Welcome back to another exciting, thrilling, entertaining, or whatever stupid adjective that I could think of, Phat Daily Column. Hey, you're seeing less of Mr. Tito, eh? Well, the word got out, at work, that I'm able to work more hours, therefore, my employer has been working me like a dog! I was into overtime last week, and I'm currently heading into it as this week finishes up. Oh well... it's Christmas time! I usually go all-out for whoever I'm buying for, and those fat checks will certainly help the cause.

Wow, isn't it amazing that nobody liked RAW at all? Universally, everyone thought that Vince McMahon went overboard on his Kiss-My-Ass-Club angle, with the surrounding show being a boring one. Then, we had the horrible heel turn by the Undertaker. I like how certain Undertaker praisers are just nutting over the Taker mentioning Bret Hart, Hulk Hogan, and Shawn Michaels, about how they kissed Vince's ass and are no longer with the WWF now. It was like a cheap pop, but for certain internet marks to get off on.

Last night, my brother hit me with a surprise. At a local video rental store, they were selling off some old used tapes. Well, my bro saw Halloween Havoc 1998 sitting in the rack for only $2.99, and he couldn't resist. Just note that my brother has a collection of Sting tapes, as he nearly taped all of Sting's matches or segments from Thunder during the last 4 or 5 years. Seriously, and he probably finally decided to buy that tape after seeing Bret Hart wrestle Sting on the card. He was also curious about another match, which he never saw before.

That match was Hulk Hogan versus the Warrior, in the "Ultimate Rematch". This is possibly one of the worst matches ever, and that includes squashes or any match booked for WCW's Thunder. This match saw Hogan no-selling EVERYTHING, and the Warrior trying stuff that only worked in his first WWF run. Hogan didn't let the Warrior get a shred of offense going, and the stuff with the fireballs just put tears to your eyes. Also, you get to see Scott Hall and Kevin Nash wrestle, as Nash tossed around an out-of-shape Scott Hall.

But enough with the old, so on to the new! On to the PDC!


-For anyone who needs further proof of how bad RAW was, just take a look at the ratings. The very first hour saw the WWF getting a 4.5, which is probably from the Ric Flair buzz or the enjoyment of last week's RAW. However, those returning viewers left by the second hour, as the second hour scored a 4.2 in the ratings. This ratings drop should prove to the WWF, and namely Vince McMahon, about their poor effort to put on at least a decent wrestling show. It was all about Vince McMahon, and I'm glad to see the ratings drop when he makes himself the main star. Screw him!

But like all ratings declines, you know what we'll see... Vince McMahon will feel the need to put MORE of himself on television. What a dick. For a man who has made the "sports entertainment" form of wrestling successful, he can sure wreck it on his own too. He does not know how to keep a product good once the competition sucks. I fear that we'll have to wait another 6 years or so before another federation rises to challenge the WWF. However, there are no stable federations out there that could experience slow growth until that point, let alone receiving a television slot.

-You know what, I enjoy laughing at Chyna. Why? Because her opinions change, depending on what her career situation is. Her goal, although she'll never admit it, is to go back to the WWF someday. Whenever she has little talks with the WWF, like say for a Wrestlemania appearance, which she did a few months ago, she'll say positive things about her experience and how unfortunate it was for herself and Triple H to break up. However, whenever there's no chance in hell of returning, she'll make up lies about the McMahons and cry for pity about Triple H breaking up with her. You see, Chyna is extremely jealous of Stephanie McMahon for currently dating Triple H that she'll say anything to grab some attention among wrestling fans who still follow her.

-Isn't it just nice that nearly the entire locker room hates the Kiss-My-Ass Club angle? It's not that they fear kissing Vince's ass, either, but that the wrestlers or officials know bad taste when they see it. But hey, Vince will continue the angle, and everyone backstage will comply since Vince signs their paychecks every week. That's very unfortunate, especially when you have a long roster of individuals who are willing to bust their asses, by wrestling, to make the company better, instead of making wrestlers kiss Vince's ass.

And Vince can kiss my ass.


WWF.com gets off on the Kiss My Ass angle, and how William Regal, Vince's 1st member, will take on the failed member of Stone Cold Steve Austin. Get this: it's a strap match. I really hope that it doesn't follow the strap match that Hogan and Ric Flair fought a few years ago, where Hogan invented a new name for his strap. We won't go there. William Regal and Steve Austin are homeboys in real life, so look for those two to really lay into each other with the strap. Or at least they could...

Also tonight on what used to be a great wrestling show, Christian will defend his European Title against Scotty 2 Hotty. Oddly enough, this is a match pitting one of the biggest midcard heels against one of the biggest midcard faces. This wouldn't be a bad feud if you think about it. I take it that the European Title is going to stay since the WWF is opening offices in London.

For Rob Van Dam to complete the Dudley Circuit, he's going to face Bubba in a Hardcore Title match. If it has some time, this could be a brutal match. Bubba is one of the bests at taking punishment, and unlike D'Von, he can dish it out, too. After they have this match, RVD will then find two tag partners, probably the Acolytes, and the Duds will team with Test for many six man matches. If you don't believe me, just take a look at how many six man matches, against the Dudleys, that Chris Jericho fought in this year.

Finally, we'll see Edge take on Kurt Angle, in a rematch from a hot RAW opener weeks ago. The match should be good, but my money is on Test ruining the match. Maybe even Austin will run down. My point is that I don't see Edge getting booked to beat Kurt Angle right now, nor do I see Angle winning the Intercontinental title, either.

Other matches will obviously derive from the show.

Hopefully on the show, we'll see more of Ric Flair than just 2 somewhat meaningless segments. If the other half owner, Vince McMahon, can have tons of television time, then why can't the other half owner? Didn't think of that one, now did ya, WWF writers? Actually, all logic is thrown out once Vince McMahon's ego takes over everything. Always remember that.

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