Welcome to another edition of the Phat Daily Column. Yes, I know it's late, but forgive me this week for I didn't get home until late, and I stayed up even longer watching both shows on tape. So anyway, did WCW beef up their show after their Pay Per View? Did the WWF counter that, and also try to boost their ratings past recent TNN lows? Let's see at least how I felt about the shows, so on to the PDC.

Scott Hall

I told you so! Drunken Scott Hall was busted for a DUI the other night, as I thought everyone said he was clean and sober? Obviously not, since Hall is still an alcoholic. ECW should enjoy their run with Scott Hall, because it already faces real life problems. You see, Hall doesn't care if he's on probation or anything. He doesn't care enough that by driving under the influence, he could kill some innocent family. That's why Hall is such a danger for any wrestling promotion because of his wreckless lifestyle. It sickens me to see someone who can still perform in the ring do this to himself. He's a complete joke now, and recent efforts like keying a limo and now this DUI keep proving what an idiot this guy truly is.

I say toss him in jail and throw away the key!


Odd opening segment with Jeff Jarrett and the announcement of the president. Now if that person were only Katherine Harris, then it would have been really good!

3 Count vs. Lash Leroux and Chavo Guerrero would have been good, but good old Lash or Cajun was dragging hard during the match. Remember when Lash was a very promising cruiserweight? Well, that has certainly changed, since he's oddly lost all muscle ton and went on the General Rection diet. Now I don't like to point out stuff like that, but it really showed in the ring last night against 3 Count. Of course, when you have NO AUTHORITY in the back telling your wrestlers to stay in shape, why not milk it?

Argh, a Mean Gene interview that was longer than a WWF long interview. Now that's much worse. Ric Flair promised Scott Steiner a "special" opponent for Starrcade, and he actually delivered. Sid Vicious will take on Steiner at Starrcade, as I wonder who will carry that match? At least it's a new opponent, and I'm proud of WCW for that at least. Let's just hope that Sid can remain in WCW before Starrcade, like he didn't in 1993 with the famous "scissors incident".

(Note: The Scissors Incident was when Arn Anderson and Sid Vicious got in a heated argument while touring England in 1993. While at the hotel, the heated argument led to a fight with Arn and Sid, where Sid brought in a pair of safety scissors and stabbed Arn several times. This incident fired Sid, and it also ruined the proposed Vader vs. Sid mega-event at Starrcade in 1993)

Ok, Lance Storm vs. Yang.... Sure, it was a decent wrasslin match, but it had NO meaning or booking behind it, therefore it was very boring to watch and the crowd was totally dead for it. Not only that, but Storm's career was just buried by a tag team specialist. Yikes.

Hey, I really enjoyed the stuff with Lex Luger and Bill Goldberg. See, they are doing what they should have been doing for the past few weeks, and that's spicing the feud up. Look at Luger, he had a rightful controversy, and then he attacked Goldberg later on the show. Then, he took away the Superhero image from Goldberg by racking him forever. Now that's how you do a Goldberg-Luger feud.

WCW broke rule #678 tonight, and that means having the Harris Boys on Nitro. God, they are horrible! It is kind of funny, though, with Disqo trying to pay off any team to help them defeat their opponents. Of course, the stuff with KroniK is a dead rip off of the Acolytes....

Nice of DDP and Kevin Nash to ask for Scott Hall to return. I highly doubt that Hallcoholic will be able to return, thanks to two arrests since he was FIRED from WCW. I liked how they mentioned the Vegas Connection, and so forth. Yes, for those of you who think this Ace/Taylor era and Russo era is bad, try watching during the time the Vegas Connection was around. Good lord! DDP and Nashy Poo fought Jindrak/O'Haire to a decent match, with Nash wrestling in slow motion the whole time. I thought he was taking time off for his knees?

I guess there was some meaning to it, but the General Rection vs. Bam Bam Bigelow was soo boring!!! The dead crowd even didn't care for it either, nor did they care for Rection dressing up as Hugh Morris. That's what WCW fails to realize sometimes, is that by putting two not-as-talented oafs together, it will produce a bad match, and not only that, nobody in the crowd will pop nor will anybody watching on television will keep watching.

