Finally, the Tito, is done with School.....until January. It's been a rough quarter for me, especially since I've been totally burnt out for the last several weeks. However, now I'm totally off from school, and the only thing I have to do now is writing this very column. Damn I hate school. :)

Oh yeah, before we begin, let me say that I was able to play a *little* of No Mercy yesterday. Now I only played about half of a match, therefore, I can't give a full review since I didn't check out all of the options and features, along with playing many matches. However, I'm very impressed with the graphics upgrade of the game, and for the fact that the wrestlers seem larger. Since I'm a die-hard Wrestlemania 2000 player, I sort of noticed that it's not as fast as the other THQ games. But I don't know? I'll try to find some dollars here or there to buy it and/or find somewhere to play it to give a full review. Or I could rent it now?

Since school is now over, I'm at home. Yes, that's where the evil Compaq is, which has crashed on me many times. However, the Gateway that Ohio University provides is just as bad, if not worse since the problems with the Novell software are F'N annoying! Also since I'm home, I have access to all of my old tapes(thank God), and to many video rental or video sales stores. Hopefully, that will mean more media reviews, which I haven't had in quite some time. (Sorry)

Without any more introduction, let's Get Rowdy....NOOOO! That would lead to a non-popping crowd. On to the PDC.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Eating donuts at Tim Hortons doesn't exactly make you Canadian"
-Scott Hudson, Nitro last night when Madden called himself Canadian

Thanks to.....

whoever held up this very sign at Nitro. It's greatly appreciated as always. This was #49 for me...getting close to the golden number of 50....


WCW Rule #381: NEVER book Lex Luger in a Main Event match!

Wow, nobody seems to follow that rule. Dusty Rhodes didn't quite understand it in 1988 or 1991, and neither did Vince McMahon in 1993, but now this is the year 2000, with Luger way beyond his prime(if you call it that), and he faces Booker T for the Title at the main event on Nitro. I guess it was "necessary" since Luger will be facing Goldberg, and Booker T would be facing Steiner, but think about it... Lex Luger has NEVER been a draw in wrestling, so why have him in the main event? The ending of that match wasn't exactly spectacular either, with WCW trying to create controversy between Booker T and Goldberg.

See, I like this stuff with Diamond Dallas Page and Kevin Nash, as the whole NBT-Nash feud is one of the more interesting ones in WCW. However, at what expense does this angle come? Jindrak/O'Haire has just been buried. The stupid title change in Germany totally wrecked them anyway, and then sending in a horrible tag partner for Wright and the Perfect Event of all teams to win the titles. Why couldn't Jindrak/O'Haire get a rematch? Now, DDP and Nash will most likely win them, and probably won't ever lose them. Argh!!

Horrible, horrible match with Duggan/Storm vs. Rection/Meng. I was getting sick to my stomach seeing Lance Storm sell their offense. Didn't Storm just get a shot at Booker T on Thunder?

I enjoyed the stuff with Kwee Wee and Mike Sanders getting squashed by Bill Goldberg. That air-spear by Goldberg was just spectacular. You know, Goldberg has his share of impacting ways to use that spear. Then, Flair pulled a fast one on Sanders, allowing him to get squashed too. I guess that's two more for Goldberg's streak that seems to be much slower than the first "streak".

God, I can't believe Buff Bagwell is actually getting a push here. For one, he's wrestled the same damn match since 1996, with the same attitude as well. Two, you never know when he'll strike a WCW employee again. The sad thing is that WCW has so many other guys who should be way ahead of Bagwell, but yet WCW insists on pushing a guy who was "over" in 1997. Remember WCW, this is the year 2000, so why not welcome yourself to this year already.

Nitro Phat Stats

Matches: 7
Clean Wins: 5
Screwjobs: 2
Disqualifications: 0
No Contests: 0

Last Word: Not a great Nitro, but not a bad one either. It seems that just about every angle with the Natural Born Thrillers was fun(besides the Perfect Event winning the titles), but the rest of the show just dragged. Especially that Duggan/Storm vs. Rection/Meng match, ugh. I guess this is WCW's typical bad show to hype the PPV, as the WWF had theirs last week. I'll give it a


for an average, but nothing standing out, kind of show. I predict a 2.0 for the second hour, because WCW broke rule #381, and that is DO NOT put Lex Luger in the Main Event!


Bravo! Bravo!!! Nothing but major props to the WWF last night for the awesome Chris Benoit vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin match! I never thought I'd see the day where they'd actually fight, but it happened, and like Rock and Triple H, Benoit brought out the best in Austin, helping him to show signs of the old Stone Cold we all remembered who could wrestle a good match without injury. Stone Cold even took some punishment to the neck, which I was surprised at. However, why didn't Stone Cold take any knife-edge chops? As for the outcome...who cares! This is Benoit's first match with Austin, who the WWF has in position now to be the top guy, so it's ok to lose. My only gripe with Benoit is that he's lost the last 6 or 7 matches in a row against the Rock, and a few of those being PPV matches.

The show started up with Stephanie coming out to address Stone Cold about her "injured" husband Triple H. Gee, Triple H said that he used the McMahon family, but now Stephanie is there with him again? What about Kurt Angle, eh Stephanie? Austin would later come down and end the interview, thank God.

RTC retains the Tag Titles. When will Vince get the *hint* that Bull Buchanan, Val Venis, and the Goodfather are 3 wastes of television time, and by putting them together, it makes it unfortunate for teams like the Dudleys or Hardys to work with? I guess this is what you get for being in Cruise Control, eh?

Decent tag match with Rock/Jericho vs. Kane/Rikishi, although the Rock should be dead by now. When a 400 pounder nails you with a jackhammer on a Monday, flattens you on a Tuesday, and then flattens you on a Sunday, I don't really think you should be able to move a muscle. But hey, this IS the WWF, where Triple H doesn't even break any bones from being dropped in that car last night. So what the fuck did he injure then to be out of action?

Wow, when will the WWF notice that K-Kwick and Road Dogg's entrance doesn't get a pop? If you taped it, watch the crowd during their singing....NOBODY IS GETTING ROWDY!!!!! Even worse, the untalented Billy Gunn led his team to victory! Oh by the way, Eddie Guerrero has talent, you know?

I liked the women's match, with Ivory and Mona Molly Holly. I suppose the dress was bothering Ivory too much, eh? This match proved why Mona was a great buy, because she can actually "wrassle", unlike Lita who can only hit spots.

Undertaker managed to not only make the World Champion, Kurt Angle, look bad, but the top heel team Edge/Christian look bad too! I guess the crowd in the arena was loving it, so what does it matter?

RAW Phat Stats

Matches: 7
Clean Wins: 5
Screwjobs: 1
Disqualifications: 1
No Contests: 0
Number of immortal stars: 2(Benoit and Triple H)

Last Word: All I can say is Thank God for Chris Benoit, because the match he carried with Stone Cold was the only great thing on this show. Oh by the way, the same guy who just carried Austin to a great match, is the same guy you are depushing.


because the Benoit-Austin match was that good, and that moves the grade up a notch. I predict a 4.7 in the first hour.


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