Welcome back to yet another edition of the Phat Daily Column. The Monday Night shows are lined up and ready, and they are both telling everyone to expect some surprises. I think that the Monday Night Ratings will get an extra boost this week due to the wrestling wedding...plus, my shitty 49ers will suck up the place in the Monday Night game. Anyway, on to the PDC.


-Oh my God, the wedding is going to happen tonight! It better be the best damn wedding on television ever from all of the damn hype they did on Sunday Night Heat last night. What do I think will happen at the Wedding? Ok, here are my possibilities:
1. They get married, but Test or Stephanie won't get along, or Test is sleeping around..or whatever. I think the WWF might want to have the idea of where someone can abduct Stephanie to anger Test..thus easily starting a feud with him.
2. Test will be DX bound, as DX will invade the wedding...and poor Stephanie will be told to Suck it!
3. Vince McMahon is turning in favor of DX, and he completely ruins the wedding. That would be a funny screwjob, and it would help DX these days to higher levels by having Vince on their side. Of course, this might not happen since they are due to fight at Armageddon.
4. Shane might turn. I think Shane's heel turn was supposed to happen at the original date for the wedding, but I think the WWF is reconsidering it.
5. Stephanie turns Test down at the alter, and maybe sides someone of the likes of Val Venis?
The possibilities are endless!

-As for the rest of RAW....you can expect something to do with the Rock and Sock connection, and something to show Al Snow's jealousy. I would imagine that Al Snow will snap tonight, and maybe attack Mankind for joining the Rock again. For the most part, the night will center around the wedding. Triple H will probably have something to do with it since Vince will obviously be there. I'd imagine that Triple H will do something in efforts to add more heat to Armageddon, which is coming up very shortly. Should be a great RAW tonight.

-Mick Foley is RUMORED to have a huge announcement tonight on RAW. It would be a shame if he says that he's retiring, but he does deserve to go out of the sport on top of his game. I have heard that he's not as motivated to wrestle like he used to be, and it seems that writing his book might have served as a wake up call that wrestling isn't as important to him like it used to be. After writing the book, Mick seems interesting in maybe writing a sequel to Have a Nice Day, or maybe some fiction stories. Of course, he might not be retiring at all....just maybe a lighter work schedule like Jim Ross suggested.


-Nitro looks to have some strong matches tonight as they go up against a wrestling wedding. As I first reported from WCW.com a few days ago, Kevin Nash will fight Sid and Goldberg will fight Scott Hall. I hope that Hall gives Goldberg a better fight than he did a long time ago against Goldberg before Goldberg won the World title off of Hogan. Nash and Sid fought recently...nuff said. Bret Hart will face Meng. Oh, so I see the build up is for Bret Hart to beat Meng's ass. Good job WCW by making Sting, the best in WCW, lose to Meng. Yeah Russo, you are such a creative idiot. Also, Creative Control will defend the titles tonight against whomever wants some. You will see a triple threat match between Sting, Jeff Jarrett, and Chris Benoit to see who gets to job to Goldberg after he wins the title at Starrcade.

-Also on hand will be the Revolution, as they are making some kind of special announcement tonight. Hopefully, they are retiring...ooops! I hope they are breaking up or something because this group is truly annoying. I like Saturn and Malenko, but both of them are being held back from showing their talents while doing Shane's dirty work. They also have Asya, who is nothing but a manly Chyna. Shane is the leader, or at least vocal leader of the group...and all that wimp does is cry. I hope he impresses me when he comes back from his injury, cause I've lost a lot of respect for that Franchise.

-Also tonight, Jushin Thunder Liger will make his WCW return tonight to face an opponent to be named later. Who cares who it is, Liger can F'N wrestle! He's one of the toughest wrestlers in the world, and I hope he tours WCW for a while. Of course, how could he be used as it seems that Russo doesn't use the foreign wrestlers to their abilities...but who in WCW has ever used them correctly? Well, anyway, expect some high impact moves in Liger's match if you haven't seen him before.

-It's funny how Nitro will be in the Pepsi Center, which is in Denver, for tonight's Nitro. I wonder if Pepsi would be angry about this due to WCW selling their souls to Coke. Oh well, it doesn't matter when promotion leases the building for a night.

@That's all for today's edition. Enjoy your Monday Night shows, say your prayers, and eat your vitamins. Thanks for reading, and who about chilling till the next episode?

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