Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another installment of Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column. Today, we'll discuss the current news or issues in pro wrestling, and then proceed to hype tonight's Smackdown. Is that easy enough to comprehend?

Interesting feedback from the readers. Some people really liked the book, more than any of the other WWF books. I can agree with that standpoint since it was so easy to read, with hardly any contradictions, like other books *cough* Chyna *cough*. I'll still put Foley's books over Angle's one book for the detail and insider look at what occurs backstage. Plus, Foley, himself, wrote the book and it comes from his own heart, and not a ghostwriter's.

You know what I'm noticing lately? A lot of the people who keep repeating that columnists, like myself, are too negative have been quiet. What, has the lower ratings, financial problems, and the threat to cut talent finally knocked something loose in your heads? Geesh! I foresaw problems like these once Stephanie McMahon kept putting herself on television, and once the main eventers didn't allow any other wrestlers to become successful. Many others saw this too, but we were called "negative" or we weren't considered wrestling fans. Once overwhelming facts start pouring in, silence occurs. That's so funny!

And I'm not saying I'm a genius for giving harsh criticisms to a product that's in trouble now. You can take my opinion however you like it. My thoughts on the WWF are that they were always great during 1998 and most of 1999 (the end of 1999 was horrible!), with 2000 being off and on on its product, while 2001 has been a big declining year for the WWF. But I keep watching, and unlike the rest of the fanbase who has left already, I'm still remaining.

Why? Take the Jericho vs. Rock feud for instance. I love watching stuff like that, and I'd prefer watching that kind of television as opposed to anything else. It's just the torture of having 3 McMahons showing off their egos and the bad writing for storylines. I mean look at the recent heel turns: Angle and Regal. They were fighting the Alliance to its fullest, and they suddenly turn? Take a look at Foley, and he was extremely right about having a worthless commissioner role since Vince McMahon came back to make decisions. Just take a look back at the past 2 months' storylines to see many inconsistancies and stupidity attempted by the WWF writers.

And again, the facts prove for themselves. If you don't believe it and insist that I'm nothing but negative, then re-read the facts again. If you still don't understand, then read them again!

Anyway, on to the PDC!


I find that many people get annoyed by the use of "Apples" in this column. Just the reaction I was looking for! Whooooo!

-Well, I guess Mick Foley was really unhappy during his interview on Monday, and he was shooting about not being used last week on television, in New York City. Good. Although Mick Foley isn't my preference as WWF commissioner right now, I will admit that the WWF has done jack or squat with him in his role. What, he went to WWF NY one week, and I think he set up some matches another night. I believe that Foley was initially used for a cheap pop and a ratings spike upon returning as commissioner, and thanks to the usual stupidity of the WWF writers, they've written Foley off the shows.

Because of this, it's very likely that Foley will say "to hell with the WWF" very soon, as his current deal is set to expire. He'll set out to be an independent writer, which means he could score more money from a publisher from his books, without the WWF getting a chunk of it. However, I personally don't think that Foley will do well as an author without the WWF heavily promoting his books. If you take a look at advertisements for books, they aren't overdone like the WWF does for their books. For each television program, the WWF runs a few promos for Foley or whoever else's books. I don't think that Foley could survive, as an author, without that.

-What's my opinion of the Paul Heyman Smackdown interview? I don't really know yet, for I'd like to hear the whole promo before making any judgement. I will say that I yielded to temptation and read a few parts of what Heyman said, but not the whole thing. I'm told that the whole promo lasts a good 12 minutes, and I hope the WWF has enough balls to air all of it.

HOWEVER, those who fail to look back at history are condemned to repeat it!!!! Take a look at WCW's final days, especially with Vince Russo in charge. He tried shoot interviews, many times, which didn't particularly help WCW become successful in any way. If the WWF tries a lot of these shoots, it will only confuse the common fan, like it did for the loyal WCW fanbase that eventually said "screw this" and stopped watching wrestling.

-I'm sure NBC is quite pleased to see how the WWF brought in some extra ratings for the Weakest Link. I'm wondering if any networks will notice this, and attempt to use the WWF stars for an easy celebrity rub. Millionaire could be a good one, but the WWF should seriously stack their team with their more intelligent wrestlers. They sent a few dummies over to the Weakest Link. D'oh!


From what we saw on RAW, the main event of Smackdown will be Kurt Angle/Steve Austin versus Rock/Chris Jericho. Give this match a good 15-20 minutes, while filling the undercard with some decent matches, and Smackdown should be a solid show tonight.

In a rematch from a previous win by RVD, Kane will take on Rob Van Dam for the hardcore title. Who knows, maybe Kane will pull out another good Smackdown match tonight, like he did with Kurt Angle a few weeks ago. You never know with Kane, but what is known is that whenever he actually sells the moves, he looks way better when he no-sells as a tag team member of the Brothers of Destruction.

Speaking of no-selling, the Undertaker will take on Booker T. I really like how stupid the internet is becoming about the Undertaker, especially after his match against RVD. Oh, he sold a few moves or RVD. BIG DEAL!!! He's still slow in the ring, and it always takes a miracle or 2 guys to defeat him. Tonight, it will be no different, for Booker T will have the task of working with this big and old dinosaur.

To hype the Pay Per View, we'll also see Test/Dudley Boyz versus Edge/Hardy Boyz. Edge?? Tagging with the Hardys?? A year ago, that was unthinkable! This should be a typical WWF 6 man match, but at least it should be decent. The WWF really needs to add some major heat to the Dudleys vs. Hardys cage match, especially when unifying the tag titles.

Does the WWF ever do intergender tag matches? William Regal and Ivory will take on Tajiri/Torrie Wilson. Oh boy, this match will last a minute, as if that should be wasted here. On the topic of Ivory, she likes to wear outfits that show her ass crack lately. Not that I mind that, but thinking about it now made me remember how insane South Park was last night. The creators of that show had to have been high when they did that one.

WWF.com is hyping the Paul Heyman promo as "you have to see to believe". Hopefully, that means that Smackdown will feature the interview at its full length.

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@That's all for today. I hope I didn't sound too crazy, for I took a killer Math final before I wrote this very column. Memorizing several proofs of Calculus and other stuff that ancient mathematicians discovered, and then writing it all down for an hour and a half is nothing but total burn out for the rest of the day. Oh well. Enjoy your day!

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