Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Sorry for the delay, but I had a ton of work at school, I had to go out and get the new WWF Volume 4 among other things, and my damn computer just decided to go nuts about the new RAM I installed. (If anyone knows their stuff about RAM, please contact me). So if I seem a little brief today, that's why. Oh yeah, the Music Review is back for today! Well, anyway, on to the PDC!

Monday Night Impressions


Tournament matches continued this week, as Benoit repeated what he did on Thunder a few months ago, and that was the headbutt off the top rope. Also this week, Booker T got SCREWED in his match with Jarrett by those bald idiots. Confidence has been instilled in Vampiro, finally, as he, along with the Misfits, defeated Berlyn! Finally some respect! Total garbage on how the Cat lost. Why the hell did Disco leave his match with that loser? Screwy stuff with Madusa and Karagias. I liked how Luger was trying to purposely hurt people in his bracket. This tournament angle is pretty good, but they can't establish any long term storylines for this tournament, which is what the WWF imports love to do!

Breaking Kayfabe. Alright, it's time to look at this. Kayfabe can be defined as the barrier to what makes wrestling what it is. Like it's pretty much saying that wrestling is real, and that there are no writers in the back or that everything in wrestling is fake. When wrestlers, like Buff, break Kayfabe, it means that they are exposing the unreal parts of wrestling. They are telling everyone that it's fake, but of course, everyone knows it's fake..most of them. But still, this is getting out of hand lately with Jarrett and Buff. Jarrett is saying to everyone that he has the "stroke" to do whatever he wants, and Buff is blaming the new guys for making him lose on purpose. Then, you have the bald guys attacking anyone who doesn't abide by the new creative team's scripting. I don't like it, and I also don't like the word Kayfade. This is the last time I ever use that ignorant word, as I'm wondering who on earth started using it? Whoever did must have had a low vocabulary to think up such a word.

Outsiders had a larger role this week, as I enjoyed Nash's imitation of Vince. I figure the WWF will strike back with their own shots real soon. It was good to see Hall get the screwjob win off of Sid, so I guess that ends his streak, eh? But anyway, I'm wonder when Nash will return to action, and why he wasn't considered for this tournament.

Interviews throughout the night either backstage or out on the road were ok, with some more meaningful than others. The Scott Steiner interview was a good one, as he's finally getting the treatment he needs. The Goldberg one, however, was a waste of time as he really didn't say much in that "EXCLUSIVE" interview that we wouldn't assume.

A few Wows this week, as certain parts of Nitro intrigued me. For some reason, I like where the creative team is going with the biggest waste of WCW payroll, David Flair. They truly have turned him psycho, and they can really get him over that way. Of course, Kimberly ran his ass over later! Also, I loved the Nitro girls fighting! Great work there, as it's nice to see them do something instead of dance for us everyweek.

Other stuff like Norman Smiley getting more hardcore with the F'N catcher's outfit. Funny stuff. I like where the Bret Hart/Outsiders/Sid/ angle is going. Sid gets better everyweek, and it's good to see the Bad guy back in action. Lots of heat generated by wrestlers tonight as well.

Revolution vs. Filthy Animals angle is really getting on my nerves. Nuff said.

Nitro Phat Stats

Matches: 11
Clean wins: 6
Screwjobs: 3
Disqualifications: 2
No Contests: 0

Last Word: This week, Nitro really annoyed me by leaving the matches quickly for something in the back. Other than that, Nitro put up yet another solid show. They are in it for a fight now, and it will only get better. I give this show a


for this week's show. I expect this show to pull a 3.0 in the ratings this week. Not quite ready to take any huge chunks of ratings just yet.


Degeneration X is back, and they are acting like total heels like they should be. They are much better with a meaner attitude, as in more interesting to see or anticipate what they do. I didn't like how DX interfered in EVERY match another wrestled in. Every match of theirs..which is ALL 4 matches.

Triple H is pathetic to let Shane McMahon beat his ass a good bit in their match. No lie, Shane had the upperhand many of times, and Triple H had to rely on a Vince mistake to defeat Shane. Now Shane is becoming a great wrestler with some spectacular moves, but Triple H should still beat his ass. What a world chump he is!

Chyna vs. Stevie Richards was a great match itself, as Chyna had to cheat to beat Stevie Richards with the low blow! Jericho got some more heat after this match by putting Chyna in the Walls of Jericho..it looked applied rather stiff if you ask me.

Test vs. Val Venis would be a great feud once Test and Stephanie get married..if that happens. Val Venis is really getting the heat nowadays, but I'll stick to my thoughts about him how his gimmick isn't a main eventer gimmick..it's a great gimmick, but it's best for midcard heat rather than fighting to be a top contender.

Good hardcore match with Al Snow and Mankind vs. Prince Albert and Bossman. Kinda stupid to have Albert and Bossman to tear gas Big Show earlier, but anyways. It was nice to see Mankind return to hardcore action!

Great 8 man tag team as you had 8 good wrestlers in the same ring at once! They all can perform great moves and work with the others on selling their moves.

RAW Phat Stats

Matches: 8
Clean Wins: 3
Screwjobs: 2
Disqualifications and No Contests: 3 (too confusing to call)

Last Word: Well, RAW was pretty decent this week, as they continue to grow outward with the loss of their creative team. There were a few spots that were good, but then again there were spots that I didn't like. What I didn't like is that 3 out of the 4 DX matches didn't have any pins in it. That's rather annoying, but I guess it just adds heat for the Smackdown shows. I give RAW a


this week. I expect a 5.9 this week in the ratings for RAW.

Mr. Tito's Phat Music Review

WWF: The Music Volume 4

-Ok, this is the well awaited cd from the WWF. It just came out today, so is it worth buying? Well, if you are a hardcore theme person, like myself, it's worth it. But if you are extremely picky on the quality of the music, you just might want to pass on this one. Why? Ok, you hear it on television..and in the arenas, and it's F'N loud, right? Well, I expected the same quality of the cd when I'd blast it in my stereo. But that didn't happen. This cd seems to be low on their instruments, especially in the Triple H theme. Jericho's theme seems much more exciting on television than listening to it on stereo. Also, they added some slight variations for this theme cd. Somethings were added and some were taken out...if you listen to it real closely. Overall, though, it's pretty good, but Volume 3 blows it out of the water. My suggestion is that if you like themes, then why not get it? But if you're picky on good quality for themes or if you don't like the themes of the wrestlers who are on it, pass it up and keep enjoying the great Volume 3. This cd for me, gets a


for me, but that's my opinion.

@That's it for today, as I'm strapped for time. Sorry, but I'll be back with more tomorrow. Thanks for reading, and just chill till the next episode.

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