Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Wow is all I needed to say after the night was over. I was literally shocked and impressed when Monday Night Wrestling was over. I just couldn't believe my eye. Anyway, I have your impressions here today, so on to the PDC.

Monday Night Impressions


Some pretty good matches tonight, as the triple threat contender bout was exciting, Sid vs. Hall, Goldberg vs. Nash and the main event tag team cage match helped the flow of this show....

BUT there was tons of garbage angles started this week. The Revolution crap...God, I hated that! This is 10 times as worse than when Hart and company did it. The idiots trying to find Disco was long and dragging, as I would want to see what's on RAW or how badly my 49ers were getting pounded. I also don't like how WCW is going for really cheap heat by having two mudwrestling segments. Liger coming back was downplayed majorly! Buzzkill is close in comparison to the gimmick known as the Red Rooster..it's that bad.

The Harlem Heat segments were great this week, especially the Midnight vs. Hennig match. Stevie Ray is back, so that means he'll tag with Booker T at the pay per view, right? Ha.

Nitro Phat Stats

Matches: 11
Clean Wins: 5
Screwjobs: 4
Disqualifications: 0
No Contests: 2

Last Word: Well, not a bad Nitro..as their matches did the talking..but the outside angles surrounding them really hurt the show. I don't know what Russo and company were smoking on some of them. Due to good wrestling matches, I'll give tonight's Nitro a


just because they need to fix a few loose ends. I predict that they will get a rating of a 2.9 this week in the ratings.


25 Minutes without commercials to start off RAW..WOW! I don't care if it had an interview or not, the WWF did not take a commercial break for 25 minutes! They started off RAW with a good tag team match, with Kane/Big Show vs. Bossman/Viscera. That match really helped both angles, and then you had the long Triple H interview. It was dragging for a while until he mentioned the wedding, and you knew something was up. Then you get Vince down there to talk some stuff as well.

Some weak midcard matches could have really hurt RAW's viewership on a different night, but something was in the air tonight. I wish the WWF would keep Blackman, Too Cool, and Kurt Angle off of RAW, cause they can't excite the crowd or anger them. Send them to Jakked, will ya?

Other Strong points of RAW this week was the Al Snow jealousy angle. That angle has lots of potential and it will really help personify Al Snow's character. The Dudley vs. Acolyte card game was hilarious, as I'm still wondering how Buh Buh had 6 aces. I want to know who the referee was for the Test/Triple H match...I'm guessing Vince.

The Wedding was more than I expected, and well developed by the WWF. The WWF just got the needed break by having Triple H marry Stephanie. That angle is going to draw lots of heat and attention, which is something the WWF desperately needed to get back to dominating Monday Nights by a wider margin. The second I saw Triple H driving around in Vegas, I immediately remembered that shot that Stephanie put down, and I just knew he was going to marry her. Damn, that was some great television!

RAW Phat Stats

Matches: 7 Clean Wins: 3
Screwjobs: 3
Disqualifications: 1
No Contests: 0

Last Word: Wow. That's simply put. The wedding angle alone was spectacular. The six man and the opening tag team matches were very good, and the Test vs. Triple H was way better than the one they tried to have as a main event a few weeks ago. Some parts of RAW were weak, but the wedding alone made my day. This show gets an


this week. I'd say this show brought some interest to the show no matter who WCW puts in their main event cage match. They will get around a 6.5 this week.

Sorry for being a bit short this week. I'm very sick today.

Other Wrestling Related stuff

-From Calvin's post earlier, you will see that Nash Bridges did a 8.3 with Stone Cold on it, and Walker, Texas Ranger did a 8.4 rating with both Frank Shamrock and Macho Man on it. Can you say wow? Those are Friday Night shows people, as their shows never get that high in the ratings. This continues to show you how powerful wrestling is these days, and why idiot parents are trying to stop it. Wrestling has a large influence on everything these days, and it can only stop itself. Hey, isn't this a Friday night too? Couldn't some wrestling fans watch ECW as well?

-You can about put a fork in the Filthy Animals, as Mysterio is out with the knee injury, Kidman is hurting with a neck injury, Eddy needs elbow surgery, and Konnan they are saying is hurt just to say that the whole group is injured. I'm sure this angers the creative team, as they had high hopes for the Filthy Animals. Oh darn, I guess the Revolution will need to find another loser supergroup to pound on.

-Oh my, a rumor has started about the Rock possibly leaving the WWF to go to WCW. Who on earth makes up this shit? Seriously. For one, the Rock has a long term deal with the WWF. To think that the WWF would let him out of that deal would be retarded. He's their top draw now, and to let the most electrifying wrestler coming into the year 2000 go would really hurt the WWF in terms of ratings, stock options, you name it! The ROCK IS NOT LEAVING. Ok?

@That's all for today, as I'm going to chug some more Alka-Seltzer (yecch!). Sorry for such a short column today, but I'm just a little under the weather today. Thanks for reading, and just chill...till the next episode.

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