Welcome to yet another late edition of the Phat Daily Column. Hey, I'm able to sleep in, so I'm gonna milk it. Plus, I'm pretty much burnt out from this past quarter, which finally ends Monday afternoon. Too many nights of hard studying and less sleep have kicked my ass. Hopefully, I'll get my mindset back sometime soon. Today, we'll discuss random topics and attempt to predict the Survivor Series. By the way, I'm red hot on the WWF shows, so I'll try to keep my good streak alive today. On to the PDC.

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Random Stuff

Nice of America One to show the same ECW Hardcore TV as the one I saw 2 weeks ago. Yeah, real nice. Either ECW didn't send them an updated show, or America One dropped the ball. Whatever the case maybe, a Finger of Shame goes out to whoever is responsible.

Speaking of Fingers of Shame, one goes out to WCW for crowning General Rection and Alex Wright the World Tag champs, by having them defeat Jindrak/O'Haire in Germany. It was supposed to be the Boogie Knights, but Disco was hurt earlier in the night. So instead of maybe letting Jindrak/O'Haire lose to the Boogie Knights at a later date, WCW threw in General Rection to help Wright win the titles. Bah! Now I know that Alex Wright is German, and it's nice to have the hometown boy win the titles in front of that audience, but come on....

What will that do in the States here, where the majority of WCW stuff is shown? Nothing. Alex Wright was only over once in his career, and that's when he turned heel as a pretty boy dancer. However, that was during 1997, when WCW couldn't go wrong! They could have brought back the Black Scorpion that year, and it would still be loved! Then, you tag him up with General Rection....who has NEVER been over at WCW in his life. Hugh Morris was overhyped and never got over...same with General Rection. These two are the most overrated wrestlers in WCW right now, and just because they've been in the company since 1994-1995, they still have television time.

So when they come back, who will cheer for them? NOBODY. It's much better to have a young, high-flying team of Jindrak/O'Haire as champs than these two jokes in WCW. Jindrak/O'Haire are praised for their powerful moves, highflying ability, and in many cases, they are considered the best tag team in wrestling... yes, over Edge/Christina, yes, over Hardy Boys, and yes, over the Dudley Boys by many. Then, many marks will say "oh, they don't draw crowds". Yeah, I'd like to see the Hardys draw a crowd with a surrounding federation that's a joke.

I've caught Jakked and Superstars this week to get myself caught up on what I missed on Smackdown. Damn, that Chris Benoit vs. the Rock looked good. I was surprised when the Rock whipped out a Dragon screw legsweep into a Sharpshooter. That made my jaw drop! I didn't think the Rock had any other moves besides the spinebuster, elbow, Rock-bottom, DDT, and the right hand. Oh yeah, he also slapped Benoit in the Crossface, which makes Sid's version look good!

Then, Rikishi came down to attack the Rock. Big Deal. The WWF has soo screwed up Rikishi's career by turning him heel. They could have done it right, but noooo... they tried to play the race card, and they had Stone Cold destroy him already. Hehe, Rikishi should have said "I want to fight you because you beat my ass as the Sultan in 1997". I would have cheered him then.

Here at the University, I found my edition of PWI 500 under a stack of papers, and I decided to look through it again. Booker T #61????? Justin Credible #6????? Whoever writes PWI has totally lost it.

If you read Calvin's report earlier, you'll see that WCW is thinking about changing their name. Want to know why? Well, the "C" in the middle helps to make funny jokes about WCW, like for example:
We Can't Wrestle
Wheel Chair Wrestling
World's Crappiest Wrestling

And so forth.... I bet it will have an "X" in its name, you just watch!

I'm actually glad that Jesse Ventura will be a commentator for the XFL, because that will give me a reason to at least tune in every once in while. By the way, the 6th Day, which I suppose is in the future, was reported to have the XFL as a success in the movie. Right..... I guess that's the "deal" the WWF struck with Arnold when he appeared for his horrible movie "End of Days". By the way, if you Click Here, then you'll learn why the XFL will be a complete failure.

Survivor Series Predictions

Gee, this is my final day to enjoy the Shockwave before I return to the modem at home. So sad....

Crash Holly, Molly "I used to be Mona" Holly, and Steve Blackman vs. T&A and Test & Albert
If you didn't catch that joke, lord help you. Hey, I bet if Vince Russo was still writing for the WWF, there would be an incest angle with Crash and Molly Holly. This match has STUPID written all over it, and I'll flip a coin to move on here.
Tito's Pick: T&A with Silicon Power!

Hardy Boyz and the Dudley Boyz vs. RTC and Edge/Christian
Nothing like good opponents to make the RTC actually look decent. I'm glad they brought back a Survivor Series type match, although this will be very quick. I have Survivor Series 1991 at home, and it has 3 matches! 2 of them were super-long Survivor Series matches, which each took an hour, and the final match, of course, was Hogan vs. the Undertaker, which is a personal favorite of mine. :) Oh yeah, I'm supposed to pick a winner...
Tito's Pick: Hardys and Dudleys

Radicalz vs. Deformation X
Radicals have jobbed to death lately, and it's only fair to give them the win here to actually make them good for once. Too bad Eddie and Benoit can't get pushed higher, but I guess the two halves of Hogan, Rock and Austin, won't allow them to shine.
Tito's Pick: the Radicalz

Women's Title: Ivory vs. Lita
WWF seems to be high on this new evil School teacher look to Ivory, as I am, so I think they'll keep the title on her for a high quality rematch at another time. Plus, Lita is part of the Hardy Boyz, and they aren't allowed to have World Titles for a while, so why should she?
Tito's Pick: Ivory

Chris Jericho vs. Kane
Kane's job is to job, therefore Jericho wins. Of course, this big win for Jericho won't amount to shit since Austin and the Rock CONTROL EVERYTHING.
Tito's Pick: Chris Jericho

Rock vs. Rikishi
Rock NEVER loses unless it's to Triple H on Pay Per Views....with the exception of Kurt Angle's win, thank God, last month or whatever. NEVER bet on the Rock, which is the exact theory with Hogan on a Pay Per View.
Tito's Pick: Rocky

World Title: Undertaker vs. Kurt Angle
I have a feeling that the WWF wants the World Title for the man who has been in the WWF since late 1990, but then again, why would they crap on their champ again? Because it's Kurt Angle, who can't possibly look better than Rock or Austin. Since the 'Taker defeated Angle on RAW during that 6 man joke of a match, Angle will get the win here. For this whole storyline, I was hoping that Angle would throw food on the Undertaker's bike like he did last time. Damn it!
Tito's Pick: Kurt Angle

Triple H vs. Steve Austin
No such thing as Austin jobbing to Triple H, PLUS, we still need a Survivor Series screwjob, right? I predict that Vince McMahon will come down to screw Triple H for using him this whole time. Plus, the Game is injured, and only time off heals that.
Tito's Pick: Stunning Steve Austin

@That's all for today. I'll be back tomorrow with some stuff from Survivor Series and the wonderful Monday Night Hype. Just chill......

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