Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. We have the Monday Night shows which I'm counting on to generate some news due to the past slow news week. Nitro has some good singles action tonight due to their tournament, and I'm sure RAW will have a few tricks up their sleeve to counter Nitro's growth. On to the PDC.


-This week's Nitro, like I stated above, will have lots of good singles action. I'm interested in the Scott Hall and Sid Vicious match. Those two have gone at it in the WWF a slight few times, and they worked pretty well together. Of course, that was then, and this is now with Scott Hall coming back from that long time off and Sid isn't what he used to be. However, I have seen some slight improvement with Sid. I hope he keeps it up because he needs to stay in a federation for a while. I just hope he doesn't disappear again if WCW asks him to do the job to someone.

-Lots of reports are saying that there is a ton of "sucking up" to the new WCW creative team. Before, certain wrestlers would suck up to Eric Bischoff, and therefore in return, get the push that they want. Nowadays, they try it with Russo and the creative team, and it just doesn't seem to work. The only suck up that I've heard that is working is Kevin Nash, and he was good friends with Russo in the WWF. Other than that, the others will fail if they try to be too nice to the new creative team.

-I just like how many are already jumping on the bandwagon and saying how the new WCW movie is going to suck. Of course, it could be a smash hit in the Box office, and they would then praise the movie. But anyway, it could be a great production because many WCW wrestlers are busting their asses for it. Kanyon especially is really working for this. DDP has worked hard on it for the past few weeks, and Goldberg is there this week to work on the movie....so he's not at Nitro tonight. :(


-Well, the WWF continues to take Hart brother in laws, as they finally signed the Anvil to a contract according to Kirk Huffman. I guess they just want to make the Hart family more pissed at them. Now watch, he, along with Bulldog will reform the Hart foundation to really rub salt into the Hart family's wounds. I wonder how Thanksgiving dinner will be for the Hart family, now that two of the Hart daughters' husbands now work for the much hated WWF. It won't be pretty.

-What on earth will happen on RAW tonight? I expect some antics by Degeneration X, since RAW is more of the adult show. I think they will do something in order to get a laugh or some major heat with another wrestler. You could probably expect them do pull something on the Rock and Stone Cold to get some more heat for Survivor Series. Also, expect Kane to be all fired up tonight, and X-Pac better watch himself. I have a feeling that a title could change hands tonight like the tag titles or even the European title. Something should happen because it's easy to see that WCW is climbing again.

-There is lots of speculation to who will be lucky to have Debra as their manager. The WWF wants her to put a heel that needs some heat over. No matter who she sides with, it will be hard, at least for me, at first since she fit so well with Jarrett back in the day. Some say she'll eventually side with her man, Stone Cold, but that won't happen as the WWF hates to put real life couples together. Heck, they even break the real life couples up, like Triple H and Chyna.


-Oh my, Dawn Marie almost got seriously hurt at the TNN tapings Saturday, as she took an Acid Drop by Spike Dudley. Her legs buckled when he was coming off the ropes, and all of Spike's 155 pound body came crashing down on her. Luckily, she was ok afterwards(Scherer). But this raises a point on violence on women in ECW. Throughout my years watching ECW, even before shitty WB 22 took ECW off the air for me, I've seen some violent shots at women. No, they didn't just slap women in the figure four, they'd brutally attack them. I've seen them get piledrivers, death valley drivers, hard clotheslines, and many other hard moves they shouldn't be taking. Hopefully, this incident shows how fragile a woman can be when taking a hard move that they normally don't get put on them everyday.

@That's it for today. Enjoy the Monday Night shows, as I'll be back with the Monday Night Impressions and probably a music review of WWF: The Music Volume 4. So until then, just chill, and I'll think of my great days as the intercontinental champ.

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