Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and that nobody overstuffed themselves. Now, we can begin looking foward to X-Mas, even though many stores in my area have been ready for 3 months now!! Anyway, I hope everyone enjoyed Smackdown this week, as it must have been nice to have wrestling on Thanksgiving like it used to be when Survivor Series was always on it. But that's just the way it is, so on to the PDC.


-Finally, after all of this talking between the federations, Trish Stratus finally decided to sign with the WWF. That's great news to me as I was getting sick and tired of hearing rumors that she was going here or going there. Whatever. If you don't know her, she's real big on fitness, as I imagine she'll enter the women's division as soon as she gets there. It's safe to say that she'll take Ivory's title away. Also, he's just another piece of eye candy for the WWF.

-Not much happening on Smackdown from what I heard, except for the fact that The Rock N Sock Connection won the number one contenders bout against the Hollys. Who on earth said that the Hollys were contenders over the Acolytes or Edge/Christian? Ahem, anyway, I would have loved to see the steel cage match between the Hardys and the New Age Outlaws. The Outlaws will face the Rock N Sock connection at Armageddon, as I'd imagine that Rock and Mick will win the titles. Joy, joy, joy, as it will continue to hold the Rock back from the singles competition.

-Stone Cold's possible career ending injury has hit the main stream news. The New York post had a story on how Austin in ring career might be over. Ouch, that can't be good as it will definately cause something to happen on the stock market since the stock market is based in New York. That can't be good for their stocks, as they would need to do something to keep interest in the WWF. I'd expect the McMahons to be on EVERY show from now on. (Partial credit to Ryder)

-This isn't wrestling news, but I will say that I saw End of Days Wednesday. What's my take on it? Wait till it comes on video or HBO/Showtime. :)


-The rumors about Time Warner buying NBC cause Time Warner's stock to make a good jump Wednesday(Ryder). Speaking of that, can you imagine if that actually happened? WCW could really put some hurting on the WWF, as everyone gets NBC..unlike shitty UPN. NBC is in almost every market, so you could have a WCW program that would be seen everywhere. This would make a HUGE difference in the federation war, and probably give the nod to WCW eventually.

-From WCW Live Wednesday, the Creative Control said that they were very happy with their careers in WCW. I, personally, love the Creative Control gimmick. I'm just glad to see that two hard workers are finally getting their break that they deserve. They've been through too many horrible gimmicks in the WWF like Jacob and Eli Blue, and the Disciples of Apocolypse. I don't know how anyone could have bounced back from the DOA gimmick, as that was the lamest gimmick around back then. Good to see Patrick and Gerald doing well in WCW, and I'm glad that they are the champs.

-Lots of negative criticism towards Jeff Jarrett for being the "chosen one" in WCW. Mainly the readers think that he's getting too much television time because of his past relationship with Russo and Ferarra. Well, according to Wrestleline's interview with Russo, Jeff Jarrett is only being the "chosen one" because of the fact that he made the jump. He was part of the WWF system, and everyone and their mother knew that, so Russo is milking it. Besides, just look what his championship match with Bret Hart did on Nitro..it drew some good numbers against the opening of RAW. So I'd imagine that the trend will continue.

@That's it for today. Thanks a million for reading, and be careful at your local mall today. There are some maniacs out there!! Just chill till the next episode.

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Take Care, and Happy Wrestling.

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