Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Sorry for the delay today, as a few classes ran over plus I was out purchasing the new WCW Mayhem music CD, which I'll have a review for you today! As for Stone Cold's biography...I didn't watch it as I was watching Nitro during the time that it was on, so I'll have the review for that tomorrow along with the Owen Hart one too. Lots to cover from Monday Night, so on to the PDC.


Nice hardcore match between Smiley and Jimmy Hart. They are really putting down the hardcore divisions anywhere else, but it's very funny. I was on the floor when I saw Hart come out in a suit of armor. Classic stuff there.

Nice to see Nash come back last night, as he first pissed off Sid, and then the evil powers that be lifted his retirement. He was rather rusty tonight in the ring, but it was still a good match with Sid. We can all thank those darn WCW employees for telling everyone that Nash was coming back around Starrcade.

Rather unfair to have Booker T fight two tough individuals in the creative control. Booker almost beat them, but of course it's very hard to take on two people at once! Glad to see that large woman come out and clear them Creative Control out of the ring. It was funny when Russo was bitching at creative control about their past gimmicks! Great stuff there.

Madusa has a great role in WCW now. She can have wrestlers or whoever mesmerized..like the real Madusa in tales did. I'm sure any wrestler would love to do an angle with her.

So wrong... Oh my, I about sh*t when I saw Dr. Death Steve Williams come out with a Jim Ross look-a-like, and the great Coolbeans pointed out to me that it was Ed Ferarra, the other half of the creative team. When he started talking, I immediately knew it was him from listening to his impersonations of Ross from WCW Live! Now, I'll admit, I was on the floor laughing for this one. BUT, I didn't like how Ferarra was also acting like his condition. All I can say is that it's going to be an interesting Ross Report Friday! As for Dr. Death....you'd think he's great buds with Jim Ross by not letting Ferarra rip his old buddy, right? Wrong! Ross is part of talent relations, and he didn't do a damn thing about getting Dr. Death some more WWF work, nor did he he stick up for him when the WWF was about to release him. The shit has hit the fan for this one.

Goldberg vs. Hennig was an explosive match tonight folks, as both of them went at it hard! I really hope that it's not the end for Hennig, because he's really stepped up his skills lately.

Interesting match with Berlyn, the newly named Wall(not Mercedes Diesel like originally) vs. Vampiro and Misfits. A bit of confusion with the Wall and Berlyn in this match, and if Berlyn loses the Wall, how would he win matches?

Sid really surprised me tonight, as he fought two hard matches...one, vs. Rick Steiner, where he put Steiner though the same set-up that Bischoff went through when the Outsiders first began, and two, vs. Nash...which for his second match of the night, was really great.

I hope the First Family just dwindles even more that Jerry Lynn and Barbarian fought it out. I really hate that group, as their is hardly any potential left in that group. Jerry Lynn is ok, but what hurts him is the fact that he was a jobber for so long..

Wow is words to describe that odd segment with Kimberly vs. Asya. David Flair is only getting better each week too, what's up with that?

Tournament matches were spectacular tonight, as we have Benoit vs. Jarrett and Sting vs. Bret Hart at Mayhem Sunday. I liked how Meng came back and helped Sting win, and I loved the Benoit-Hall match! They truly fought it out!

Other stuff.. including the House of Pain match, which was ok but that had to hurt when Rey Mysterio was hanging upside down, and Jim Duggan as the janitor were circulating throughout the night. I love Jim Duggan's new role...Chavo's role is good too, but Duggan can really do wonders for his career in this new role. Less mentioning of the powers that be...and the show went better!

Nitro Phat Stats!

Matches: 15 <---WOW!!
Clean Wins: 7
Screwjobs: 3
Disqualifications: 1
No Contests: 4
Note: Some matches are very disputable to call.

Last Word: This was the best Russo-Ferarra Nitro yet! 15 F'N matches!!! Lots of the matches were decent length as well, as there was less talk this week, and way more action. A couple glitches here and there, but this show was spectacular. This show wouldn't surprise me if it jumps a lot in the ratings. This show gets an easy


for this week, and I expect this show to get a rating of 3.4 for head to head action vs. RAW this week.


That DX opening interview made me change the channel once again. The interview continued what would bore me the rest of the night..the police investigations!

Good match with Val Venis and Mankind, as Mick finally got the win over Val. I'm wondering if this is the last of Val's attack for the main event spots, or will he return to midcard heaven?

Kurt Angle was a bore to watch wrestle, as he really needs an angle badly to keep him on television..or it's back to dark matches for him!

Chris Jericho vs. Chyna continued tonight, as first Chyna embarassed Jericho by ripping on him hard, and then she costs Jericho his match against Gangrel, who hasn't won in a long time! I didn't like how Jericho got her back..not that I had a problem with it morally, but I just thought is was stupid. At least people can now say that Chyna is a real woman by her cries..of course, I'd imagine everyone would cry after taking a hammer to the hand.

Kane will never get a fair shake vs. Triple H. He always gets attacked beforehand, or everyone and their mother tries to interfere with the match.

Big Show made lightwork of the far more experienced British Bulldog. Simply shocking!

The investigation to find who hit Stone Cold was annoying to put up with all night. Too much of it going on, as I've seen many other things in the WWF that should have had the cops involved. Anyway, they were the most boring segments of the show. My money on the "car driver" is HBK.