Rey Mysterio vs. Jeff Jarrett was pretty entertaining, as I'm wondering why Jarrett has been depushed? I guess since he came in as an instant main eventer, he's paying his dues after his huge push? None the less, this was a very entertaining segment, and it makes me wonder why WCW doesn't do much more with Rey Mysterio? He'd kill Mike Sanders if he was booked against him. Oh, so the Filthy Animals are now heel, and Jarrett's a face now? From that match, it was sort of confusing since the FA was cheating hard! The end guitar shot was vicious! Good God!

WCW broke rule #321, and that is to NEVER have Stevie Ray in a Main Event World Title match! AHHHHHHH!!!!!!! If you didn't see how bad of a performer Stevie Ray was in that match, then you are not actually watching that show. Seriously, this guy has horrible wrestling ability, and I so wonder how good Booker T became. At least this "retires" Stevie Ray from wrestling, although it was at the expense of a main event match.

NITRO Phat Stats

Matches: 7
Clean Wins: 4
Screwjobs: 1
Disqualifications: 1
No Contests: 1

Last Word: Well, this show wasn't up to par after a Pay Per View. I'm sorry, but Stevie Ray headlining a show means something is very wrong. Boring matches like Bam Bam vs. Rection or other boring struggles hurt this show. The Jarrett-FA, Insiders-NBT, and the Goldberg-Luger stuff were the only show's brightspots, therefore, this show gets a


for this week's show. Hey, I listed my reasons why it got the C-, so if you are ready to flame me in an e-mail, read over my reasons again please. I predict a 2.0 in the second hour of this show, which is against RAW.


Ok, look here. WWF started out with an OPENING INTERVIEW with Kurt Angle and Mick Foley, and it was such a waste of time. For about 8 minutes, Angle just talked about how evil and corrupt the WWF was for letting guys attack him. Then, Mick Foley comes down to discuss that, and the interview gets worse. Both Foley and Angle started struggling over their lines, and it went downhill from there. It's senseless interview time, like this, that doesn't let any up and coming superstars get over with a hot opening match. Watch that inverview again... Kurt Angle wasn't even funny in it!

I guess the Hollys vs. T&A/Trish match was good, but I was only hoping for the most action from Trish and Molly. Crash, Hardcore, Albert, and Test have had a million tries to getting over in the WWF, and nobody cares now. You have Trish, probably the most downloaded WWF superstar now, and Molly Holly, easily the BEST women's performer in the WWF now. Those two actually put on the match of the night on Smackdown, so why not let them shine tonight? Because we need to get the slugs over too.

Ok, listen to my reasoning here. During the Eddie Guerrero vs. "The One" Billy Gunn match, what was the crowd doing? They were chanting "Eddie Sucks" throughout the match, and they booed him for everything he did. OK? Did you get that? Now.... for any move that Billy Gunn did, was the crowd cheering for it? NO. My point has been made. Shame that Gunn got another clean victory over the guy who just carried him to a decent match, again. I did like how the Radicalz let Gunn know who has REAL wrestling talent after the match, and not just good charisma and a good entrance like Gunn has.

Speaking of the crowd, did you hear that heel response for Rikishi? Nothing at all. Now maybe if the WWF were to let Rikishi defeat the Rock at Survivor Series, then maybe the crowd would have been more pissed. However, both the Rock and Austin have destroyed Rikishi, so why even boo anymore? It's simple logic like that which hurts the WWF today. Good thing Rikishi fought the Rock tonight, because if it was any other opponent, you could have heard crickets in the crowd. Odd ending to this match, by the way, with Angle attacking the Rock. Rock vs. Angle at Armageddon?

