Welcome back to yet another edition of the Phat Daily Column. While most take the weekend off, we are still here keeping the ball rolling. Anyway, it's been a surprisingly slow newsweek. No jumps, weak controversies, and just a few good rumors. Oh well, you just have to live with it. On to the PDC.


-Thanksgiving didn't give the WWF more viewers, as they pulled a smaller 4.4 as compared to previous weeks. I figured it would be higher due to the fact that many of the shows that keep the Smackdown rating in check were off this week, plus wrestling fans would tune in for memories of when the Survivor Series was on Thanksgiving. There was a few concerts and movies running that probably also helped keep the rating lower this week. Oh well.

-Jim Ross said this week that Stone Cold's bone spur on his spinal cord MUST be removed. Ross went on to say that the re-hab after the injury would be around 4-6 weeks, and that after the re-hab, the doctors will evaluate Austin's condition to see if he ever wrestles again. He said that the surgery will be performed in a few weeks. Without Stone Cold for a while, the WWF will be hurting due to a lack of a main eventer. I'm just hoping that the WWF can get someone to step it up a little. Maybe Taz is the answer? Maybe he's the savior? We'll find out in 2000, won't we?

-Oh my. According to Jim Ross, there was NO backstage confrontation between D'Lo and WCW personnel, and D'Lo's contract is NOT about to expire. He has 1 and a half years remaining on his current deal. D'Lo has no problems with anyone in the WWF, as WWF officials really enjoy working with him. Damn. I wonder who the hell started these rumors, or is it just a big cover-up? Somebody's lying off their ass.

-WOW. On December 4th, Mick Foley's biography will be #1 on the New York Times bestsellers list! My God, that's impressive. Ross said that Mick will be reducing his in ring performance sometime after January. He's payed his dues throughout his career, as I couldn't agree more with the WWF's decision. Who the hell else would have taken those shots during that Hell in the Cell match? Nobody.

-It's rather funny that a WWF houseshow in Toronto had more people in attendance than what a WCW pay per view did which was in Toronto as well. It's even worse when you have "Canada's boy" Bret Hart wrestling for WCW, but yet it can't draw more people there than at a WWF house at Toronto. Of course, the WWF event was the night before the WCW pay per view, so you could say that someone was burnt out on wrestling or that they didn't feel like purchasing tickets for both. WWF houseshows are pretty cheap in my opinion, and pay per view tickets are always expensive. But still...

-Godfather extended is contract, according to Ross, to 3 more years. I can just remember when many were saying how the Godfather's contract was running out a few months ago. Well, I guess that puts an end to that garbage.

-Bob Holly told Ross that he wasn't considering making the jump to WCW like originally reported. Of course, he would be just sucking up to Ross, who happens to be the head of talent coordination.

-I heard that Smackdown has a TV-MA rating now due to the recent events of the PTC. The WWF is really concerned about this issue because these bastards are going after their advertisers, and not them. Isn't that a crime somewhere? Anyway, the point is that everyone in the PTC needs to realize something. If they don't like what they see on the television, just turn the channel. If they don't like their kids watching it, then force them not to watch it. Of course, that would make them be a good parent, which it seems isn't the case because they want the WWF to be hurting.


-Thunder pulled a .....wait a second, Chunder took the week off! But wait, that's a good thing as it will be repackaged, sealed, and delivered to you on Wednesdays from now on! That's right..so now you have wrestling on EVERY day of the week except for Tuesdays. WCW made a great move by shifting Thunder to Wednesdays, just because their second-rate show wasn't worth competing with the WWF's powerful first-rate show which is on network television. Maybe Thunder can get out of the 2.0 range, finally, on the new day.

-Hey, Kimona Wannalaya has a good chance of signing with WCW. Now wait a second, wasn't she about to join the WWF? Oh, I see, it was part of Terry Taylor's idea. So wherever he goes, he'll push to get her in. I swear, WCW got a real winner out of Terry Taylor. I mean, he can book shitty-heat angles like having Big Show's father going through cancer, or dragging out many of the angles like he did with the NWO. Rather sad, as I hope that Russo keeps his ass in check. Hopefully, Taylor just mainly books the houseshows and does NOT book for the television shows.

-Something must go down on Nitro which will bring back Stevie Ray into the picture again. If you didn't know already, Harlem Heat will face Creative Control at Starrcade. I'm wondering, and so is the great Coolbeans, about how on Earth they will bring back Stevie Ray. I guess we'll see it somehow unfold on Nitro coming up, since Russo always has the answers, right?


-Just when ECW on TNN has a good, star loaded show....I miss it! Damn it! I just hope that with the beginning of the holiday season, that ECW gets the gift of better ratings on TNN because they sure need it!

-Some word is that ECW is on some good terms with the WWF again, as the WWF is sending some wrestlers down to ECW to develope. It's very good to see the two working together a little bit, because they can both really benefit. Of course, ECW loses out when they give the shitty WWF wrestlers great gimmicks and have the fans backing them due to the fact that the WWF will pull them to use them(ex. Al Snow). Of course, then again they could benefit if one WWF developing talent(ex. Justin Credible) decides to remain in ECW rather than jumping back to the WWF. It's surprising that they two feds can work together now after Taz and the Dudleys signing with the WWF. I figured there would be some feelings there, but somehow ECW is cool with it.

@That's all for today's edition of the Phat Daily Column. So until tomorrow's column, just chill till the next episode!

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