Welcome back to the one and ONLY Phat Daily Column. Oh my, the ratings are in, and they sure are shocking!! Did WCW gain any ground this week? Did the really close Monday Night Football game hurt the shows any? Did the WWF continue to sit on top with a comfortable lead? Why ask questions? Let's jump on it!

Ratings Anaysis


First Hour: 3.7
Second Hour: 3.2
Third Hour: 3.4
Composite: 3.433333


First Hour: 5.5
Second Hour: 5.5
Composite: 5.5

Head to Head

RAW: 5.5
Nitro: 3.3

-Can you say Big After a Pay Per View? That's what it seems to be, as Nitro, I hear, put on their best pay per view of the year Sunday. Numbers always jump after a pay per view..as you can see with RAW last week how they destroyed Nitro by a margin of 3.4. The gap went from 3.4 to 2.2 this week. I think the Monday Night football game took some fans away from either show being a little higher. Of course, it only did a 13.0 this week. I think Nitro is slowly closing the gap, but tonight was an after pay per view ratings jump. As the great Ryan Brander always tells me, it will be interesting to see what happens once the Football season is over, when the ratings of both shows jump up. Only 6 more weeks to go, I do believe.

It should also be noted that Nitro had a 4.0 and RAW had a 4.7 in the over-runs. I suggested this yesterday how RAW went to commercial at 10:57. That proved to be a horrible move, as it really seems that it took some viewers. That, or the Sid/Goldberg vs. Outsiders was much better to watch.


-Usually, you associate the Army and Air Force with being very strong, and very tough. Like they can stick up for themselves from any oncoming challenges. Well, they failed this time around. Both the Army and Air Force gave into that loser group going around, trying to convince certain advertisers to get off WWF programming. That loser group is nailing Smackdown probably because it's doing one hell of a job on Thursdays, and that group loves their lame-ass sitcoms. Oh well, but the Army and the Air Force are pretty weak for doing this. They had 3 advertisers on their list, and the Army and the Air Force were two of them. The third one is Mars, who makes M & Ms mainly. Let's hope that last year's Wrestlemania sponsors don't tap out like the Army or the Air Force.

+The WWF is asking for your help in this situation, especially now that they've lost two of their top sponsors which they worked with good for years now. They need your support as the support for this idiot group grows by the day. To read more about helping out, please Click Here. I just hope they are doing this to stick up for themselves, and not whining due to lost money.

-The injury that Billy Gunn suffered Monday Night is legit, as it made the entire Test/Shane vs. New Age Outlaws match get turned into a Test vs. Road Dogg match. Damn, that match was very short, as I suspect RAW was supposed to run over heavily the other night. Instead, this new match ran short, and I guess that's why the commercial time started at 10:57. Right now, the WWF has remained quiet so far about Mr. Ass's condition, but one can only wonder if he was on the Smackdown tapings. They could quickly drop the straps there if the Assman will be on the shelf for a while.

-D'Lo Brown's contract expires in two months with the WWF, and a few say he just might make the jump. Reports say that he really got along with Russo, and you've probably all read the incident where he and Mike Graham, a backstage and front office employee, confronted each other. I don't know if you've noticed or not, but D'Lo has been losing left and right lately. Hell, he lost to Devon Dudley on heat! He lost to a tag team wresler!! Of course, he got screwed royally in that match. If he does make the jump, I think he's making a HUGE mistake. I think that Russo was running out of ideas to do with D'Lo at the end, as D'Lo hardly had any angle to work with. I think he'd get lost in the talent pool down there, but then again, he isn't accomplishing much in the WWF these days.

-The WWF has lots of videos to check out, as EVERYONE should check out the Andre the Giant video. They also have McMahon vs. Austin, which reviews their famous feud, and they also have a video on Triple H and Chyna..together. I was at Sam Goody yesterday, and they are loaded with tons of WWF videos. The WWF really has outdone themselves in the video department lately, as it's killing my cash flow!


-Ouch! Meltzer is saying that Gorgeous George is stuck in WCW till June of 2000. That truly has to hurt for the Macho Man, as rumor has it he might be signing with the WWF very soon. Basically, if George is stuck in WCW, I highly doubt that he'd leave her. So maybe now many Macho fans can hope that he comes back to WCW. If he does, it will be hard to accomplish anything big with Vince Russo in charge. Russo, remember, was the one who struck down the many ideas of bring the Macho Man in a while back while he was in the WWF.

-Russo had some interesting things to say on his interview with Wrestleline.com, as he stated that WCW will be very competitive with the WWF in 6 months. He also wondered what the fuss was about J.R.'s parody, as he said that Ed did it for WWF Heat a few months ago, and everyone including Jim Ross loved it! He also said that his contract is a two year contract, and if he's not satisfied with his current situation or if WCW lets him go, he'll retire. He said that he's through for life with the WWF, but he'll always be a fan. Interesting stuff.

-Yes, the woman that was with the Maestro on Nitro was indeed the woman formerly known as Ryan Shamrock. Why she is with that poor excuse for potential is a mystery. The Maestro will take it because he needs all the help he needs. He's a decent wrestler, but nothing exciting. Even if this doesn't work out for Ryan Shamrock, I'm sure Russo has many other ideas up his sleeve. I'm sure he has a whole list of things to do for this former stripper.

@That's it for today. I'll be back tomorrow with the usual Smackdown and Thunder gossip, as well as other goodies that keeps this column EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK. Thanks for reading, and just chill...till the next episode!

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