You're a mean one.....Mr. Tito. Ok, so I have the Grinch theme song stuck in my head!! Welcome to the Phat Daily Column. Today, we'll discuss the Monday Night ratings, which always tell a story. We'll see who went up, what went down, and what shouldn't have been placed on television. Now can you dig that? On to the PDC.

Monday Night Impressions


First Hour: 2.6
Second Hour: 2.0
Composite: 2.3
Composite last week: 2.5
Composite a Year Ago: 3.4


First Hour: 4.7
Second Hour: 5.3
Composite: 5.0
Composite last week: 5.0
Composite a Year Ago: 5.5


RAW: 4.7 Tito's prediction: 4.7
Nitro: 2.0 Tito's prediction: 2.0
Margin: 2.7

Weekend WWF Shows

Livewire: 1.1
Superstars: 1.1
Heat: 1.6(OUCH!!)

Both shows' combined effort was 7.0, as opposed to the 8.9 rating a year ago!

From the numbers you can see that the WWF remained the same, after a Pay Per View of all things, and that WCW actually declined in the ratings. Now I expected that with Nitro, but what gives with the WWF? Isn't this supposed to be a "HUGE" show after a Pay Per View??? I mean, the WWF is unchanged as last week, with their Pay Per View hype show getting the same rating as the Pay Per View aftermath edition of RAW. Very strange....

Nitro, on the other hand, had a poorly booked 2nd hour, which didn't help matters for their rating. Of course, this week, Nitro's first hour didn't fair well in the ratings, dropping below what they did last week, which was around 3.0. I didn't think it was one of the best booked Nitros to have against a Pay Per View show, as they should have stepped the show up since the WWF was in Cruise Control all night long.

The sad thing of this show was that Chris Benoit and Stone Cold's match only drew a 5.3 in the ratings! Now that's horrible, and I feel bad for Benoit because he'll get buried for this. It's not just the dying interest of Stone Cold is what the WWF will say, and put all blame on Benoit. Damn it! Then why don't they look at Stephanie's interview, which drew the lowest WWF rating of the night? If you are going to blame Benoit, you better blame the boss's daughter for putting on such a boring interview. Oh, but we can't do that... ALL McMahons are draws, right?

Weak booking of Storm/Duggan vs. Rection/Meng helped to bottom out WCW's second hour, as did the Goldberg segment and the main event of Booker T vs. Lex Luger. Gee, didn't I state that yesterday about Luger? Funny thing is that the Buff vs. Shane Douglas segment was the highest second hour rating, and that's very sad on all levels.

Strange stuff indeed. Livewire and Superstars got their average, BUT Sunday Night Heat dropped about a full point this week for a horrible rating of 1.6. That's sure to smooth over the relationship of the WWF and Viacom.... Oh, and you wanted to leave USA, huh? Of course, Heat leads into other Mtv shows, making Mtv's Sunday ratings higher than any other nights of their programming. So add the wrestling rating to the rating of added teeny-boppers coming in, and that's why Mtv is successful that night, and not the WWF. WWF was hoping to catch a new crowd there, but they are obviously turning away when Heat comes on.

Just look at the numbers of 1999 from this time last year. A combined 8.9 then crushes the 7.0 of today. However, that was when the "Russo Revolution" started in WCW, where Russo gave some life to WCW then, before it went downhill again with Russo in charge.

Eminem to be on WWF programming?

Rumors are flying everywhere, as ICP's favorite rapper could be heading to the WWF for probably some promotional crap. Eminem actually doesn't need the publicity from the WWF, since his albums sell like hotcakes no matter what he does! However, a little nudge from the WWF won't hurt, ask Kid Rock.

Of course, the fact remains that if he's on television, lots of parental groups, not only the PTC, will attack! I'd say that the WWF and Eminem are the two most hated things by parents, and by putting them together, the shit could hit the fan!

However, I don't really see Eminem really getting into his WWF appearance since he doesn't appear to be a WWF fan. At least with Kid Rock, the late Joe C.(may he rest in peace) was really into wrestling, and was even involved in a match. It's hard to say what Eminem could do, other than putting on a live performance.

With Eminem, he could prove himself to be about as bad as his enemies, ICP, of being involved with wrestling. We'll just have to wait until Eminem gets on WWF programming. I would have LOVED to have seen Eminem appear on WCW, that way 3 Count could jump him to start a cheap angle. :)


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