Welcome to the return edition of the Phat Daily Column. Where have I been? Well, for the past 2 days, I haven't been online due to work or whatever else. It's rather hard to write a column when you don't have the time to sit down for about an hour a day and type away. Plus, after finals for every quarter, my mind seems to suffer from some burn out from the realization that I don't have to worry about the classes I just worked hard for 10 weeks.

But maybe the days off were a good thing (quoting the badly misused [by the WWF] DDP). Why? If you look around the internet, everyone has an opinion on the new direction of the WWF, especially concerning Ric Flair. I've seen various ideas like reuniting the 4 Horsemen, what wrestlers should be on what sides, and many more theories. Therefore, by taking those two days off, I wouldn't have became another one of those people!

Instead, I'll just kindly sit back and see if the WWF is going to get their heads on straight. They have another opportunity to make some compelling storylines, just like they did with the WCW/ECW Invasion angle, and we'll see if the creative department, headed by egotistical McMahons, can make WWF wrestling the hot item it should be right now, especially with the incredible talent roster. So come on WWF, do what you feel is best to entertain us, and after this storyline really plays out, I'll insert my opinion to whether the WWF blew another opportunity or not.

Last night, I was fuming as I watched Smackdown on UPN. Not for what the WWF put on, but for UPN on AT&T Cable. For the past month, UPN's reception has been struggling in my area. Especially during Smackdown, where the reception is a bit fuzzy. This past week, it's become unbearable to withstand, as it blacked out my Enterprise (!!!) and it didn't fair well for Smackdown by blacking out every so often, with horrible sound and at times, black and white picture.

FINGER OF SHAME to AT&T Cable. You'd figure that when they raise your rates, or force you to get Digital Cable, they'd fix the reception for all of their stations. But nooooooooo. The top executives need their specially raises and their large expenses to be paid, like their new leather seating in their private jets, etc. Oh, and it will only get better if Time Warner/AOL somehow owns AT&T Cable, as they won't bother to fix problems when they raise rates. I can't wait to call AT&T this Monday.

And you know what? I can see why the WWF is saying to hell with DirecTV. These media providers deal with half-assed technology, while ripping you off for the cable stations you wish to see clearly on a regular basis.

I'll save my ranting for Smackdown, so on to the PDC! But before that, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there who celebrates it!


Opening segment was Ric Flair and Vince McMahon talking. Although it was nothing but talking, it did give the fans what they wanted: Ric Flair! His new involvement is what the fans or returning fans would tune into. Flair and Vince announced that there would be a tournament-like main event, where Angle would take on Austin and Rock would take on Jericho, with the winners fighting in a finals match for the REAL World Champion to be decided. Amazing thing is that the next WWF Pay Per View is just around the corner, for it's oddly on December 9th. Oh my, lots of time to hype the Royal Rumble.

In the match that was cut from RAW (thank God), Test took on Scotty 2 Hotty. Match was what you'd expect out of Test and 2 Hotty. I like how Michael Cole was pushing the idea on how Test may have been the MVP of the Alliance for his "huge" turn on the WWF. When will someone notice that Test draws NO money and that he's been on his knees for Shane McMahon a bit too long?

Well, it looks like Paisley or Sharmell Sullivan will be a new backstage interviewer for the WWF. Madusa's personal opinion of Sullivan was that she had the best chance, out of the then WCW valets, to become a full time wrestler, citing that she sort of had the "knack" for being a wrestler. We'll see how the WWF molds her, one day, into a wrestler. Maybe one day, she too can wrestle in a Gravy Bowl match! More on that later!

I heard the cries of a thousand Tazz marks after he was destroyed in yet another match. This time, he lost in a little over a minute to the Big Slow. Man, I could care less if the WWF is degrading Tazz, but why even waste a minute of precious WWF television time on someone dominating him? Why not just add that single minute to another match?

Next match was Kurt Angle versus The Undertaker, which Vince said was the Main Event in the interview that set this match up. Ooops, he forgot to say Main Event of the 1st hour. Oh that Vince McMahon, always making those logical errors. I bet, though, that many clicked off the WWF once they heard that this match was the "main event", since we've seen it many times. The match was the typical Angle vs. Undertaker match. Does anybody else find it funny that the Undertaker's matches either result in the Taker getting the clean win or having Disqualifications/No Contests to end a match?

William Regal came out, and then blamed Steve Austin for the humiliation from RAW. I wouldn't doubt that Vince McMahon was wearing a fake butt for Regal to kiss. Unless he covered his ass with sanitizer beforehand, I doubt he'd let anyone seriously kiss his ass or be breaching their contract. Especially William Regal, a man of integrity. However, I won't be inspecting the RAW footage closely to see if it was his real ass or not, thank you very much. Anyway, this segment served for the purpose of putting Austin over as a babyface, as the former Alliance members gang-attacked Austin. Afterward, the former Alliance members were greeted by Vince.

Our next match was the Gravy Bowl Match between Trish Stratus and Stacy Keibler for the WWF Women's title. Only in the WWF can you book a ridiculous match for a title. Not that I don't mind the usual cleavage and women rolling around, but this segment had Vince Russo painted all over it. By making a corny match like this, it only diminishes the overall goal of the WWF: make these valets into actual and credible wrestlers.

The WWF finally had Matt Hardy yell at Jeff Hardy for his mishap in the Cage Match at Survivor Series. The tension between the two brothers helped Lita to show us why she's a horrible actor... I mean, it helped to show anger towards the relationship and the eventual heel turn by Matt. The WWF better turn Matt soon, because I don't think LoP's own Turtle2Hug can wait any longer. She wants him so badly!

Edge vs. Christian was next, and Test ran down to keep the Test vs. Edge feud going. Their match at Survivor Series match was good, but what more can you get from Test? Speaking of Edge, the WWF did a good thing by airing an Edge segment with Creed's "My Sacrafice". The E vs. C match was decent, until TESTicles dragged himself into the ring and ruined it. Test?!? Ruin a match?!? Nooooo.......

The REAL main event was next, and we witnessed the Dudley Boyz against Rock/Rob Van Dam. Not a bad tag match, but the WWF proved why Stephanie is still in charge of the booking committee: they made the match a handicap one! Chris Jericho was added to the match. Not that I'm against it, because Jericho provides another fresh body to add more excitement, but the idea of handicap matches are well worn out. Nice and dirty win by Jericho/Dudley Boyz, as Jericho gave the Rock a ballshot and a Rock Bottom to get the 1, 2, 3 to piss off the Rock marks.

Smackdown Phat Stats
Matches: 6
Clean Wins: 4
Screwjobs: 0
Disqualifications: 1
No Contests: 1

LAST WORD: Here's a famous quote to consider for this show:

"The more things change, the more they remain the same"

While the WWF has a buzz about them from the Ric Flair storyline, the rest of the WWF is going through its same repetitive measures on their other storylines. Ric Flair's ownership is still very early in its stages, and it will be slowly built up over the weeks, but the remaining product could use some freshening up. I don't care to see Test getting hyped, Tazz being humiliated, handicap matches, and the Undertaker being the Undertaker on every single show. Shake things up a bit, and who knows, ratings could come without a new bigname face to spike the ratings. I'll give this show a


for a lack of quality in the rest of the show, besides the gradual Flair angle.

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@That's all for today. I will hopefully be back some time this weekend. This Monday, I hope to get cranking on the "special project", which will take several weeks to complete. Until the next PDC, just chill.....

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