Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. We have a new WCW Heavyweight Champion of the world!!! Bret Hart finally got his last night, as he defeated Chris Benoit at Mayhem. Lots of odd occurrances happened last night, as Russo made yet another confusing pay per view. Well, anyway, lots of stuff to cover today, so on to the PDC!


-Bret Hart is your new champion folks, as he defeated Sting and Chris Benoit, who I feel are the two top WCW wrestlers, in one night! That's unreal in my books, and I want to congradulate Hart for finally getting the World title that he's been anxiously waiting to get. It took 2 long, stressful years where Hart was given horrible angles and the US title many times. Now, this world title run will probably be the only one he'll have in WCW, and probably his last run in wrestling. Great job Bret!

-Good God, Rick Steiner was out injured for this event, so Hall is now your television champ along with the US title. Scott Hall called on anyone to fight him, and Booker T accepted. I was shocked when my good friend Coolbeans predicted this in his column that he submitted for Phat Farm. Truly shocked. Booker T came up short on this affair, unfortunately, but at least the creative team knows that Booker is very talented and can work big matches, so expect more greatness from him in the future.

-Oh God, repetition happened at Mayhem, as Sid passed out in this match again!!! I don't think this would get Sid more 'over', but it would rather frustrate fans even more for no clear cut winner. I'm sure Goldberg isn't too happy about the ending either, as he hasn't truly pinned or made Sid submit yet. I know that Goldberg always wants his wins to be clear wins, but that's not his decision. What WCW will do with Sid is unknown, as I predict that he'll call on Goldberg one more time..maybe on Nitro tonight? This feud isn't over.

-Wow, lots of returns in the David Flair vs. Kimberly match, as DDP, Arn Anderson, and Chris Kanyon came back for this strange match. Poor Arn took a crowbar by Flair, who he was trying to protect. Oh well, it's good to see those 3 names come back to WCW. Especially Kanyon, who hasn't been wrestling in WCW in ages. He's been busting his ass for the WCW movie, but now he's back as I wonder what the creative team will do with him. I'd hope that he and Bam Bam get together to maybe spice up the tag division.

-Say goodbye to Curt Hennig, as he was defeated in the retirement match. Nah, he'll come back somehow. How could you let go of a man who's wrestling at his best in years? Lately, Hennig has truly stepped it up, and I can't see him walking away from the sport. I expect him to go to Creative Control for a re-entry into WCW, and he'll probably have to earn it by wrestling a few tough individuals. Should make for an interesting angle.

-Norman Smiley won the new Hardcore championship as I wonder who he'll fight next. Hopefully, he fights the chairman of WCW, the Skull Captain, or should I say La Parka. If you haven't seen Thunder for his performance there lately, he's hilarious. A Norman Smiley vs. La Parka feud for the hardcore championship would be classic and very entertaining to watch. That's just my opinion.

-Nitro should be very interesting tonight, as they don't have this tournament to focus on. I ensure you that lots of angles will start, as they are now building towards WCW's top pay per view, and that's Starrcade! Expect for maybe Bret Hart and Goldberg to start their feud up again, as I've heard many rumors that Goldberg is scripted to win the title there. I wonder what WCW will do with Duggan tonight? Also, expect more of the boring feud between the Filthy Animals and the Revolution to occur, as well as more T & A. So enjoy.


-Nothing new on Stone Cold's condition, as I expect some kind of announcement tonight on RAW. From what I hear, he's still undergoing tests, and he's NOT officially retired yet. Of course if he says he retires, it all could be a total work since that's the way wrestling is anymore. It's obviously really serious if they kept him out of the Survivor Series, as he's wrestled hurt many times before that. Of course, usually, he was wrestling with injured knees which you can put a brace on, and not a neck injury. No matter what, he'll come back in some shape or form.

-Wow, I haven't WWF Heat in a while now, and yesterday I had to do results on it, so I have some impressions to do here. I have to say that Rakishi Fatu looked very good in the ring. He put on some moves by past wrestlers, and his finisher looks really good. That man really put on some weight for this role, as he will no longer be making a difference. The whole Kaienti and the Acolytes feud was hilarious, as Farooq was cracking me up when he was ripping on Bradshaw for getting beat up by Taka and Funaki. Kaienti got theres in the end..oh damn! I was pissed to see D'Lo do the job to Devon. He lost in the same fashion that the Ultimate Warrior did to Rick Rude at Wrestlemania 5. I'll give it a C+ just because it had weak matches and lots of hype for other shows than what I was watching. To read my Heat results, Click Here.

-So what will happen on RAW tonight? From that damn RAW hype on Heat, I know that you can expect a big confrontation between Vince and Triple H. This will probably ice their match at Armageddon, which is going down December 12th. The WWF is doing the right thing by having Vince totally involved, especially since Stone Cold is gone. Vince on television equals ratings. Nuff said there. I bet the match between Big Show and Bossman for Armageddon will be announced tonight, as well as Bossman doing something else to add more heat to the match. Hopefully, he doesn't drag in a casket, cause I'll gladly change the channel if that happens. Also, there should be lots of involvement with Test and Stephanie as their wedding is next Monday!!

@That's it for today. Enjoy your Monday night shows, just like I'll enjoy the finals that I have to take today. Joy! I want to take a moment right now and thank everyone who has sent in a column for the opening Phat Farm. I've read them all throughout the course of the weekend, and I'm glad to see that many people want it. What I'm really looking for are unique and original columns. I'm not looking for new/predictions or impressions from shows for columns. I want new ideas with great themes in the columns. Something never before seen on the net, as I've read many columns on the net. I want to be shocked, surprised, and amazed when I read your column if you send it in for the Phat Farm. That's what I'm looking for...

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