Smell the ratings!!! After Survivor Series, both federations will be aiming to please wrestling fans, worldwide, with their lovely Monday Night Shows. Welcome to the Phat Daily Column. Will WCW step it up to *try* to steal ratings away from the WWF? Or will the WWF's Survivor Series momentum carry on? We'll find out when the ratings come out, but for now, let's hype the shows! On to the PDC!


-Nitro Hype-

Well, it looks like Sting will be out for a few months to possibly get neck surgery(??) or whatever injury is affecting him, since WCW is promising a FULL MEDICAL REPORT tonight on Nitro. I guess the winner at Mayhem is now uncertain since Sting will be out of the storylines for a while to get medical attention. So... that means that Scott Steiner could win it (which he should). Of course, WCW might want to push this new "bad attitude" more?

Well, is claiming that Disqo was Alex Wright's teammate, and NOT General Rection(get it?). Yeah, how nice of Rection to win the straps without being recognized as the champ. But hey, this IS WCW we are talking about. How about being a doll, WCW, and giving the titles to the only worthy tag team in WCW, Jindrak and O'Haire. Of course, this is WCW, the land where horrible and overrated wrestlers, despite crowd cheers, are champions.

Kevin Nash is said to be calling on an "old friend", who, thanks to World Wide, it's gonna be Diamond Dallas Page. Nice surprise by blowing it. Oh well, I guess DDP should convince Nash to be Vinnie Vegas to relive some horrible, horrible times. I still can't believe that WCW didn't see any potential in Nash back then. Of course, it paid off to purchase Nash back in 1996, to form the NWO...but look at Nash now, all washed up.

Ric Flair will be on Nitro to counter Mike Sander's evil doings.... argh, I can't wait until Flair is cleared to wrestle! This talking stuff is just so boring to watch.

Our matches......

Booker T vs. Lex Luger: Gee, I wonder how pissed many younger WCW wrestlers are that Luger is getting this spot. He was a former World Champ you know, and he STILL wrestles the same as he did back in 1988. Booker T wrestles different than he used to, but only like the Rock now! Ugh!

Kwee Wee and Meng vs. Jim Duggan and Elix Skipper: Smell the ratings! Speaking of Kwee Wee, has a really stupid dedication now on their site. I think their webmasters were very high when creating it, no doubt. It's booking like this which makes me want to watch the Faulk-less Rams destroy the overpaid Redskins or at least Monday Night RAW. If you get off on seeing this match booked, you have serious issues.

Buff Bagwell vs. Shane Douglas: Give the Franchise a clean win, continue his heel run, and send Buff home already.

Ying Yang vs. Jaime Noble: Impressive bout will most likely happen, but the bookers won't care in the long run, nor will the fans. What a shame!

We can expect more from Battledome, as they try to "rub" ratings from WCW. Gee, WCW isn't really benefitting from this Battledome invasion, now are they?

Plus.... Bill Goldberg will probably squash someone, as I'm praying that it won't be any good potential stars. Also, Jeff Jarrett will return, to probably screw Buff out of his match with Shane. And much much more to steal ratings away. Remember, Nitro has been on a steady increase since they bottomed out with a 1.8 rating in one second hour. Go Nitro!


-Survivor Series-

No titles changed hands..... sort of a thank God for me, since I had a bad feeling Kurt Angle would lose his title. Phew! Of course, I wish the Tag Titles would have been involved in the actual Survivor Series match, but Vince McMahon must get off by playing his games with the PTC.

I went a good 5-2, excluding the Regal vs. Holly match, which didn't have, and of course, the Triple H vs. Austin match. I suppose Triple H will take some deserved time off, or will he too become superman?

Glad to see that Kurt Angle got the win, but I wonder who that guy was? Word I'm getting is that it might be Eric Angle, Kurt Angle's real life brother? Kurt did say that Eric was much better than he is, so it could be safe to say it's him?

Rock won his match, but got attacked by Rikishi. See, the half-assed booking couldn't let Rikishi get the win over the Rock...oh no! There will be a painful rematch that will make me want to watch Wrestlemania 13 instead to see Rocky Maivia vs. the Sultan.

-RAW Hype-

It's highly likely that both the Rock and Triple H will be at RAW tonight, because they are superheroes, remember? Nothing was accomplished, so I guess we'll see this same exact line up at the next pay per view, and this RAW tonight will be the same as the past few nights of RAW. Yipee.

Welcome to WWF 1993.



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