On to part 2 of the Thanksgiving PDCs.... Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Before I go off for my first Thanksgiving fiest of the day, we must discuss WCW. I'd have to say that WCW is thankful that they remain alive, despite still losing millons in losses. Now that's a good point. Well anyway, let's discuss Thunder, various topics of WCW, and give a Phat 5 of the wrestlers. On to the PDC.


Oh God, what a bad show!

Let it be known that Taylor/Ace's power struggle is producing bad compromises on booking, thus we get lame ideas. Neither Ace nor Terry are allowed to take the ball and run with it, so to speak. Instead, they must "work together" until Vinnie Poo Russo makes his eventual return. The past few Nitros and Thunders have just been torture to sit through, at times, and anyone should be awarded a medal for watching the whole show.

The only few things that were decent was Jindrak/O'Haire trying to take down the mighty Meng(thank God they didn't lose), the Booker T and Scott Steiner segment where Scott was talking to Stevie Ray like a presidential debate, and the main event, althought it included Stasiak, had Diamond Dallas Page going over. That's it. The rest of the show should be flushed down the toilet or thrown in a prison cell and throw away the key!

What the hell was that Hardcore match? I've seen better "Sabu matches" than that, as the competitors (Mike Awesome, Crowbar, Reno, and Bam Bam) put on a tiring effort for a weapons filled "hardcore match". They'd hit each other, and then break. But then, they would mindlessly beat down an opponent at a very slow pace. The ending was even worse. Crowbar was powerbombed onto Reno on the outside(on a table), and basically hurt both wrestlers badly. Reno somehow DIDN'T take the brunt of that move, and was able to get the pin. Before that though, Bam Bam rammed Awesome in the table in the corner... well, let's say he attempted. What a joke there, as Bam Bam just grabbed Awesome and just fell on the table sideways. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Then, Scott Steiner was too busy taunting the crowd to actually put on a good match with Big Vito. Then, Big Vito steps things up, as after a good beatdown, Steiner somehow just whips Vito into the Steiner recliner. Horrible booking on this match.

Then, the Buff Bagwell/Cat vs. Shane Douglas/Jeff Jarrett was just ugly. You'd figure that all 4 of those wrestlers, after years in the business, would figure out how to put on a good match. But nooooo.... Jarrett got the pin on Buff here, which scares me to death cause Buff might win this Sunday. Damn it!

See, I keep watching these shows in hope of the bookers for both organizations to actually *try* to put on a good show.


Like I said... WCW is very thankful for staying alive. US attendance has really been hitting record lows, and the reported 2.6 for the first hour of Nitro has a few people backstage talking. It's still unknown if this company will be bought, but apparently, Time Warner must still enjoy losing money here.

Anybody take a close look at the Mayhem line up? God, it's horrible. It's like a stacked Thunder, so to speak, and that's bad. I have a feeling this buyrate could be the lowest in WCW's history, even worse than any of the Sullivan era PPVs.

Gee, Nitro is revealing a BRAND NEW set for the show. Yeah, remember when Bischoff's "new set" was supposed to give WCW a jump in the ratings? A new set is the last thing WCW should be thinking about buying when low on money.

WCW Phat 5

5. Diamond Dallas Page- Welcome back to WCW. Bang!

4. Bill Goldberg- Hopefully, this "streak" stuff ends for Goldberg to fight Steiner again at Starrcade.

3. Booker T- I like the new attitude, so how about a new finishing move to match it?

2. Lance Storm- When will he get a push to the top?

1. Jeff Jarrett- Anybody who is willing to work with Buff after main eventing should go here. His future matches with Flair should help boost interest, although the Double J vs. Flair matches in 1997 weren't spectacular.

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@That's it for today's second edition of the PDC. Be sure to check out the other edition, already up on the News area with the full No Mercy review. Enjoy your Thanksgiving, and don't stuff yourself too much. :)

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