Welcome back to the ONE and ONLY Phat Daily Column. Well, we get to experience Thursday Night Wars, only this time it's the WWF's top show vs. WCW's second rate show. Lots of interesting views are going around about what happened on the Monday Night shows. I guess that means that the Monday Night Wars are really heating up this time around, and that the gloves will come off every night from now on. Anyway, on to the PDC.


-No word yet if the WWF will fire any shots back at WCW for their personal shots Monday. It seems right now that the WWF is taking the silent approach, by not getting them back for their recent cheap shots. It seems to be working as WCW ripped on the WWF good, but the viewers didn't catch on. The WWF happened to jump back to the Sixes this week, as they haven't made it there in 3 weeks. I think this approach will help the WWF in the long run, as by having the WWF take shots back would only show that WCW is frustrating them. It's kinda like the morons who try to bash me in their columns. You won't see me make any reference back at them in this column. WWF probably feels that it's a waste of time to even bother bashing them back. We'll see what Ross has to say tomorrow in the Ross report about Ed Ferarra's impersonation.

-If the Smackdown spoilers going around, it looks to be the same line set up as RAW, but with a few tag wrestlers, who were absent from Monday, tagging along. This show looks to be suffering from the lack of Stone Cold as well, and if the spoilers are correct, some repetition has been used. But of course, like KFC chicken, the WWF is addicting to many fans, as it was proved Monday. I applaud the WWF for having such loyal fans, and I applaud the loyal WWF fans as well for sticking with the WWF so far.

-The e-mails will never end, as everyone and their mother are speculating who the car driver is. Congradulations WWF, you have another mystery that has the internet buzzing. Just like 'Higher Power', the WWF has people guessing many names on who it could be. I think it will be anyone who is on the sidelines right now or is set to debut. Someone of the likes of Taz, HBK, or the Undertaker are the ones I'd bet on. Many are insisting that it was Test or Big Show, but I'll believe it when I see it.


-Alright, I have recieved all kinds of e-mail about Nitro this week. Many are dissatisfied with my giving the show an A. They feel that Nitro is nothing but a RAW copier, and that Nitro tries to do too much to grab ratings everyweek. As for the copying, how can they copy when they have the WWF's writers? You've seen the WWF lately. It isn't the same fast paced, full of action show that it used to be. RAW now has the longer matches, and Nitro has the shorter matches that RAW used to have. Many readers just don't like the idea of the adult themes in a federation that was supposed to be more for a family to watch. They think that WCW is going too far each week, and that they've really gone far this week with the WWF shots. This could have reflected in the ratings this week, because I thought Nitro had a better night of wrestling than RAW did. But that's my opinion.

-The Windham brothers, Barry and Kendall getting released over the weekend. Of course, they are probably a part of the same deal that other wrestlers have recieved where they could sign under a lower contract OR get payed by appearance. Just another case of the overspending by former WCW president, Eric Bischoff. The clean-up process continues in WCW to clear up the many mistakes that Eric Bischoff did.

-One thing that I noticed about Nitro this past Monday was that the cockiness has really returned. The same cockiness that was around when Eric Bischoff was making the charge towards the WWF in 1995. Whether or not they can show the WWF up this time around will be interesting to see. I think that the WWF is much wiser this time around, whereas they were lazy when WCW overtook them last time.


-Well, Raven is expected to sign a contract with ECW any time now, thus ending those darn rumors that he might hop back to WCW or eventually go to the WWF. Raven is much needed in ECW now, but I really hope they toughen him up a little. His performance at the end wasn't Raven as it was more like a crybaby. The old ECW Raven didn't cry, as he was the most violent wrestler in wrestling back in the day. He didn't cry, he just hurt wrestlers he was mad at. I guess those days in WCW really softened him up. Damn shame.

@That's all for today. Thanks for reading, and I'll be back with yet another edition of the PDC. There is no such thing as a day off! Just chill...till the next episode!

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Take Care, and Enjoy the Thursday Night shows!

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