Alright, welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Survivor Series went down with an unexpected outcome, as the Big Show came out of the night as World Champion. This night could have proved many of the rumors flying around before the show, as it seems like it did anyways. On to the PDC.


-Yesterday, I was in the great town of Pittsburgh all day long, and I didn't get back until late. The only part of Survivor Series that I caught was the end of the Triple Threat match for the World Title...and I was like "what the hell?" I was wondering if the Stone Cold walking out rumor was actually true at that point. Then I hear that someone hit Stone Cold with a car, and nobody knows who did it(Can you say Hummer Driver?). This proves that Stone Cold is actually injured, as I think that having the Big Show win the title was a last minute decision. Or was it? Was the title win a product for going through hell by the Big Show? I don't know how he'll do as champ, but he just doesn't seem over..but we'll see. Maybe the World Title will do wonders for him, and I bet it will be the Rock's glory day at the next Wrestlemania.

-Uh oh, can you say problems? Having Jericho lose just might have people like Wade Keller saying "I told you so". Either the WWF doesn't think that Jericho is ready to be champ, are there are some legit problems in the back that need to be ironed out. Of course, Jericho could win the title on RAW or Smackdown. I wonder how many more Jericho rumors will pour out now that he lost this match? Keep an eye out for those, as well as many WWF reports continually denying the rumors.

-Well, I was 5-5 on the predictions this week, as I didn't think Big Show would end up in the main event. Doh! I did call that the New Age Outlaws would retain the titles, and Kane would win by DQ exactly. Those darn Survivor Series matches didn't go my way at all! Oh well, it just goes to show you that the WWF is still unpredictable.

-As for the Big Show. I guess all of his suffering through this cancer angle has payed off, as he is now your WWF world champ! He did it in a strong fashion, as he won that tough Survivor Series match, and he won the title at the end. Did anyone else think the Screw-job was much weaker than the previous two years? Well, anyway Big Show is your champ, and I'm wondering how long he'll hold that title. I'm also wondering if he's a ratings grabber with the belt around his waste.

-So what will happen on RAW is WAR tonight? Expect some explaining about Austin getting hit by the car, and who did it. Since when did WCW angles, like the Hummer driver, enter the WWF? I'd imagine that the WWF will do something with Big Show to show that he's a worthy champ, like maybe crushing Bossman or something. Also, expect for Kurt Angle to begin his angle. It can really fire up considering he's in his hometown of Pittsburgh tonight(I would have had tickets, but it was sold out!!!). Something interesting will happen with DX tonight since Triple H lost the title. Someone is getting messed with or jumped tonight..bigtime. Oh yeah, those darn DirectTV previews suggest for the first hour "who is WWF champion" and for the second hour "Mankind's shocking announcement". Check it shall be interesting.

A & E Specials this week

Ok, here are the Biographies airing this week, everynight at 8 pm Eastern:

Monday: Stone Cold Steve Austin
Tuesday: Owen Hart
Wednesday: Mick Foley
Thursday: Jesse Ventura
Friday: Andre the Giant

I wonder how the Stone Cold biography will do against Nitro's first hour tonight?


-HBK is NOT going to WCW folks, as I keep getting e-mails everyday claiming that he's jumping! NOO! He's staying off camera for a little while to let things cool down between he and the rest of the WWF. Besides, do you really think that Vince would let him go to WCW? NO! The question is: who will be the next major jumper? That's a tough one, as the WWF wrestlers have signed that one year clause, so they aren't going anywhere if they decide to leave the WWF. The only talent that I can see WCW raiding is the ECW talent, and they better get to it quickly, as the WWF has already taken a good part of it.

-Tonight, the battle for the World Title continues with 4 quarterfinal match-ups. The match up that I want to see is Bret Hart vs. Kidman as it will be a classic wrestling match. I imagine Filthy Animals and Revolution will be involved, with Bret pulling the match out just like he did last week. Then you have the great match of Total Package vs. Sting, pitting friend against friend. They should go at it harder than normal, considering they would be more likely to take a bump from a friend, than another wrestler. I expect Luger to cheat his balls off in this one. Chris Benoit vs Scott Hall will be the match of the night...easily. These two can really brawl when they want to. Both of their chests will be red after this one. Finally, you have Buff vs. Jeff Jarrett which will prove how early that WCW will have Jarrett successful, or how serious they are about having Buff in the spotlight. Expect some evil creative control to mess with that main event. You could see a match up between Nitro Girls Spice and A.C. Jazz tonight, as it will probably be the last time this angle runs due to Jazz's feelings about doing an angle. There could be a Sid vs. Rick Steiner match up, as they were really going at each other on Thunder. Hey, maybe they could bring up the television title controversy, as they reversed Booker T's decision vs. Rick Steiner for the title.

@Well, that's it for today. Enjoy the Monday Night shows, and I'll be back tomorrow with the usual set up. So until then, just chill..till the next episode.

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