrestlers for the first time in the history of wrestling? Since the WWF will now own both, making a union out of all of the wrestlers could help ensure more fair wages for wrestlers. That way the bargaining power from Vince McMahon is taken away....at least a little bit. That's my best theory to making this new deal actually go through, and it's a good idea when taken into account the wrestler's sometimes poor wages. If McMahon gets out of hand with wages or is unfair, then you strike. Almost that easy.

Well, it's official. The Owen Hart wrongful death suit has been settled, with the WWF rumored to be paying $18 million to the Hart family, as they alluded to in their press release yesterday. Now, hopefully, the best things in Owen's life can shine, as I'm hoping for collections of Owen Hart's work could be released sometime soon. For over a year now, I've been waiting for a good Owen Hart tribute video or something just for some good memories. Come on, could someone please give it to us? Let the WWF know you want something by emailing them at WWFfans@wwf.com.

If the WWF even tries a pregnancy angle with Stephanie McMahon, I'll give them the biggest FINGERS OF SHAME they have ever witnessed!

WWF Phat 5

5. The Rock- At 7%, it doesn't seem like the Rock is too loved on these polls. This week, the Rock showed signs of a possible heel turn in the future, or at least another Austin match.

4. Rikishi Phatu- This evil man won 12% of the votes, as he fought Jericho on Smackdown, and jobbed to Austin on RAW. Plus, he "claims" that Rock helped him hit Austin, or whatever. Many fans are still not convinced that he's a heel.

3 Stone Cold Steve Austin- Holy cow, Austin has made his way on to this rankings. At 15%, Austin proves why selling the Rock Bottom and defeating Rikishi in a cage from Smackdown can do wonders.

2. Triple H- Our time! This man put over Benoit, finally, although he just won't let Angle defeat him... At 20%, the Game could get #1 if he puts over Angle..for once.

1. Chris Jericho- Wow is all I have to say. I guess voters are bitter that the Rock didn't put him over on RAW? We'll call it 23%.

Tomorrow folks, we hop into the Time Machine to discuss the legend of the WWF "Clique", who was said to rule the WWF back in the mid 90s.

Wrestle Palooza Audio Show!!!

Al Gore....... George W. Bush.... two presidential candidates, one presidential spot to be won in a 3 tier cage match of doom! COMING MONDAY!

@That's all for me today. I'll be back tomorrow, posing as a history teacher, to discuss the Clique of the WWF from the mid 90s and I guess beyond. Tune in for that tomorrow!

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