Welcome to another edition of the Phat Daily Column. If you've never read the Friday edition of the PDC, you'll that I review Smackdown on these days. Why? Because I can! No, because reviewing shows are fun and it's the best thing I could come up for Friday columns.

I remember when I didn't have Smackdown for sometime at the end of 2000. That sucked. I'm a internet wrestling daily columnist, and I couldn't see one important show! Plus, that was during a time when RAWs were starting to suck, a little bit, and the Mr. Tito's Fundamental Theorem of Professional Wrestling was in, with the Smackdown being great when RAW sucked.

For anyone who cares, the "Fundamental Theorem" stuff comes from a Math course that I'm in right now. I'm currently pursuing my Math minor (and who knows, it might lead to more), and I'm enrolled in a Math history course. There, we're going over how the Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic, Algebra, and Calculus came about, and who originally derived them, etc. Like the "FINGER OF SHAME" reference to my English teacher, it seems as though I'm incorporating a lote from school into the PDC. Well, those classes make me think a lot, an that translates into something for this very column.

After I write the PDC, I'm going directly for the Mick Foley book. Why? I'm up to the Drugs chapter. I'm very curious as to what Foley has to say on the subject, and how inside he lets readers get on the subject. Hell, I might just rush the PDC just so that I can read it!

On to the PDC.


We start of the show with a match. WOW!!!!!!!!!!! In a rematch from RAW, Booker T/Test took on Rock/Chris Jericho for the WWF World Tag Titles. I guess that since this rematch was done that the title straps would change hands. I was right, although I don't really care, that we'd have new champs. Good tag match between the two teams. I really liked the chopping sequence between Booker T and the Rock in the corner. It appears that every wrestler is trying to add the chop to their wrestling move list. Cool.

Rock was the one who took the pin clean (!!!), as Jericho missle dropkicked him to eventually lose the match. Damn, this feud is soooo hot! After the match, Rock and Jericho brawled, and then, the Rock drilled him with a Rock Bottom. The Rock would then walk away, think about what he just did, and give Jericho another Rock Bottom. Classic! After the match, both guys would brawl backstage to add more heat to the feud. Later on, the Rock would challenge Jericho for the WCW title on Monday Night, and Jericho accepted by trying to fight with the Rock, again.

So we'll have Rock vs. Jericho on Monday Night. Awesome. Make that puppy the main event, and the ratings will get higher. Guaranteed. I really hope, though, that the WWF keeps the WCW title on Jericho to keep the feud going. What storyline, angle, or rivalry is this good? NOTHING! I'd suggest, as somewhat of a fantasy booker, that you *hint* that Jericho is joining the Alliance by having Alliance members cost the Rock the win on RAW. That way, it gives a storyline to keep hyping up Survivor Series.

Next match was Hardy Boyz/Lita against Dudley Boyz/Stacy Keibler. Typical intergender match, with the Dudleys winning after Matt nailed Lita off the apron. This situation with Lita and Matt seems to be playing out over a long period of time. I really hope that its conclusion is one to remember, instead of a possible lame heel turn from Matt, possibly joining the Alliance.

And to please the internet fans, we had Kurt Angle explaining why he joined the Alliance. With his job on the line, Angle took a look at how both teams were shaping up. For the WWF, he saw how Rock and Jericho were conflicting, how he achieved more than the Undertaker in 2 years, and how Kane was nothing but a follower. He especially emphasized Jericho and Rock, who he called self-centered egomaniacs. On the other hand, he discussed the Alliance, and how it had Steve Austin on the team. He knows that Austin will do anything to win, and when his career is on the line, he'd rather be there than on the corrupt and disoriented WWF team.

Ok, I'll buy that. It's a decent explanation to why he'd join a faction who beat the crap out of him, just months before the turn. As a heel, Angle acted like all he cared about was winning, which fits his new attitude. At least the WWF went out of their way to do this, instead of the lame explanations to why Austin turned heel, twice, in the past few months. To smooth things over with Angle, he was given his medals back, as Austin had them fished out of the river. Cool.

And speaking of Kurt Angle..... He had a GREAT match with Kane, last night, that actually stole the show. Despite the fact that Angle bumped around for the life of him, Kane did a lot of great things for the match too. The incredible reversals, especially of the anklelock, helped to build some awesome drama to the final finish. It helped to make Kane look great, in a singles match, for the first time in a long time. Especially with the ending, where it took a while for Kane to finally submit. Very, very impressive. It had me very excited to be a wrestling fan!

A rematch between Rob Van Dam vs. Edge was next, providing another decent bout between these two, especially in the early goings. I liked how RVD brought back the chair throwing. That was a great trademark of himself and Sabu, back in the day. I really like the weird face buster move that Edge now has, too. The match, nearing the end, seemed sort of rushed. Test would come down... Now, I would have probably questioned what's going on here, but luckily, LoP's very own William Martinez informed that Edge and Test fought on Sunday Night Heat, last Sunday, to a double countout. So hey, it makes sense. I guess it pays to watch Heat right now. Add to the fact that Test has NOTHING to do at Survivor Series, since his tag team partner is on Team Alliance. Test would then cost Edge the match, giving RVD a confused look on his face to what happened.

Just the other day, I was wondering if Tajiri would ever confront William Regal, anytime soon. Well, I guess the WWF writers remembered to fill in a storyline gap, for once. Regal offered Tajiri a spot in the Alliance, in which the Japanes Buzzsaw turned down. Regal got mad and attacked Tajiri, saying that he'll meet him in the ring later. Tajiri would get in a hard kick to the chest of Regal's, before leaving the office. Their match was a tad bit too short, and Regal dominated Tajiri. I suppose Regal didn't tear his bicep, after all. Regal won with his weird looking move, which I guess is called the "Union Jack". I'd suggest that the WWF keep this feud going, building up Tajiri as an underdog to the man who took Tajiri under his wing in the first place.

And you know what? I had this show at an A+, heading into the Main Event.....

Our main event was Undertaker vs. Steve Austin. Isn't it fun to see the Undertaker act like an actual wrestler, for a change? The match was OK, but boring at times. I especially didn't appreciate the NWO-WCW like run-in at the end, where Kurt Angle ran in to save Austin from losing. It's somewhat insulting to do that type of ending, especially when it hurt WCW, back in the day.

Smackdown Phat Stats
Matches: 6
Clean Wins: 4
Screwjobs: 1
Disqualifications: 1
No Contests: 0
(Note: For one of the clean wins, it's questionable. Steve Austin DID attack the leg of Kane, which helped to make Kane eventually submit in his match against Kurt Angle.)

LAST WORD: Wow, what a show, with the exception of a somewhat dull main event. My Fundamental Theorem is really proving itself, lately. Lots of hot feuds going on, with the WWF vs. Alliance match up looking better, now, than ever. I'll give this show an


for a very entertaining and good wrestling show to watch, as opposed to the crap seen on RAW. It's very tempting to just stop watching Monday and enjoy Smackdown on Thursdays, exclusively. Hey, I'd still be caught up, since Smackdown replays a good bit of what happened on RAW.

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