Did anybody cheer during the Al Snow vs. Road Dogg match? I think by having Road Dogg say that the Steeler's sucked really shot down lots of cheers in the arena. Al Snow gets some cheers, but nothing loud. This match was also boring, so weak crowd reations with a boring match just doesn't mix.

Test vs. Mr. Ass was an ok match up, but like the Road Dogg-Al Snow match, the crowd was confused to cheer for.

Bossman in a main event? What the hell is the WWF booking nowadays to have Bossman in a main event? Oh wait, the Rock is in the main event..so I guess it's cool? NO! Bossman beat him! Why have a loser that you have to make sickminded have your top superstar put over? It makes no sense, and it's lame. The only purpose is to have, I guess, Bossman vs. Big Show at the next pay per view, which I doubt anyone would care to buy after the feedback that I have recieved about Survivor Series. Plain stupid. Also, what the hell was the Rock doing after the match? That's unlike the Rock, but maybe he's frustrated because of the investigators are sniffing out what he might have done Sunday...

RAW is WAR Phat Stats

Matches: 8
Clean Wins: 6
Screwjobs: 1
Disqualifications: 1
No Contests: 0

Last Word: This is the worst Raw that I've seen in recent memory. Simply horrible. No heat during matches, and just dragging with that investigation. I, tonight, finally realized how much the WWF needs Stone Cold. Tonight, without him, they had to resort to weaker segments and weaker matches. Lots of WWF talent had the night off tonight as well, as I'm wondering where the tag teams are? This show is way off from what RAW should be, and it gets a rough grade of a


for a dragging and disappointing show. They will probably get around a 5.4 this week or so.

Overall, Nitro had the way better show. Nitro was filled with action, and RAW dragged. That's my just my opinion. The WWF can put on much better.

Other Wrestling Related Stuff

-A.C. Jazz quit WCW yesterday after the booking team wanted her and whoever that other Nitro girl is to have a mud wrestling match. It's funny how after she left, they just blow her off, and then more catfights happen. Looks like this fun angle will continue, and we will get the mud wrestling match that was originally scheduled..eventually. The other girls seemed cool about continuing the angle last night. I hope A.C. Jazz can find work elsewhere, but I'd admire her for sticking up for herself in not wanting to do a mud wrestling match.

-ECW on TNN continued it's ups and downs in the ratings this week, as they pulled a 0.9 in the ratings this week. Just when you think their show will go straight up, it sinks back down again. I have seen TNN starting to promote the ECW show though. I've seen some advertisements floating around on other channels as well. I really hope both ECW and TNN can be patient, cause great ratings will take time. Now if this is the same maybe a few months from now, then maybe there is a big problem. ECW is still TNN's top rated show!

-Speaking of Austin, I heard that I get to find out that he's engaged to Debra tonight when I watch his biography on A & E. Early rumors about Austin is that he might be out of action until Wrestlemania. Ouch! That will definately hurt WWF programming, and it showed last night. If he's now engaged, what says that he wouldn't retire from wrestling due to this nagging neck injury. He's obviously frustrated with politics in the WWF, so why not? I wouldn't be surprised if it happened.

Oh my God! It's back!

Mr. Tito's Phat Music Review

Alright...typing this column today, I've listened to WCW Mayhem three times, and not to mention listening to it on the way home from Sam Goody. So I'm pretty familiar with it, and I have a good impression of it..so here goes:

WCW Mayhem

This CD seems to match WCW's new current attitude, as it has lots of hip-hop and hard rocking tunes that will kick the shit out of your bass on your stereo. WCW was dirty for this cd, as they have lots of non-wrestling themes and acts like Kid Rock, Limp Bizkit with Everlast, and Slayer among others. If you are a wrestling and a rap fan, I HIGHLY recommend it as it has a ton of rap songs in the second half of the CD. This CD, however, is well put together as it mixes WCW current wrestling themes with some great kickass tunes. It flows really good as it has announcers or wrestlers introducing or ending their themes. The best part, in my mind are the Goldberg series and the Sting series. It has their original themes, and then it has their extra(but now current for Sting) songs like Crush 'Em for Goldberg and Seek and Destroy for Sting right after their original themes. Great stuff there. This cd, however, isn't perfect. Like I said, lots of unnecessary rap included, and I'm not ripping the rap, it's just that it's a wrestling cd and the rap has nothing to do with wrestling. It also has the Hogan theme. Not to rip on Hogan, but god damn, I hate his WCW theme! They should have had Voodoo Child instead. The CD also includes the Faith remix by Limp Bizkit and Everlast, as I'm wondering why they included that horrible tune. Not to disrespect Limp Bizkit or Everlast, but that song together is just weak! This CD has 26 tracks, but a few of them are real short or just talking or announcing. Overall, however, it's a great cd. I personally think that it's better than WWF 4, as it has much more to offer in variety than WWF 4. Of course, WCW stacked the deck for this CD, having large artists on this CD, but the wrestling themes included are excellent. I'll give it an


because this CD has powerful themes and the other songs are pretty good. The best tune is easily the "Take It" theme by ICP, and that impresses me considering how much of an ICP fan I am, eh?

@That's it for today. I'll try to have the biographies for you tomorrow. Thanks for reading, and remember that this column is opinionated. My opinions, and my opinions only. I honor yours as well.

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Take Care, and Happy Wrestling.

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