Welcome, again, to the Phat Daily Column. Lots of goodies in store today, as I have 2 biography reviews, 2 biography, 2 biography reviews for you today(quoting DDP if you didn't notice). I also have the Ratings Analysis, and let me tell you, it's a shocker..at least to me it is. Anyway, on to the PDC!

Ratings Analysis

WCW Monday Nitro

First Hour: 3.4
Second Hour: 3.0
Third Hour: 2.8
Composite: 3.0666666


First Hour: 6.3
Second Hour: 6.2
Composite: 6.25

Head to Head

RAW: 6.25
Nitro: 2.9

-Damn, I'm very shocked. In My Opinion, that was easily the worst RAW ever. Why? I just felt that RAW dragged a lot at times with the investigation stuff, and it lacked the starpower that keeps RAW going every week. I was like 'is this RAW?' due to it's slow paced show. Nitro was loaded this Monday, In My Opinion, as it was stacked with great matches top to bottom. I wasn't marking out, I was bored with RAW, and I was entertained by Nitro. That simple. Monday proved that WCW has a long fight ahead of them. That was their best so far this year, and RAW still crushed them in the ratings. Now don't say that Monday Night Football did something to Nitro, as it only got a 13.4(I think), because RAW got hammered by the game last week. WWF proved to me this week that they have a very solid audience still no matter what WCW throws at them. WCW better keep up the progress, cause if RAW keeps, what I think, is a series of bad shows, it could catch up to them just like it did before. But then again, the WWF still has a very solid, and very loyal audience. Besides, I expect the WWF to somehow step it up without Stone Cold. Someone is going to get big in his absense. Like Dave Scherer said..it's a perfect time for Taz... Speaking of Stone Cold, his biography did a 1.6 running against a strong first hour of Nitro.


-To clear up what many people misread in my column...Yesterday, I mentioned something about the Ferarra making fun of Jim Ross. To quote myself from yesterday's column: "Now, I'll admit, I was on the floor laughing for this one. BUT, I didn't like how Ferarra was also acting like his condition." See? His imitation was humorous, as I agree that Jim Ross, now that I look at it, overexaggerates his announcing at times. I was just laughing at the commentation, and now how I think about it. I didn't like how Ferarra was quinting like he had J.R.'s condition. That was totally wrong. I hope that cleared it up. I think the WWF is taking the silent approach this time around, and maybe it proved to be the best thing to do as WCW didn't gain any ratings off of it.

-What on earth was the true reasoning for the Big Show to win the WWF title? A few people think that it's the product of quick thinking by the WWF with Stone Cold going on the shelf. I bet Stone Cold was supposed to win it, because the outcome wouldn't have mattered if Triple H or the Rock would have won. Many think it's the product of putting up with the Cancer angle, when that could be partially true. He didn't complain one bit, and the angle could have been very personal to him. It could be just a trial run to see if the world title can get the Big Show more over as a main eventer.


-As the great Christopher Micheals reported earlier, there are already reports of Dr. Death being too stiff on the wrestlers. Many wrestlers complained on how stiff he was during his WWF run if you didn't know. After knowing about that, I was actually watching Steve Williams closely on his suplexes. They looked very light to me, and I'm convinced that it's another case of Juvy complaining about a new guy beating his ass. The same garbage happened with Vampiro when he first arrived. I suppose Juvy is afraid that incoming monsters will steal what little thunder he has from kicking his ass, so he complains about it. Geesh.

-Oh lord, there will be a career vs. career match between Buff Bagwell and Curt Hennig. I don't know who will get screwed in this match as both still have many of their best years in them. Yes, I said that about Hennig as at Monday Nitro, he proved that he still has some juice left in him. Plus, he still has that nagging World Title guarantee in his contract I do believe. Contracts are usually never meant to be broken. Buff seems to get along good with the new creative team, and they have great plans for him for the future.

Mr. Tito's Phat Biography Review

Two lined up for you...

The Life and Times of Owen Hart

It was a great representation of the life of a great man. I enjoyed the parts where he was trying to make it big into wrestling. He clawed his way through wrestling, and finally made it in the WWF. The most trying part was when Bret left, and Owen had to stay. The Biography said that he was really sad after his brother got "screwed" as he was stuck in the WWF. They went though all of the raunchy angles that the WWF wanted him to do..but they didn't get mad at him for not accepting. They suggested that Owen Hart was forced into the Blue Blazer gimmick for not doing the fighting over Debra angle. That remains to be seen, as I heard many times that Owen enjoyed doing that gimmick over. Anyway, a lot of finger pointing at the WWF for this tragic accident. They made it out to be the WWF's fault completely, as one Hart after another spoke. I feel that accidents happen in every sport, and this accident was no exception. I did like what the Honky Tonk Man said in that the federations make enough money already. Why risk a wrestler's life to make a little more? Not a bad comment, as many feel it was a ratings powerplay. Well, whatever, it was a great overview of Owen's life. Grade:


Stone Cold Steve Austin Biography

I liked how they showed Austin's early life growing up, and his early career in wrestling even before WCW. After he made in in WCW for the bio, the biography got a little out of sequence by switching back and forth from different times in Stone Cold's life. The speaker was kinda lame too, but it was interesting to see Stone Cold's parents talk about Austin's past, and his present job in the WWF. The biography talked about the neck injury from Owen, and how the doctors advised Austin to never wrestle again. Kinda ironic today, eh? It did reveal to the world that Stone Cold and Debra were engaged! Overall, not a bad biography. It gets a


I can't wait for tonights biography with Mick Foley!

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