Welcome to another delightful edition of the Phat Daily Column. Today, we discuss WCW, which always gets me heat. My e-mail fills up....people create message board threads in my honor....and so forth. Whenever I write about the WWF, I don't get nearly as much. Want to know why? WCW has the most HARDCORE fans around, who will keep watching, no matter what crappy booker takes over. WCW should realize what they have, and build on that. They should slowly grow the fan base with much smarter decisions, better booking, and so on. Anway, on to the PDC.


Oh my God, what on earth did I just witness?

Even if the show completely sucks, I'm somehow able to watch. However, with Thunder, it was soo booooorrrrrring. The wrestlers might have given 20% in every match, as they looked very tired from doing a 5 hour television taping, not to mention a Pay Per View the night before.

I like technical wrestling, but Lance Storm vs. Norman Smiley was torture to watch! It was a long 15 minutes of my life that I can't get back! They used FULL NELSONS, chinlocks, headlocks, and other BORING moves over and over again. I like a good technical match when there is a lot of action with little of those, and NOT all of those.

The main event was decent, but the wrestlers lag was badly showing due to wrestlers being very tired. Give some props to Mike Awesome, for he has wrestled twice on this taping. Hey, he's that 70's guy, ya get it?

Glad to see that Crowbar had new wrestling gear instead of that corny 70's SHIT. Too bad WCW doesn't appreciate his talent yet enough to let him win a match.

The biggest shocker of the night: A-Wall(you get it???) got the clean win over Meng. Good God that's a shocker! Of course, Meng does NOTHING but get hyped up to job, and "Wall" was once getting pushed for main event status. Simply SHOCKING!

That interview with Shawn Stasiak was rather revealing. He mentioned the Clique from the WWF, which I MIGHT discuss in the Time Machine column this Saturday. But anyway, Stasiak tried to shoot on Nash some more, and then proceeded to shoot on the Natural Born Thrillers. He was actually right on how they were a group of friends, and he was just an outsider. Why? If you don't remember, Stasiak was fired from the WWF, and immediately shoved to the Power Plant before WCW could figure out what to do with him. However, even with WWF experience, I feel he's the weakest NBT member in terms of overall talent. Did anybody else out there think that his Meat gimmick was his best accomplishment in wrestling?

Of course, WCW was running in a building that holds 5,000 people, where they only had 2,000 in attendance, with only 800 paid. All of that for a combined Television taping? Yuck!


I don't think I've ever seen a lower point for WCW than right now, and I used to watch WCW during 1990 to 1993, which was the most ridiculous booking you'll ever see. You better keep an eye out for the Saturday Time Machine columns, for I may discuss a few of these horrible times. I'm sure if you go to WRESTLECRAP.com, you'll see some of the BAD experiments of WCW in the early 90s. Also, you could go to the great X-Entertainment.com, and look for "The Worst Angle in Pro-Wrestling History" post, to actually see a video clip of what I mean.

However, this WCW is MUCH WORSE. Want to know why? Back in those days, besides the main eventers, the wrestlers DID NOT want to be there. In today's WCW, you have very hungry wrestlers in the back who really want to perform and be a part of the show. However, they are tossed a ridiculous gimmick so that they may not get over. Let's see here.... Lance Storm and Team Canada, Lt. Loco and Misfits in Action, the WHOLE Natural Born Thrillers, and of course, the Filthy Animals. You put all of those groups together, and you have a strong talent base of guys who REALLY want to perform in WCW. Add to that guys like Big Vito, 3 Count, Jung Dragons, non 70s Guy Mike Awesome, and Crowbar, and you have something great to work with.

But we don't. Those guys are either meat for Goldberg to squash, or they just jump around in a group. It's ignorance like that is why WCW can't even manage to get 5,000 in the California area to attend their double taping.

Holy cow! Ric Flair's segment was the HIGEST rated segment of the second hour, pulling them close to their average in the first hour. This segment was at least 0.7 points above anything else in the 2nd hour, which only means that more Ric Flair on television is a GOOD THING.

Why? Because you have people, who STILL watch this stuff, and they grew up watching Flair CARRY WCW back in the day. And hell, the Nature Boy was old back then, so why not use him now? The man can cut a promo better than ANYONE in WCW, and I'd certainly love to see how Mike Sanders would square up against Ric Flair in a match. At least this will appeal to older fans to watch, and that's much better than losing them anyway.

What was it....last year that Flair and Sting blew off the roof with a series of good matches? Both guys are WAY past their primes, and they proved that they could still go. See, I'd much rather see Flair carry a decent match with someone, than some of the boring stuff we witnessed tonight. With Flair, he could wrestle all kinds of the younger talent, and maybe give them a rub like he did for Sting in 1988. Remember that? Of course, many of you don't. How about some Time Machine action?

Tito's Time Machine

We go back to 1988, where it's the Clash of the Champions....the ORIGINAL ONE. Yes, this is the exact show that the classic NWA(later turned to WCW) would put up against Wrestlemania 4. Now before this, WCW acquired Sting from a Memphis wrestling organization, and he was easily winning over the crowd. WCW saw their next star, so they put him in a match with Ric Flair for the Clash 1.

What happened was history! Sting and Flair went to a 45 minute draw in what is argued to be one of the BEST matches of ALL time, and it really helped establish Sting as a superstar in WCW. Sting would eventually get put over by Flair again, at the Great American Bash 1990, where he'd win his first title. Again, thanks to Flair putting him over.

Sting has been in WCW since 1987, and if it weren't for Flair at first, who would have made this guy a star?

Who knows? Maybe there is another talent who might be around for another 10 years for WCW who gets a great rub off of Ric Flair. For that reason, they MUST take advantage of this situation, and give interest to old time fans, and NEW time fans to see their favorite young wrestler up against a legend.

WCW Phat 5

5. General Rection- Although I'm not a big fan of him, he earns a spot here for winning his first singles title and for always being a willing wrestler for WCW.

4. Jeff Jarrett- His feud with Sting is worthy of extending it for another month.

3. Vampiro- He's making a strong return to WCW. Too bad he's already hurt.

2. Scott Steiner- Should be World Champ right now.

1. Mike Awesome- This guy is a REAL worker, as he wrestled a tough match at Halloween Havoc, and he then turns around and does two matches for the television tapings. Now that's tough!

You Get it??? A....Wall? Get it? A-Wall?? Yes I got it, because he just defeated Meng.

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