The Phat Daily Column has returned! Where was the "Weekend" column you ask? Well, on Saturday, after working a massive 14-hour day, I came home with no energy to lift a finger, let alone sit down and creatively write a wrestling column for an hour. Plus, I feel I deserve some time off to relax and to have some days off from being cynical about the wrestling world.

But it's not like there is anything really to comment on, besides the Ric Flair angle. It was Thanksgiving weekend, which meant that there were no news stories to comment on, etc, etc. Again, with the Ric Flair storyline, I'm not providing suggestions on how it should be played out, in my opinion. Sure, when I was open for comments on my anniversary as Mr. Tito, many suggested that I do fantasy booking. Yeah, I'd like to throw in my ideas.....

However, just take a look what happened with the PDC and the Invasion idea. I tossed in all of my ideas, and when the storyline was played out, I'd throw a tantrum. The funny thing was that I was correct about the WWF's faults on the Invasion angle, as Vince McMahon trashed both ECW and WCW and has paid top dollar for Ric Flair to be involved. Still, I'll hold off. I know I can't resist the urge, and a few comments will slip, but you can't fault me for trying. Besides, we'll let others throw the tantrums about the Ric Flair angle, and I'll save my energy for other stuff.

For today, we'll go through some Daily Apples, and then hype up RAW. Sound good?


-You know, I'm really curious about why the Rob Van Dam and Rock segment was cut from Smackdown. While I watched the show, I thought to myself "why are RVD and the Rock teaming?", and sadly enough, I forgot to mention that in the PDC. The explanation for the teaming would have been seen through that segment, but the WWF nixed it because they felt it didn't come out right or something with RVD's performance. I guess we'll have to see how RVD is booked this week to see what truly happened.

-The WWF better deliver Triple H at the Vengeance Pay Per View. Not because the WWF could use another big name performer or an arrogant way to get stupid Stephanie back on television, but for the fact that various Vengeance promos keep showing Triple H on them. If you are going to use him for that sort of thing, then you must deliver. The WWF does NOT need to upset any of their fans at this point, especially with the numbers (ratings, attendance, revenue, etc.) in decline.

I do think that good ol' Jim Ross is using his Ross Report to swerve internet fans, who have known, for a while, that Triple H would be good and ready by the end of November. Well, it's basically the end of November, and Triple H should be ready to return. Hell, it was almost decided that Triple H be the man who screwed the Alliance at Survivor Series, but the WWF remained with the plan to keep Kurt Angle in that role. Hence, Triple H is ready. It's just a matter of time before he shows up officially, and he should show up at Vengeance, as advertised.

-I was just scanning through the WWF "B" houseshows, and damn, it's quite pitiful. The WWF has a handful of Ohio Valley Wrestling guys fighting jobbers or doing the job for WWF guys, and the main events have been Edge vs. Christian. The WWF isn't even bothering to use their vast talent roster of WCW/ECW guys, nor are they using their big WWF roster, either. I just hope that the WWF "B" shows are cheap instead of the now expensive regular WWF shows.

Speaking of houseshows, the WWF had Kurt Angle vs. Steve Austin at the Philadelphia houseshow the other day as the main event. Funny thing is that the WWF had been advertising Rob Van Dam against Austin to sell tickets. Was RVD punished for his "efforts" in the Smackdown segment with the Rock, which was cut at editing? Or did the WWF not care since they did not sell out the First Union center, in Philadelphia, based on RVD fighting for the World Title? Very interesting.


For those of you who didn't know, WWF Vengeance is only 2 weeks away. For some reason or another, the next Pay Per View is on December 9th, and that means we should hopefully see a card shaped up. At least the WWF booking committee has addressed the main event, and then some. Speaking of that main event, I liked Scott Keith's idea ( about how the main event will be played out. Many are already predicting that Rock will beat Jericho, and Austin will beat Angle for a Rock vs. Austin match in the finals. But that's too easy, as Keith pointed out that the WWF could just draw a buyrate for Austin vs. Rock anyway, so why do it as the finals at Vengeance? Of course, the WWF did basically give us Rock vs. Austin at Survivor Series.....

And with the mini-tourney for the World Title, I don't really think we'll see any significant developments with Ric Flair and Vince McMahon just yet. After Vengeance, the WWF has a LONG time before Royal Rumble hits in January, therefore, giving them lots of time to develop the split federation idea. I do expect some kind of interview or angle with Flair tonight, but just to remind everyone that this famous wrestling figure is in the WWF right now.

As for the matches.... nothing officially announced yet by the WWF, as the creative team probably had the holiday weekend off. Isn't that ironic, as most of the wrestlers were hitting the road for houseshows? Maybe a big, fat turkey will loosen up their minds a little bit to make the Flair angle a success, unlike the Invasion one.

But anyway, it appears as though Stone Cold What Austin, I mean Steve Austin, will be fighting a former Alliance member. A television preview hints that he'll fight Test or Shane's boy, and the Wrestling Observer, probably the most trusted wrestling news source around, suggests that Austin will face William Regal. I'd much rather prefer to see Austin versus William Regal, although Test, if he's going to be shoved down our throats, could use the rub off of Austin. Test, although he receives lots of television exposure for such a weak crowd reaction, would benefit more from fighting a large face, such as Austin.

Other than that, nothing else comes to mind for RAW. Let me just say this about RAW from last week. The slow and eventual build up to introduce Ric Flair into the WWF again made RAW a "must see" show like it used to be in 1998 and 1999. I just hope that last week wasn't a fluke, because I really want to watch and enjoy this stuff. - Audio Show, News, Columns, and more!!

KOLTERSHOCK!!!! - You won't believe your eyes!

@That's all for today kiddies. I'll be back, tomorrow, with a FULL RAW review for y'all to enjoy. The RAW column equals ratings. See you tomorrow!

Take Care, and Thanks a Million for Reading.

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