That was a funny beat down the Radicalz gave Lita/Hardy Boyz. Then, in the match later, Hardy Boyz replaced the "injured" Lita with Chris Jericho, who gets cheers for whatever he does. I'm serious, Jericho is the MOST OVER guy in the federation right now! Yet, Jericho can't wrestle the main event... how strange, which only proves that the Rock and Austin rule the WWF right now. The match was decent, with a good face-in-peril job by Jeff Hardy. Hardys/Jericho got the win, but only at the expense of another Radical beatdown. The WWF loves to think that beatdowns after a match will get you over when you lose. Hey, look at Rikishi now....

Hey, Kane fought the Undertaker for the 138747473662634th time. It was actually a good build up for this match, with Angle convincing Kane to take out the 'Taker with some Holiday charm. Kane and Undertaker wrestled the same match they've always wrestled, and I really suggest watching Wrestlemania 14's match, which is their best. Hey, that's their 1st match too!

More simple logic. Did you hear any pops during either RTC's entrance or Road Dogg/K-Kwick's entrance? NO. However, K-Kwick covered the tracks here, as his awesome performance made the crowd pop for HIM. K-Kwick is turning into a great performer, which means you must keep him away from boring guys from the RTC or the Road Dogg. Being unable to recognize this will only dig you in the hole some more....

The Tiger Ali Singh stuff was funny on Smackdown, but why make it a match with Steve Blackman? I've always thought Singh was a very overrated wrestler, even when the WWF tried to shove him down our throats the two times they've tried to push him. This match proved the theory even more, as Blackman can carry NO man to a good match. Shane's pushing of Blackman continues to fail....

Alright, instead of the Undertaker, Kurt Angle fought Stone Cold Steve Austin. I guess if Austin is the WWF's darling, then give him the damn title. Austin totally destroyed Angle in this match, no selling everything that Angle tried to do to him. It was Austin's easy victory, until Triple H, with his reunited wife, Stephanie came down to attack Austin. Austin-Triple H part 2 anyone?

Edge/Christian are the funniest people in the WWF right now!

RAW Phat Stats

Matches: 8
Clean Wins: 5
Screwjobs: 0
Disqualifications: 3
No Contests: 0

Last Word: Very interesting show here, with some obvious things that need to be looked at for future shows. The show was booked well with the Undertaker and Angle stuff, but it had it's loose ends with the many Radical beatdowns and so forth. I'll give it a


for this week's show. What scares me is that Armageddon is only 13 days away, and no matches have really been announced yet. I predict a 4.8 for the first hour.


This just a new section, just making a parody of certain parts of the shows last night.

-The first chairshot that Lex Luger gave Bill Goldberg is hilarious! Luger nailed Goldberg while Bill was looking at the crowd, and 2 second later, Goldberg reacted! I suppose no-selling many moves over the last year has screwed up the nervous system in his body!

-Triple H really needs to think about getting his hair wet for the "look" when in street clothes. Since he decided to have his hair wet, it probably enabled for the water to trickle down his back, and it soaked his jeans in a bad area. It looked like Triple H's depends just exploded!

-When was the last time you saw a Dropkick win a match? No, I'm not talking about a Missle Dropkick that Jericho, Booker T, or Alex Wright have won many matches with... I'm talking about a REGULAR DROPKICK! Congrats to Hardcore Holly for being the first ever! I feel bad for Albert for having to lose that way.

-Why doesn't Lance Storm just swing the chair instead of trying to be too safe? He gives the worst chairshots in the business, and if you watch Barely Legal, ECW's first ever Pay Per View, you'll see him giving the weakest chairshots ever to Rob Van Dam. The ECW Arena crowd let him have it then too!

-I suppose hitting a guy with a car, losing to that same guy in a cage match, then losing to the Rock, and then violently attacking the Rock several times will make Rikishi a #1 contender!

-Nice of Scott Steiner to dog Steve Austin like that. I don't exactly remember Steiner ever fighting him, as I remember them being in the WWF during Austin's final days in WCW, or something like that. I did enjoy the bashing of the Rock, even though it made no sense.

-It's not good when your World Champion can't even remember the name of the Next Pay Per View. Maybe Kurt Angle has been beat down too much lately, eh?

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