Nothing like a juicy WCW Pay Per View to talk about. Welcome to the Phat Daily Column, the wonderful Sunday edition. Today, we'll discuss various wrestling topics as well as the Mayhem card. I've been struggling on the WCW shows lately, as I hope to bounce back from their somewhat unpredictable shows.... at least in my mind, and that isn't that good of a thing. Well anyway, on to the PDC.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: "How about California, in '86......."
-Black Scorpion, WCW, in 1990

Random Stuff

Good God, this No Mercy discussion won't end in the e-mails. I'm getting hell for giving it a B+ and for saying that the multiplayer options have a slowdown. Geesh. I'm also getting shit for the memory constraints, as many "experts" are saying how the Titan Trons and other worthless additions aren't affecting the speed of the game. Yeah, go play Virtual Pro Wrestling 2, which is soooo packed with moves but it's fast since it doesn't have any stupid additions like No Mercy does.

Another strike about No Mercy, which was brought about by several readers is the fact that tag team wrestlers can't come out together. I remember it was odd that the Dudley Boyz didn't come out together when I played as them. That's sort of a strike if you get off on the entrances, but I guess it's allowable if it helps other options of the game. Sure didn't help out the speed of those tag matches though. Enough about that game!!

God, ECW is in trouble, very much. It was recently announced that ECW's wrestlers are 6 weeks behind on pay, which is a record for them I believe(wasn't the worst 4 weeks behind?). Wow, how nice of Heyman to screw up the financing to the point where his wrestlers, who bust their asses for him, are unable to support themselves or their families. It's especially nice heading into the holiday season. I feel really bad for all of those wrestlers. Just think if ECW still doesn't get cable TV deal.

But good old Paul Heyman is assuring that ECW will get a cable deal. Yeah, that's like yours truly getting a position at or for all of the stuff I've said about their wrestlers, bookers, or just their whole organizations.

Even worse, Heyman has cancelled the ECW shows in Texas in 2 weeks. When there are no shows, the guys on the pay-per-event deal are screwed. They are already many weeks behind pay, so how about screwing the wrestlers more?

Then the argument is that TNN put them in this position.... Ok, if they did, then sue their balls off!

By the way, my media reviews will be only limited to any of the recent video games or any new books that come out. Why? There just aren't any videos out there left to review. I went to my 3 local video stores 2 days ago, and I found nothing. One store had a few older WWF tapes with sort of boring match ups. The only one I found remotely interesting was Shawn Michaels: Heartbreak Express which featured most of his 1996 match ups. However, I've seen a lot of those matches lately, and I can just easily recommend it since HBK never has a bad match. That video has the great match with Mankind by the way if you've been looking for that.

As for the books.... I gave up on getting Pure Dynamite, which is the story of the Dynamite Kid, due to availability problems. That sucks cause I really wanted to read that one. I have Bill Goldberg's book coming in the mail, which should arrive Monday if those fellas at and UPS get on the ball. I'll try to get Gary Capetta's book(a former WCW and WWF announcer) as well, and probably Chyna's whenever that comes out. I'm sort of thinking about Chyna's since I've seen many documentaries and specials on her to know pretty much her life story. Of course, her relationship with Triple H could be interesting to read.... I hear Bret Hart is working on his for a soon-to-be release date, and so is Ric Flair. Scott Keith is writing a wrestling book too, which I'll try to get since I enjoy reading his rants. Maybe I'll get Piper's book too?

Of course, I only wish guys like Sting or the Undertaker would write a book, since they have good and long wrestling careers to discuss. A Hulk Hogan book would be a bad read since his head is way up his own ass most of the time, which it would most likely be in his own book. A book on Vince McMahon would be a good one too!

There are a bunch of Unauthorized biographies out there, which I'll pass on. There are some other wrestling books out there, like the "Wrestling for Dummies" and a few which just discuss various things on wrestling with lots of pictures. Maybe I'll walk into my Walden's to quickly read those crappy things for a quick review? Oh yeah, the WWF Cookbook too! What should I do, cook something with that book and then review it? I could probably skim through Mick's X-Mas book somewhere for a good review.

If there is anything you would like me to review, please contact me. I'll obviously read any of the music CDs that come out, meaning Aggression 2 and WWF 5 by the way.... I could review the ICP wrestling videos, but I'd have to shell out over $20 at my local inflating Sam Goody or Suncoast Video. That's NOT happening, since ICP certainly isn't worth it. :)

Again, let me know if there is anything you would want me to review for my Multimedia Reviews.

