Welcome back to yet another Phat Daily Column. I hope everybody enjoyed their lovely Thursday Night shows, as each federations keep giving us many hours of wrestling to watch. We have Mayhem coming up Sunday, as I will have the predictions for all of those matches Sunday Morning. Well, anyway, on to the Friday's edition of the PDC.


-Ok, once again ECW has their show on TNN, tonight at 8 pm Eastern. This is the week they usually get above One in the ratings. Next week, they will drop below One. Argh! Anyway, I've seen lots of publicity and interest in ECW's video game coming up by Acclaim. This is easily what ECW needs, as Acclaim can help them promote their TNN show. Something, or anything is needed for the TNN show to drastically improve. I don't care if it's on a Friday..it's getting the same ratings as it first started! You'd figure it would grow slowly instead of jumping back and forth like it does. Ah, heck with it. Just watch the show!


-WWF the Music Volume 4 has dropped to #17 this week on the Billboard Charts this week, as maybe the WCW Mayhem debut might have got to it? Nah, I'd doubt that since there is so many new cds coming out lately. It's still selling well from what I hear, it's just that the WWF is in a tougher competition this time around in the music industry. Hell, it debuted at #4..so what more could you ask for?

-The recent WWF wrestler biographies have been drawing pretty good ratings for A & E lately, as I'm sure the WWF is happy about the Stone Cold and Mick Foley ones. The Owen Hart and especially the Andre the Giant Biographies are priceless, and the others are good too. Of course, Ventura is a former WWF wrestler, but I'd associate his fame more with the WWF than WCW to save myself from those e-mails. Many readers are asking why that WCW doesn't have Biographies on A & E. This one is simple. None of the wrestlers have had one made about themselves.

-I hope everyone enjoyed the repeat main event of Rock vs. Bossman on Smackdown. Speaking of Bossman, I was watching Wrestlemania 5 earlier, and man has he lost a ton of weight. Anyway, Bossman is in back-to-back main events. Is that humanly possible? I guess the WWF feels he got the heat needed in the Big Show angle. It could be the fact that WWF could be trying hard to find new heel main eventers. Whatever the case maybe, it's my opinion that Bossman shouldn't be in the main events. Sure, he's a hardworker, but he lacks the charisma that a main eventer has. He's perfect for up and risers to beat to become main eventers, but not someone for the top man of the WWF, the Rock, to job to. Kudos to the Rock last week for laying down for the Bossman by the way. That's something that Stone Cold would have never done. He's the true champion of the WWF.


-Look for Ed Ferarra to continue as "Oklahoma", or the Jim Ross impersonation. Do you think the powers that be would allow his cheapshots at the WWF and Jim Ross? Oh wait, he is a part of the powers that be, so we can expect him for many weeks to come. It seems 50/50 on the approval of Ferarra's segment by readers on the net, as I was laughing at his commentary, but I didn't like how he acted like he had Jim Ross's ailment, Bells Pallsy or however it's spelled. It should be interesting to see if Jim Ross fires back in his "Ross Report" when it gets posted usually around 5 pm Eastern later today.

-The new creative team have at least boosted attendence numbers, as shown in Calvin's post earlier. From what I've seen, the Nitro crowds are more pumped up than ever, as before you could see a main event without any crowd reactions. I'm sure that's something for Time Warner and Bill Busch to be proud of. Ratings don't mean crap when you don't have your live shows doing good, and WCW seems to be back on track on those.

-Yet another rumor killer for those who don't know. Hulk Hogan is NOT going to be the driver of the car that hit Stone Cold in the WWF. He's still a part of WCW, as he has said so himself, and Russo said so himself. All of this is a work, and I'm sure Hogan and Russo are laughing how some people post news about how he's going to the WWF to be the car driver. Give it up!! I'll say it again for those how don't have the luxury or Hooked on Phonics. Hulk Hogan is NOT going to the WWF to be the car driver that hit Austin. Understand yet? I certainly hope so.

@That's all for today. I'll be back tomorrow, as I keep on posting throughout the weekend..unlike others. Well anyway, thanks for reading, and chill till the next episode.

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