Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. The Monday Night Wars continued last night, as I wonder how many fans jumped aboard WCW after their pay per view. Well, we'll see about later when the ratings come out, but of course, I have to review the shows in this column, so let's get on to it!

Monday Night Impressions


The opening interview with Bret Hart was very well put together, as the Outsiders came down to fire some comments, and then Jeff Jarrett nailed Hart with his guitar. Wow, Jeff Jarrett has Kid Rock music now.

I do NOT like the Disco gambling angle. It's stupid, and that Baldie that WCW got from ECW can't work with a camera for crap as he kept looking into the camera and then looking away when he was talking.

I love the idea to have Creative Control as champs! I don't know what it is, but I really like their gimmick. Good to see them champs after all of those years as being DOA, Jacob and Eli Blue, and probably a few others that I can't remember. Congrats!

Nice to see Fit Finley come back from what doctors thought would be an injury that nobody could come back from. He pounded that candyass of a Hardcore champion, who drank 2 day old milk the other night. Too bad the cut off the beating to show Shiavone and Heenan. Good producing there fellas. As the great Tyler Riggs said in his Nitro report, I really hope La Parka gets the next shot at the Hardcore title. He's the hardcore one in WCW.

Evan Karagias is a real good champion WCW, as you had Saturn tear him apart last night. What I really didn't like in that match was that Brad Armstrong came down acting like a hippy calling himself Buzzkill. Good God, the Road Dogg imitation has begun.

Oklahoma got a little old this week, as he's losing material to rip on Jim Ross. I really like Dr. Death and Vampiro feuding. That should be a very violent match with lots of stiff shots once they finally get in the ring one on one together.

Great technical wrestling match between Bret Hart and Jeff Jarrett. It was a long, good match, with good ol' Dustin Rhodes interfering. I didn't think WCW would give Jarrett the World Title just yet...

Eddy vs. Kidman was a good overall match, but I'm tired of seeing fighting over Torrie already. I'm not as tired of that as seeing the Filthy Animals fight the Revolution though.

Liz vs. Meng? Lex...oops, the Total Package cracks me up anymore, as he contractually made Liz fight Meng. Good thing Sting was there to the rescue...which leads me too...

Sting loses to Meng?!? Why? Why do you have your Franchise lose to a wrestler who gets pushed, dropped, and out of site for a while? Horrible, simply horrible.

I'd love to shave Lash's sideburns cause I hate seeing him point at them!

Funny stuff with Russo and Hacksaw as Russo bitched at Duggan for taking a dump in his private stall. I hope he enjoys brushing his teeth after Duggan used his toothbrush to clean the toilet where Russo had the runs. Is this wrestling?

Anything can happen anymore as a Nitro girl turned on another Nitro girl. Sky, the newest one, seemed to get along with Spice, but she turned on her during the cat fight. Spice even got a makeover for her troubles. Joy.

Oh no, not Roddy Piper. I was cheering when they killed his mic, cause I hate hearing that old man make his horrible jokes. Gee, WCW has been paying him big bucks for all this time and he finally shows up. Looks like his sorry ass will be a referee now. Good, cause he most certainly can't wrestle anymore.

I knew that Curt Hennig would turn or sell out when he came down during the Booker T vs. Buff match. Just had that feeling, as I knew his career wasn't finished. I don't know if this will work out for Hennig, unless he goes back to his evil ways of Mr. Perfect...maybe start stealing the WCW valets from wrestlers?

Asya looked pretty decent in the ring, but she's still a Chyna wannabe.

Alright, the Flag match sickened me. For one, this is the dumbest gimmick match that I've ever seen. Two, I'm starting to get tired of seeing Benoit and Malenko fight over and over again! Then, the whole point of Malenko was to burn both flags..now WTF?!? That's total garbage, and even hinting it is. I hope WCW gets some major criticism from somewhere about that. Very disrespectful to both countries, and a horrible way to get some cheap heat to the Revolution.

I knew Sid would be Goldberg's partner for the match against the Outsiders due to the fact that Sid didn't have any of his lame segments. Anyway, good overall match..with a clean win by the Outsiders. Now that's a main event. Very slow paced match up though.

