Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Well I suppose that Nielson got lazy this week, as the Monday Night ratings have yet to come out! I was really interested to see those too, but anyway. We do, however, have the ECW ratings...so I'll make the ECW section first. On to the PDC.

Note: In Monday's column, I mentioned a joke about the Hart family around Thanksgiving. Little did I know that they don't celebrate Thanksgiving the same time that we here in the US do. I was just making a little joke with the holidays coming, that's all. Sorry for the inconvenience. Like I've said before, now I know, and knowing is half the battle.


-Well, ECW on TNN really dropped significantly this week, as they pulled a 0.8 which is down from the 1.2 they pulled last week. I could see why the ratings were down as there were many Halloween parties this week on campus. Also, there were many good high school football games that were deciding who goes to the playoffs this week, and that could have kept out people as well. Wait a second...I'm making excuses! This week, ECW on TNN had Taz vs. Sabu, which is one of the biggest feuds in ECW history, and that didn't get a better rating? Well, we'll wait and see how they do next week in the ratings. I'm sure their ratings would soar if everyone who watched it, would sit down and watch it live instead of taping it.


-Alright, lots of rumors flying around at WCW about the final match of the WCW tournament. Many are saying it will be Bret Hart vs. "the chosen one", and not meaning Jarrett, that is part of the total screwjob that will make Bret Hart lose. This is rather interesting, as the creative team knows what those total screwjobs can bring...need I say ratings? So basically what I'm saying is that something will happen there, guaranteed. Whether it be Bret turning heel again, or some wrestler getting a screwjob win, it's going to be interesting.

-It's rather interesting that WCW is keeping this angle going about the "creative team screwing everbody". You know, for a non internet wrestling fan, they are going to be confused as hell. They are like "why is Buff acting that way?" That's not a good thing to have WCW, as it might drive those fans who don't know the inside stuff away. When they keep hearing the creative team announced, they are like "who are they?" Just saying that this angle will do nothing but confuse some unfortunate fans.

-Oh my, according to Madden, the Dustin Rhodes gimmick, where he's some kind of dark, twisted wrestler, will be dropped. Damn, that sucks because I was really pulling for that gimmick because it looked very good so far. I wonder why it was dropped? Maybe they don't want someone scaring their young viewers, but instead they have T & A to show them. But anyway, I just hope Dustin Rhodes doesn't come in as himself, because his own character bored me the last time around in WCW.

-It's rather funny to see WCW being forced to have the Demon wrestler now due to the fact that "a deal is a deal" meaning that they have to live up to their agreement with KISS. Whether or not it will be Bryan Adams, who was rumored to be released from WCW, is uncertain. Yeah, I'm also sure that Russo and Ferarra are so thrilled about this situation. But of course, all they have to do is bring the wrestler in, and it doesn't mean it has to have a push...

-WCW.com stated that Lodi and Lenny will NOT be used for any future WCW storylines. Geesh, WCW is really screwing these two wrestlers. Although I hated the gimmick, they shouldn't be getting the shaft like this. They should get new gimmicks or get repackaged somehow. They shouldn't be just taken out of the storylines and completely forgotten about. It wasn't their fault that they were allowed to get away with the gimmick for so long. Rather ignorant.


-I just like how WWF.com has "More Signings With the WWF" as their main headline for their Lucas news, but when you listen to it, all it says is that Jim 'the anvil' Neidhart has officially signed with the WWF, and he'll be used to develope other wrestlers. Notice the headlines saying 'more signings' as this was only a SIGNING of only ONE wrestler. Not to be critical, but that's something way off for WWF.com users to look at. With headlines like that, no wonder they get so many hits.

-Poor Dr. Death has been released, according to Ryder, from the WWF, and this coming after a long child support trial which Mr. Williams won. You could wonder where he'll end up, as I've heard he has no plans or intentions of going back to Japan. He feels that he's payed his dues there, and it's his turn to be the man in the US. He'll have to look for work elsewhere, as I'm sure WCW MIGHT show interest in him, but if Russo couldn't get Doc over at the WWF, he might shy away from getting him. ECW just might work, as he's done some good work in there before.

@That's all for today. Not much on the WWF, so sorry for that. Just isn't much news floating around about them. Anyways, I'll be back with more tomorrow, so chill till then!

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