Monday, Monday...... so good to me. Welcome to another fabulous edition of the Phat Daily Column. Oh yes, you know what day today is.... MONDAY NIGHT HYPE! Will WCW put on a blockbuster show after their Pay Per View? Or will RAW try to steal their thunder by actually putting effort into one show. We'll see tonight! On to the PDC.

But first..........

Thanks to whoever held up this very sign at WCW Mayhem last night. It's greatly appreciated as always, and it's the big sign #50 for myself. I want to take a moment to thank anyone who has held up a sign in honor of myself or, and I'm VERY grateful for it. Thanks once again.



Finally, WCW did some very positive things on this Pay Per View. For one, Scott Steiner is your NEW World Champ, and as much as I mark out for Booker T, it was time for him to drop that strap to the best heel possible. Of course, it took 2 Pay Per Views to do it......

DDP and Kevin Nash are your new tag champs. I suppose it's kind of cool since Nash sort of has motivation, and for the fact that it seals DDP being around for a while. I don't like, however, that DDP and Nash will hold the titles forever, when other decent tag teams could hold them. It's sort of like the Luger-Sting situation, where nobody was "over" enough to beat them for the longest time. Again, if it's something to keep DDP on television, it works for me.

Ok, Goldberg won against Luger, so let's move on. Let's give Goldberg an opponent that everyone thinks he could lose. Hey, Steiner has the World Title, and Starrcade is right around the corner....

If General Rection's win over Lance Storm is to advance Storm up the ladder, then fine, let the NEVER-BEEN-OVER General Rection hold the US Title. The US title isn't shit anyway, since guys like Mongo or Jim Duggan were former champs. Of course, Storm will probably rematch Rection at Starrcade. (UGH!!!)

I went a lovely 6-4 for this Pay Per View, which I think is decent for the odd WCW shows.

-NITRO Hype-

Since doesn't have a lovely preview section up as I'm writing this column, I can't say much. I bet Mike Sanders will set up a NBT vs. DDP/Nash match, and I'm thinking that WCW will somehow hype Goldberg vs. Scott Steiner for Starrcade.....

One can only hope!


After one week of resting injuries, Triple H returns to WWF television for RAW tonight. What will he do? Well, hopefully, he'll explain why he just "out of the blue" made up with Stephanie. Gee, wasn't she just around Kurt Angle's side when he won the World Title. Gee, didn't Triple H flat out say that he USED the McMahon family to get where he is today? I guess getting used only gives Stephanie reason to want to have children with Triple H. How stupid.

It's loopholes like this reasoning that hurt the WWF product today. It's funny, cause the Russo supporters laugh at just about every WWF storyline's logic, and that says a lot since Russo's booking has NO logic. But hey, it's ONLY ratings and attendance we're worried about, so it's no big deal, right?

I'm sure we'll see more from Jericho and Kane, and also Rock and Rikishi. Hey, wait just a second.... they are still feuding? I'm sure if you read my column from a month ago, this is the same reading you'll find today. So sad.... I still find it ridiculous that the WWF didn't have Rikishi defeat the Rock at Survivor Series. Instead, they had Rikishi "beat up" the Rock after the match. Why? Because they just can't job the poor Rock on a Pay Per View, oh we just can't!

Oh yeah, I forgot about Kurt Angle and the Undertaker. I'm sure we'll see Angle getting the crap kicked out of him, along with Edge and Christian too! Yes, let's continue to flush our World Champ down the toilet, and take the BEST heel tag team down the drain with him.

Many "claim" that I'm too negative. Whatever. Read the past 4 paragraphs over again, and see if you get it yet. If you don't get it, then read it again and again and again.....

But you know what the EXACT problem is? I'm a longtime wrestling fan. I've watched it religiously since Andre the Giant was first feuding with Hulk Hogan back in early 1987, which lead to Wrestlemania 3. I've seen the ups and downs of every federation, and I know when the down is coming. HOWEVER, the WWF gained a whole bunch of NEW wrestling fans in 1998. That's who continually bashes me in e-mails, message boards, or other columns. It's a complete viewing perspective difference!

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@That's it for today. I'm a bit behind on e-mail right now, so bear with that. I'll be back tomorrow with the dreaded Monday Night Impressions. Just chill...

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