Whooo!! Welcome to another edition of the Phat Daily Column. Today...if you didn't know already, is WCW day, or as Scott Hall would put it, Dubya Cee Dubya day. Last week's Thunder was one of the best editions of 2000, so could this week's show continue the good trend? It's especially funny since Thunder has really sucked before last week. Let's discuss this good stuff, and more with opinions and the Phat 5, in today's PDC.

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Note: The PDC could be late tomorrow, since I have finals from 10 am to 3 pm. Ugh!


Yesterday I mentioned how stacked the Cruiserweight division COULD BE, and much to my surprise, WCW actually booked a 5 way match between Kwee Wee, Rey Mysterio, Elix Skipper, Lt. Loco, and Chavo. So you'd figure this match would be spectacular, right?

WRONG! Can we say overbooked? Just stupid interference and run ins could have killed the rebirth of what should be a good Cruiserweight division. It's like a Russo decision, only Taylor/Ace is running the show. It's very sad, especially since Taylor was the man responsible for the great Cruiserweight division in 1996- 1997, which helped WCW remain strong, despite stale NWO storylines. I just don't get it....

Holy Sting clean win on Scott Steiner!! Basically, this match already gave away who will win at Mayhem. Why would WCW have a repeat match with Steiner and Sting on the Nitro following Mayhem? They did the SAME EXACT thing last month, involving Steiner vs. Awesome before Havoc, where Awesome got the shot the following night on Nitro.

Also, why would the #1 contender, Scott Steiner, be fighting Sting for a title shot on the Nitro following Mayhem anyway? That's about as stupid booking as you can get, especially having your #1 contender, Steiner, losing cleanly in that match. Ace/Taylor must be thinking too much about Russo's eventual return, because they badly booked that one there. The match on Thunder was still pretty good. That's what happens when Steiner fights someone he trusts.

Was anybody else disturbed by Buff Bagwell's interview? He says that he's been there longer than anybody, but Sting, but yet he doesn't get any shots. Yeah, that's because Bagwell is a whiny bitch, has a bad ego, and a violent temper towards WCW backstage employees. That's why you don't get a push, Bagwell, you stupid idiot. Funny thing is that all of your mischief won't land you a WWF contract that you *think* you are going to get once your WCW contract runs out. You say that Jarrett gets more of a push than you, and he's been there only a year. Yeah, well Jarrett doesn't complain and actually puts effort in every match, which is something you haven't done your whole career in WCW, Buff.

Excellent "wrasslin" match between Booker T and Lance Storm. Storm needs a push to the top, and badly. Did you hear how pissed he made the crowd while on the mic? Just keep him away from the Morons in Action, and we'll be fine. I can't believe how WCW just misused this guy after he was pushed to the US title.

Pretty decent Thunder after all... Wow, two good Thunders in a row!!! Man, that's a miracle!


Hey, Vampiro said he's done with WCW. He feels that he'll concentrate on his music career now, and if he'll ever return, it will be for the worthless Juggalo Championshit Wrestling. You know, I'm all for someone chasing their dreams, like Vampiro is with his wrestling career, but come on!! Vampiro is a very talented wrestler, who was on his way to superstardom in WCW....oh wait, he wasn't! For the few times that ICP abruptly quit WCW, it screwed up the storylines enough to hurt Vampiro. Now, ICP has given him a belief that they can take his music career, and make it big. HA! Well, ICP should concentrate on their own, because it isn't exactly the best in record sales. But again, Vampiro is following his dreams of being a musician, although associating with two goofballs won't take him anywhere in the music world.

Oh wait! There I go, ripping on ICP again. At least Vampiro has a career in JCW if his "music career" is a miss, which it will probably be. That way, Vampiro will instantly become the only guy with talent on the JCW roster. One thing is for sure though.... at least Vampiro will have better announcing in JCW than WCW, because Guido and 3D are actually funny commentators. Oh my!!!! I just got a call from Mr. Juggalo! Allow me to interview him...

Mr. Juggalo.....how does it feel to be a fan of the Clowns who continually persuade Vampiro to ruin his career?

Mr. Juggalo: Shut da fuk up Titos. Vampiro will bee da most successful musical artist since Vanilla Ice.

Oh god, you call that successful? Will Vampiro be illegally sampling Queen songs too?

Mr. Juggalo: Im GONNA KILL U TITO!!! Juggalos UNITE!!!

Now would that be sort of like when the Planeteers would unite their rings to form a superhero, like they did in Captain Planet? Maybe a super Juggalo will form?

Mr. Juggalo: YEAH!!!! I mean no!

So have you been enjoying Eminem's music lately?

Mr. Juggalo: Yeah!!! I'm the Real Slim Shady, all of you other Slim Shadies are just imitating... OOPS!!! I mean no, he SUKSS!!!

Note: Mr. Juggalo is a made up character, and he does NOT represent all of the ICP fans....just a few certain ones who love to threaten my life whenever I rib ICP.

But the whole point of this is how sad ICP seems to influence Vampiro's wrestling career. Leaving Vampiro twice really hurt him, since WCW as basing their storyline around the fact that he had the clowns as his managers. I'm thinking that this current concussion has angered him enough to leave WCW for it. Plus, those Juggalos are nice enough to tell Vampiro things at bad times, when he's unhappy about his wrestling career.

Hey, maybe ICP could play on WWF's Sunday Night Heat show on Mtv!!! HAHAHAHA!

Apparently, Rob Van Dam's quest to get out of ECW might eventually lead him to WCW, where his talent was once overlooked. The "backbone" of ECW is currently unhappy with the current business tactics of ECW, and after being very loyal to ECW, he wants out. Blake reported earlier that RVD has spoken to WCW officials, possibly at a recent California show. If WCW were to sign this guy, it would sort of show that WCW isn't quite done yet in the wrestling world. Why would they sign any talent when they are supposed to be going under?

Hey, if RVD is in WCW, maybe he could join KroniK, and give them extra drug references to do!! Seriously though, I don't see how RVD could make it in WCW. Besides Mike Awesome and Crowbar, no WCW athlete has the guts to take anything that Rob Van Dam tries. Hey wait, if RVD gets to WCW, he can finally fight Awesome. ECW was trying to set up that colossal RVD vs. Awesome match, but then WCW showed him the money, and he got out quickly.

Like I was sorta mentioning with RVD, it's apparent that Time Warner might not give up on WCW just yet. WCW's wrestlers are at least showing effort now, since they hit rock bottom 3 weeks ago in the ratings, and if they get some sort of leader backstage (not Kevin Nash), then WCW will be ok, and they can grow with what they currently have. Now if you bring back Hulk Hogan for one more run, I'm going to declare WCW officially dead.

WCW Phat 5

5. Booker T- New attitude, so how about some new finishing moves?

4. Crowbar- A federation's confidence can take you a long way...

3. Lance Storm- Push him to the moon! New US champ, thank God, and a good match with Booker T. Let him shine!

2. Scott Steiner- The should-be champ's attitude remains to be in check so far... just don't piss him off!

1. Sting- Good performance in the Lethal Lottery, cleanly defeating KroniK and Scott Steiner. Now give him the title!!! Well, you don't have to do that, cause I'm just marking there.

Dawn Marie had something come up at the last moment Wednesday, so she was unable to do the Wrestle Palooza Audio Show. Myself and WresltePalooza.com apologize for the inconvenience, BUT she should be on a future show, and I'll keep you readers updated to when that will happen.

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