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Nothing like a bad WCW show late at night. This week's Thunder showed how dead a crowd can be after a few hours of wrestling, putting on lame wrestling matches to bore them to death. Sure, things are better than they were about 3 or 4 months ago, but the damage has been done, obviously, to this company probably for life.

Sad thing is that Bam Bam Bigelow has wrestled 3 bad matches in a row! Even worse, his 3rd match was against A-Wall(Do you get it?), who is quite possibly one of the worst workers in the fed. Also, what were the bookers thinking by putting Norman Smiley against Lex Luger. Oh wait, nobody wants to job to Flexy Lexy this time around. It's sad when Norman has to carry the match, when he obviously can't.

Then, you had Crowbar fighting David Flair. Yet another weak hardcore match, as WCW involves way too many weapons instead of mind blowing moves. Yeah, I can hit someone 10 times with a thin sheet metal trash can, so does that make me hardcore? Ms. Hancock, who hasn't been on the show in ages(either has David for that matter), came to help out David. Ok, first you tell him it's his baby, and then tell him it's not, thus driving him crazy. So now you want to be there for him? I'll say it now... this angle is WAY more ignorant than the Mae Young pregnancy angle, and that says a lot!

This Thunder had two good matches actually. Team Canada vs. Jung Dragons was a thrill to watch, with the Dragons getting the win. See, when you put good workers against good workers, see what happens? Then, the Jarrett/Harris Boyz vs. Filthy Animals was pretty good, just because Rey-Rey was bumping all over the ring with the Harris Boyz. Wow, Jeff Jarrett goes further down the ladder......

The main event was OK. Typical Scott Steiner, and typical Buff Bagwell. Ok Buff, this match is what you wanted. Now go away before you take up any more television time.


So far, I'm about 3 Chapters in with Bill Goldberg's book, and let me say that it's good thus far. Of course, the Rock's book was good in the beginning, and then we hit a rollercoaster going straight down!

God, it seems as though Eric Bischoff's evil buying group will probably land WCW now, which means we'll go back to 1995 when Hogan, Savage, and any other worthless wrestler were in control. The biggest concern is Hogan, who with Bischoff, will easily be the World Champion again. If all of this happens, I just might stop watching the promotion that I've viewed since 1988.

WCW did an injury angle with Torrie Wilson last night, where it could just very well be her last WCW appearance. WCW wants to either dump her or renegotiate her contract, which already pays a hefty $250,000 a year for being a valet. I believe there are quite a few hard working wrestlers in WCW who aren't even close to that. If you watch here Thunder interview from last night, you can see that WCW is making a good decision here. She's a fitness model, and not a good valet like originally intended. I doubt the WWF would pick her up. It's no problem for her, since she's on just about EVERY fitness magazine out there!

Many are asking on how long Sid will last within WCW. I give him until a little after Starrcade, cause Scott Steiner is going to hurt him when tossing him around during their match. Sid is sort of like Samuel Jackson's character in Unbreakable, where he gets injured on everything! I'm hoping that Sid doesn't have ring rust, because on top of his current wrestling ability, that would be VERY bad at this point.

WCW Phat 5

5. Lance Storm- WCW may not care about Storm, but there's always a spot here for him. I don't know if WCW was a good decision, except for the money. At least he's away from his overrated tag team partner, Justin Credible, now.

4. Bill Goldberg- Defeated Luger at Mayhem, and Reno on Nitro, so big deal right? No, he also sold the Human Torture Rack, actually looking vulnerable. Holy cow!

3. Rey Mysterio Jr.- This man isn't very appreciated any more, but he can still go. He's proved that a few times this week, therefore, he's #3. I hope he doesn't get hurt soon.

2. Jeff Jarrett- Look at this willing company man go! He'll fight Buff and the Filthy Animals with a smile!

1. Scott Steiner- New world champ, and two main event wins on the television shows. Of course, I don't consider Buff or Stevie Ray true contenders......... but winning the World Title was good enough.

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@That's all for today. I'll be back tomorrow to discuss WWF, completely, since I get Smackdown in my hometown, unlike my University. That, folks, is why AT&T cable is better than Time Warner. Anyway, I hope to hammer out many chapters tonight of Goldberg's book, and aim to review it sometime next week(I hope). Just chill....

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