Welcome back to the ONE and Only Phat Daily Column! Oh my God, did I get hammered with e-mails yesterday! That's what I get for having a 'now hiring' sign on the newly opened Phat Farm. Anyway, tonight is the lovely WCW Mayhem, and botch up the predictions for it as well. I'm rather strapped for time these days, as the million Phat Farm applications and studying for finals, along with working might make today's column a bit short..but who knows. On to it!


-Whoa. From a few houseshow reports that I've recieved, I've seen that Ric Flair has returned to WCW...well, at least to do a house show. He fought, and lost to Bret Hart in a hard fought match which took place up north from me in Cleveland. It's hard to say what the new Creative team has in store for Flair, as they have said that they will keep him off of television for a while..maybe to find something new for the Nature Boy to do. I'm sure Ric is very proud of the way his son seems to be getting over in his psycho role. Yeah, I would be too cause David Flair looks much better when he doesn't wrestle!

WCW Mayhem Predictions

=Scott Hall vs. Rick Steiner. I really see Sid helping Scott Hall in this one, as he'll keep his attack against Steiner from Monday. Plus..how can you give a loser like Rick Steiner a title? Scott Hall is so damn over it's ridiculous! Maybe some Nash interference as well? Winner: Scott Hall

=Total Package vs. Meng. The new creative team have revitalized the career or Luger, as it seems, and Meng will put him over to continue this. Winner: Total Package...ah hell with it, Lex Luger!!

=Evan Karagias vs. Disco Inferno. I'll go with Disco just for the fact that Karagias, from what I've heard, is supposed to take a few months off to lay low...only to return as a part of "Three Count" which is the angle where he would be in a boy group like the Backstreet Boys. I expect Disco to get jumped by the man he owes money to at the end..but he'll have money when he wins! Winner: Disco Inferno

=Perry Saturn, Dean Malenko, and Asya vs. Torrie Wilson, Billy Kidman, and Eddy Guererro. I expect a total screwjob in this match to somehow give Wilson, Kidman, and Guererro the win. Just a feeling I guess. Winners: Wilson, Kidman, and Guererro. If I'm wrong here, it could be the rumor of Guererro leaving the group...

=David Flair vs. Kimberly Page. I fully expect the return of DDP for this one, as he'll nail David with a Diamond Cutter to allow Kimberly to get the win. Nice embarassment there if it happens. Winner: Kimberly

=Berlyn vs. Vampiro. The problems of Nitro will carry over in this one between Berlyn and the Wall, and Vampiro will take advantage of it. I think. Winner: Vampiro

=Hardcore championship match between Norman Smiley. Norman will somehow pull the win like he usually do. Nuff said. Winner: Norman Smiley

=Career vs. Career match between Curt Hennig and Buff Bagwell. Who says they can't have a double DQ, or a double count-out to really mess with the creative control. Winner: No Contest for this one....as maybe the Creative Control might attack both to screw both wrestlers.

=Sid vs. Goldberg in an "I Quit" match. Can you say interference by Rick Steiner for this one? That's my opinion, but you never know if a shocker, like having Sid actually win against Goldberg, would happen. Winner: da man, Bill Goldberg

WCW World Title Tournament

=Sting vs. Bret. Unfortunately, WCW will crown a brand new champ..and Sting was the last champ. So if that doesn't sum it up, I don't know what will. Plus, Bret Hart in a title match at a November pay per view causes thoughts of a controversy. Winner: Bret Hart

=Jeff Jarrett vs. Chris Benoit. Creative Control will probably screw with this match, and unfortunately not giving the hardest working man in the business, Chris Benoit, a shot in front of his home country in Toronto. But that sets the stage for a heel vs. Canadian match in the finals! Winner: Jeff Jarrett

=Bret Hart vs. Jeff Jarrett. Some kind of screwjob will be attempted here in this match, but it will seem to backfire and finally give Bret Hart the WCW World Title that he's dreamed of getting. Winner and NEW WCW Champ: Bret "the Hitman" Hart

@Good God, there's nothing that comes for the WWF or ECW. I just wanted to thank those who sent in applications for the Phat Farm. Many columns that were sent to me weren't what I was looking for, as I've so far only added one column to the Phat Farm. I want original columns with creative ideas. Something that's interesting to read, and not something that you see everywhere else you go. Columns with good organization, and very easy to read. I added Ups and Downs to Phat Farm yesterday, as it was a well written column with great organization and originality. Well anyway, I'll see you tomorrow with yet another installment of the Phat Daily Column.

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