Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. Sorry for the slight delay today, as I've had a pretty rough couple of days. Well, today starts another week of wrestling. No pay per views tonight, but there's always some quality Sunday Night Heat to watch, right? Anyway, on to the PDC.

Please note that I'm very behind on e-mails. Sorry for the incoveninence, but I've been really busy lately.


-Good lord, the WWF has recieved so much negative publicity lately. First you had the Al Snow doll incident at Wal Mart, which was ridiculous. Then you have this group full of horrible parents in the PTC attacking the WWF's sponsors. So far, that stupid PTC, which rhymes with PDC so don't get them confused, has convinced Coke, Army, and the Air Force to drop their ads. I think you'll probably see more to this list, but remember that the WWF's advertisements were bought out for the rest of 99 a few months ago, so the demand is high, therefore it won't hurt the WWF. All these situations are doing is giving the WWF some needed public attention. It's giving them lots of heat, and like the great Ryan Brander says, 'all heat is good heat'.

-Boy, lots of rumors are flying about Mick Foley retiring. Jim Ross said yesterday that he's just going to be limited in the ring for now on...which he should! He's busted his balls throughout his wrestling career, and it seems like a good thing to do by limiting his wrestling. He can work the mic well, and he seems to work with Al Snow pretty good too. I'm just hoping for one last title run by Mick. He is scheduled for a 'huge announcement' on an upcoming show of "Off the Record", which I really wish I could see. Rumor has it that Mick might make the retirement announcement on this upcoming RAW.

-Oh no...WWF Volume 4 has dropped to #28 on the Billboard charts. PANIC!!!!!! No wait a second, WWF 4 has done great in sales and great on the charts thus far. Who cares if it drops from 4, which was great in itself, to 17 to 28. It's still in the damn top 50 of Billboard, which has many many competing artists on there which are probably F'N pissed that a wrestling album is beating their asses. You could go on to say that the recent negative publicity has affected their spot on the charts, which I doubt is true. Many artists release their albums around christmas time, so it's a tough market for an CD with wrestling themes on it.


-Ooops! Well, starting next week, WCW will hold it's Thunder tapings on Tuesday, but continue to have their show on Thursday until January. My bad, as I knew WCW was starting something new this week about Chunder. I can't wait until Thunder is on a Wednesday, as it's much convenient for me to watch. Everyone should check it out because there is some strange stuff going on there. Midcarders have some really odd angles in the show, and some of them get out of hand.

-Scott Hall has really turned his life around this time in WCW. He's wrestling to his ability again, and it seems to somewhat drug and alcohol free this time around. Scott Hall has been in and out of re-hab throughout his career for his problems out of the ring. I hope Hall can make the most of his wrestling career now, because I feel he is as good as ever. He still has great mic skills, great wrestling skills, and he still creates a reaction with the fans. It's all too good to be true for the bad guy, as I really hope that he doesn't blow it this time around. I also hope that by hanging out with Kevin Nash again that it doesn't "egg him on" to party with him.

-Hey, I heard that Russo wants Evan Karagias and Madusa to break up, and then fight over that covetted Cruiserweight title. That would be rather interesting, as Maduse would crush the lazy worker known as Evan Karagias. Wasn't he supposed to be a part of a Backstreet Boys type group? Anyway, I just hope that Russo doesn't treat the Cruiserweight division like he did the Lightweight division in the WWF. Of course, he now has talent at his disposal insteat of just 3 or 4 lightweight wrestlers like he did in the WWF.

@That's it for today. I'll be back tomorrow with a look at the upcoming Monday Night shows...and then some. Thanks for reading, and just chill...till the next episode.

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