Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Today is Friday, and like all Fridays, we'll take a look at what went down on Smackdown. I've heard lots of hype about certain parts of Smackdown, and I'll let you know if it delivered. Especially the Heyman shoot, which was slightly edited from what I hear. I believe the mentioning of "Superstar" Billy Graham and Bruno Sammartino was edited. I know that the interview ran about 10-11 minutes. At least more of the important points about recent wrestling were kept in tact.

Man, that would be golden if Ric Flair were to show up on RAW, Monday, or at least in the near future. Many Flair marks would come out of the woodwork, especially since Flair would have a better role than what he did in the last few months of Time Warner Dubya Cee Dubya. The key for using Flair, though, is to having him wrestle! Man, I just dream of seeing Flair go up against the likes of the Rock, Steve Austin, Triple H, Kurt Angle, and more!

I really have nothing else to say in my introduction. On to the PDC!


First match of the night was Kane vs. Rob Van Dam. The match was sort of ackward, as Kane and RVD's styles are so different. RVD struggles against the larger wrestlers, and it was no different last night. RVD has a 2 match winning steak on Kane, amazingly enough, although both victories were quite tainted. I still see RVD and Booker T feuding when it's all said and done at Survivor Series.

Man, Microsoft are really whoring themselves on WWF television for their X Box. I still say that Nintendo will rise, above all, in the video game war. Sure, the technology of the other systems might give them an edge, but nobody produces fun games like Nintendo. NOBODY! Test was playing with his X Box when Stacy Keibler walked in. Even in a moment with a hot chick, Test still has no charisma!

Weird segment with Chris Jericho and the Rock backstage, especially when the handshakes began. What the hell kind of handshake did the Rock do? This was sort of a blowoff segment, for it didn't add much to the heat between them, but just that they are "cool" with each other.

Extremely typical six man WWF match between Test/Dudleys vs. Edge/Hardys. After the match, though, was very well planned out. Stacy was knocked off the side of the ring and into Matt Hardy's arms. Lita saw it, and Matt dropped Stacy immediately. Then, Lita was walking into the 3D, and Stacy held Matt Hardy from saving the say. Afterward, Matt kissed and promised Lita that it would never happen again. While hugging, Matt Hardy rolled his eyes, as if he had plans to run away with LoP's very own Turtle2Hug once he finally breaks up with Lita.

Sort of a funny imitation for the Big Show, acting like he was the smiling DDP. Diamond Dallas Page would take offense to this, and it would lead to an extremely short and embarrassing match. The Big Show made short work of the former WCW star, and do you notice something? There were NO reports of DDP complaining about doing the job. Same goes for last week, when he willingly agreed to lose to Edge, and cleanly too. Does that say something?!? I just can't believe that the WWF is willing to waste a big name WCW star because the Undertaker didn't like feuding with him.

After the match, Shane McMahon would run in and deliver one of his devastating chairshots, and then ran through the crowd. Now, if I was in the crowd that night, I'd... Ooops! I shouldn't think out loud. :)

So what did I think about Heyman's promo? It was quite good, and extremely truthful. He was right about the current WWF television shows, as well as the WWF imploding from within. Gotta love the poke on the XFL, which was Vince's worst idea. I take that back, the body building federation was the worst. Then, Vince McMahon came out, and Paul turned up the intensity. He made a truthful mention of the ass kissing backstage, and his comments about Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, and Shawn Michaels were great! I guess that's where they edited the comments about Graham and Sammartino. Damn shame there.

Heyman would then shoot about what Vince McMahon originally did for the WWF, as he drove many independent federations out of business from the start, after his father did promise that he'd never do that. The WWF "attitude" did in fact generate from ECW storylines or at least the way they approached storylines for shock value. But the comments about Tazz ruled. Heyman said that Tazz was once a great wrestler, and now he's just a pudge color commentator on Smackdown.