Mayhem Predictions

Jimmy Hart vs. Mancow
Bah! I suppose since it's Mancow's area, he'll get the win. Whatever.
Tito's Pick: Mancow

The Cat vs. the Franchise
This feud has "rematch only as a mixed tag" all over it. No such thing as trying to push Douglas as a heel. We can't have that for a good wrestling talent. Douglas gets the win to continue this feud, just like the WWF continued ALL of their feuds at Survivor Series.
Tito's Pick: The Franchise

Jamie Noble/Evan Karagias vs. Jung Dragons vs. 3 Count
This one has match of the night written all over it, if and only if you at least give it 15 minutes. Not much build up for this one, except for the teams breaking up one day. I say Noble and Karagias get the win since Noble is getting a decent face push, I guess.
Tito's Pick: Noble and Karagias

Cruiserweight Title: Kwee Wee vs. Mike Sanders
I see the fluke win here, with Kwee Wee becoming the new champion. He'll turn into "Angry Allen", and destroy Sanders and the NBT. By the way, this gimmick isn't over if you WCW bookers haven't noticed yet.
Tito's Pick: Kwee Wee

Hardcore Title: Vito vs. Crowbar vs. Reno
Crowbar wins cause Reno and Vito will carry their feud for ANOTHER Pay Per View. Plus, it's time to show Crowbar some respect, so keep that title on him.
Tito's Pick: Crowbar

Mike Awesome vs. Bam Bam Bigelow
Since the 70's guy is sooooooo over, he'll get the win over a man who lost a match to an NFL football player. What else can I say?
Tito's Pick: Mike Awesome

Tag Titles: Nash and DDP vs. Perfect Event
I guess if Nash and DDP is getting new music, that means they are a permanent fixture. Hey, why not bring back Vinnie Vegas for a good laugh? Too bad you can't bring back the Diamond Studd for an even greater laugh.
Tito's Pick: DDP and Nash

Lex Luger vs. Bill Goldberg
How can you get pumped up for a Goldberg match when you know who will win already? I'd laugh if Luger got the win... I'm serious, I'd be reduced to tears!
Tito's Pick: Goldberg

Ok, the Streak gimmick is overdone. Put Goldberg against some real opponents please.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Buff Bagwell
Major props to Jarrett for accepting the de-push to fight the worthless Buff Bagwell. Did I mention he was worthless yet? A nice FINGER OF SHAME will go to WCW if they let this headcase, Buff Bagwell, win this match. Jarrett might have had everything handed to him when arriving in WCW, but at least he's been a good worker for the company over the past year. Buff is nothing but an arrogant headcase who should be ousted from wrestling for good.
Tito's Pick: Jeff Jarrett

US Title: Lance Storm vs. General Rection
Could we crap on Lance Storm some more please?
Tito's Pick: Lance Storm from Calgary..................... Alberta, Canada

World Title: Scott Steiner vs. Booker T
It's in a cage and with a straightjacket hanging above or something? Funny, I watched Spring Stampede 1999 the other day, and that card has Booker T fighting Scott Steiner for the US Title there. They wrestled the same exact match as they've done in most of the recent matches. This one will be the same stuff, only in a cage and with a straightjacket. I guess since Steiner lost the last one, WCW MIGHT use their brains to think that many fans were ripped off last Pay Per View. The chimps backstage should figure this one out.
Tito's Pick: Scott Steiner

This looks like a Nitro!

Since it's the holiday season.......

Tito Recommends: Since I mentioned it above, I suggest finding Spring Stampede 1999. It's possibly the best 1999 WCW Pay Per View, and oddly enough, Nash's best booked card. It features two amazing Cruiserweight matches with Rey vs. Kidman and Blitzkreig(sp?) vs. Juvy. Also, it has the 4 corners match where DDP won his first World Title. Also, this card features a tough hardcore match between Hardcore Hak(the Sandman) vs. Bam Bam Bigelow in a brutal hardcore match. Raven/Saturn vs. Benoit/Malenko is a good one too. Speaking of Perry Saturn, do you remember what a joke it was to have him wearing a dress?

Keep an eye out on the Wrestle Palooza Audio Show because they could have a Mayhem Preview show for you to enjoy.

Also, be here at tonight for Match by Match coverage of Mayhem, in case you don't feel like spending your hard earned dollars on that show.


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