Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Wait a second?!? A PDC on Thanksgiving? Yes, when you write your column at 7 am in the morning, it can happen! Besides, I haven't taken a day off from the Phat Daily Column since March 29th, so why should I let a holiday break that streak? Well, anyway, on to the PDC.



-For those of you who have read some reports elsewhere about Smackdown possibly cancelling, don't worry about a damn thing. Smackdown is NOT cancelling nor is UPN considering doing so. Why the hell would UPN drop their top show that has brought interest to their network? Duh. So they lost a few sponsors... I'm sure those are very easy to replace, as if you didn't know that Smackdown's advertisements were sold out for the rest of this year..so I think they can find an easy replacement for the Air Force and Army, who tapped out to that lame-ass group. Any advertisements that tap out do to that cult of overconcerned parents might as well close down their companies because they can't stand up for themselves.

-Smackdown is actually tonight, as the WWF is working for the holidays. No, I don't care if it's taped, as WCW could have done the same thing. (Hopefully, my extended family has UPN on their Primestar so that I can finally watch it tonight) From Calvin Martin's Spoilers, it looks like a decent show on paper. Note that Mark Henry seemed to hurt his knee for this one, and when he hurt himself, he allowed his opponent to immediately pin him. If he's really hurt, then that would mean two WWF superstars with knee injuries (if Mr. Ass's knee injury isn't a work). It seems that the WWF wrestlers are dropping like flies anymore, and it's happening at a time when the WWF needs every last one of their wrestlers. Hopefully, this injury trend in the WWF stops.

-Reports are already saying that Stone Cold is finished from wrestling. That could be true, but remember that he came back from his neck injury the last time. I don't think Stone Cold will retire just yet. I think he'll do what he did when the late Owen Hart injured his neck back in the day. He'll just limit what moves he can take and what he can't take. Just that simple. He's definately not coming back until at least Wrestlemania. That's a shame, because he was supposed to turn heel again before his bout with the Rock. Damn it! WWF.com said that Austin's injury was a bone spur that was touching the spinal cord. Ouch! Surgery is an option for that condition, so if Stone Cold wants it done fast and effective, he better go under the knife, and not get Scott Steiner syndrome where you wait 3 or 4 months on a serious injury for it to heal itself.


-Oh no!! NO CHUNDER TONIGHT!! Noooooo.. What am I to do? Thunder is the only place where I get to see my new favorite La Parka wrestle, but WCW wouldn't give fans a treat for Thanksgiving. Shame on them. Speaking of Thunder, it's either next week or the week after that they begin taping shows on Tuesday, and airing them Wednesday. Wednesday Thunder...that doesn't sound too good.

-People are still wondering..."where on Earth is the Cat?" I get this everyday. Well, the new creative team wanted him to fully heal his injured knee. You see, the Cat sort of came back too quickly when they felt that he should have rested a little longer. The Cat, you could cay, was a little under being 100%, and that's why they made Lash Laroux defeat him so easily. That's rather sad, as I'm hoping to see the Cat return real soon.

-Ryder said today that Meng will continue to get his push due to the fact that the creative team has been impressed with his recent matches! Doh! But maybe Meng will make something out of this? In the past before him, he would get a monster push only to get squashed by Bill Goldberg. Then, you wouldn't see him for months at a time, and he'd come back to do the same exact thing. I guess this time is for real, as they made him beat Sting, who needs a medal for cleanly jobbing to him.

@That's all I have for you today. It's time for me to go stuff myself with all of the Thanksgiving goodies. Joy. Just a quick plug here for the Phat Farm. Yesterday, I did a massive update where I made a new edition of BAD TITO, and put up a new Ups and Downs, Is It Just Me, or..., and the debut of Showstoppers of the Week. So I have lots of reading for you at the Phat Farm, so...

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