Let's get a few things straight, though, on Tazz. When he came into the WWF, in early 2000, he was in fact overweight. He had a few months in between his final day in ECW and debut, and he slacked off in his training. Then, he would eventually injure himself during the summer, to which the WWF told him to lose some weight before he came back. Tazz did drop some pounds, but he would eventually gain those back. If you look at Tazz now as compared to what he was in ECW, there's a great difference. In ECW, Tazz had huge guns for arms and he was a lot faster. So to say it's Vince's fault, that's somewhat wrong. Tazz has hurt himself, and his apparent crybaby attitude, backstage, doesn't help matters either.

So anyway, after making comments on Tazz, Heyman said that Vince made the term "wrestling" a dirty word. Oh so true! Wrestling was never blamed for injuries or television violence, or at least not having parental groups going after the WWF, before Vince McMahon took over the WWF (or WWWF) back in the day. For some reason or another, Tazz would walk into the ring and choke Heyman out with the Tazzmission. I guess Tazz realized that his failed WWF career is his own fault, and he wanted to remind Heyman about it. Har Har! Where this puts Tazz, well, I don't know. But great promo cutting by Heyman, with many of his statements being ironically true.

You know, for the many people who have oddly praised the Undertaker for his recent work, I'd like for them to watch his match from Smackdown. It was soooo horrible! It was the Undertaker delivering his stupid punches, while Booker T was dropping to the floor, selling them as if those punches actually had force behind them. The Undertaker never even bothered to let Booker T get a shot in on him, and then we are witnessed to an extremely lame Disqualification finish. Yeah, the Undertaker is improving as he gets older. Whatever.

Although good ideas are absent with today's WWF writers, I do like the idea of the Immunity Battle Royal at Survivor Series. The winner of the 20 man, over the top rope Battle Royal keep their job, no matter what occurs later with the Alliance vs. WWF match. This idea was barely pushed, though, with the stupid segment between Helms and Regal. Poor Helms, though. The WWF jobbed out his Hurricane gimmick so much that it hurt his career for the time being.

Odd intergender match between William Regal/Ivory against Torrie/Tajiri. To give heat on this match, they resorted to the attack on women idea, as Regal pounded Torrie Wilson for the last moments of the match. Regal about botched the powerbomb he did on Torrie. Good thing she cradled herself up at the last moment, or Billy Kidman would be marrying a paraplegic! By the way, congrats to Torrie and Kidman on their engagement. I just hope they can last in an environment where relationships often don't last or crumble, as we've seen throughout the years in the wrestling business.

Interesting segment between Vince McMahon and Howard Finkel... Looks like Vince McMahon is setting himself up to be the evil Corporate leader again, against all WWF stars who want a piece. *Yawn* LET THE WRESTLERS DO THE PERFORMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, excuse me. The main event was Kurt Angle/Steve Austin versus Rock/Chris Jericho. Eh, it was an alright match, with what I felt was a lack of energy that I expected with all 4 of these performers in the ring at once. We had another DQ finish, but after the match, it was quite exciting. Everyone and their mother ran into the ring, and they did sequences where finishing moves were hit, etc., with Austin delivering the final blow with a Stunner on the Rock. However, Vince McMahon would then walk down the rampway and smile at Austin, to keep pushing the "Austin is joining the WWF" idea. Vince loves himself sooo much!

Matches: 6
Clean Wins: 3
Screwjobs: 1
Disqualifications: 2
No Contests: 0

LAST WORD: The wrestling, as a whole, wasn't up to par tonight, which makes 2 weeks in a row for Smackdown. Very strange. The best part of this show was the stronger emphasis on the Main Event. They really pushed it well to be a match that you must see. However, the effort is too late, for the WWF has hurt themselves with the way they were initially pushing the match. I'll give this show a generous


(C plus) for fact that the wrestling was weak, but the angle pushing was good, besides the DQ finishes. Hopefully, the WWF puts their money where their mouth is and make next week's television "compelling and exciting" to watch, eh Jim Ross?

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