NITRO Phat Stats

Matches: 14
Clean Wins: 7
Screwjobs: 1
Disqualifications: 1
No Contests: 5

Last Word: This Nitro was much weaker than last week's Nitro, as tonight they had to follow up their pay per view and start new angles. This show had its ups and downs, as there were parts that I liked, and parts that I could care less for as I stated above. I give this show a


for an overall decent show with a few things to work on. I predict it gets a 3.0 in the ratings coming off a pay per view.


Wow, no boring opening interview this week, as we were treated to a decent match between the Hollys vs. Mick and Al. Hollys get the win, and I was cracking up when Bob, or Hardcore was upset about the double pack of Jakks figures with himself and Al Snow were pulled from shelves. Classic stuff there.

Damn, those were some harsh words by Kurt Angle against Sexual Chocolate, as he ripped on Henry about his olympic career. Kurt Angle didn't do it by his mouth, as he defeated Henry in the ring also. Kurt Angle is sooo boring to watch.

Crazy stuff as Vince McMahon flipped out last night. He rammed DX's limo, bashed it in with a baseball bat, and he was trying to get into DX's lockerroom with the bat as well. Cops arrested him, but Triple H attacked him before the cops could take him off to jail. Vince would get the best of Triple H later..

Shame on Jericho using one of those hoes as a shield against Godfather. Like Jesse Ventura said on some of the Wrestlemanias with Miss Elizabeth..if they get in the way, why not use them?

Good tag match between the Dudley Boys and Edge/Christian. Brothers vs. Brothers. Good final move by Edge/Christian go get the win.

A few funny segments that caught my attention were the Rock ripping on Al Snow, and the Bridal showers with Mae Young acting stupid. Those were just priceless.

I like the feud between the rumored DX try outs, the Hardy Boys, and DX. I only wish X-Pac had a speedy partner to take on the Hardys to really show you a match of skills.

Way to build up Big Show WWF, as my attention was more towards Viscera and Kane, rather than your world champ. Oh yeah, he's sooo over.

Too Cool needs to start wrestling the Heat and Jakked circuit as they seemed to have no crowd interest. The only thing funny was dancing with Rakishi Fatu, who I might add, came down for no reason.

Good, yet quick match between Road Dogg and Test. It's a good win by Test, as he showed how he loves it Doggystyle in this match as well. Yecch!

I was almost upset when I thought that Rock and whoever vs. Bossman/Prince Albert was the main event. Maybe it would have gotten away with it, as the Rock and Sock connection reformed last night. RAW might be hurting on their over run, cause on the Tito's rolex it said 10:57 when they went to commercial before the main event, and that could confuse fans to think that the show ended already.

The Acolytes really pounded Triple H in the screwjob set up of a main event. Triple H took one hell of a bump. Great job there, with McMahon delivering the final punch.

RAW is WAR Phat Stats

Matches: 10
Clean Wins: 5
Screwjobs: 4
Disqualifications: 0
No Contest: 1

Last Word: Now this was a much better RAW than last week, with some decent match-ups this time around. The Vince McMahon segments were almost too hard not to watch, as you were compelled to watch all night. A good "sports entertainment" night, as RAW gets a


as well. They had a few segments that were weak, but this is their second rate show now. They will get a 6.1 rating in my opinion.

Other Wrestling Stuff

-ECW pulled a 0.9, which I do believe is the same number they had last week. Oh let me see here..what excuse could I use this week for ECW. Oh, there are no excuses!!! Something needs to be done to better promote this show. I think having commercials about the ECW show during the ECW show is retarded. What is TNN thinking when doing that? ECW could also promote the TNN show on their syndicated show, if they already don't(if they do, sorry, I don't see that show nor was I imformed). Something needs to be done to raise the ratings more than 0.9, because even shitty shows on Friday Nights get over 2s on the ratings.

-Shame on Terry Taylor, as he telling people in the back that the WWF was planning to turn Stone Cold before Wrestlemania to face the Rock. That's so dirty, but I guess he can now that it seems that Stone Cold MIGHT not be fighting at Wrestlemania. Still, it's just not write, as I'm sure the former Red Rooster will have No Chance in Hell of returning to the WWF is he desires. WCW better not let that idiot book or script anything, so that we don't see the horrible angles that he had in the WWF once Russo was gone.

@That's it for today. I'll be back with the usual Ratings Analysis, and the other goodies that keeps this column going 7 Days a Week. Hey, and I'm done with finals too..so no more school for me until January! So you will see a less stressful Tito, for what that's worth. :)

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