Welcome to another fabulous edition of the Phat Daily Column. Today's column is the one that gets me the most e-mail everyweek, whether it's good or bad. Why? Opinions differ heavily on the Monday Night shows, and when you write a daily column for everyone to see, guess who gets targeted? But that's ok, because if it got to me, I wouldn't have been a daily columnist for 2 years now. On to the PDC.


Nitro was...well, boring but a solid booked show. You see, this new booking team of Taylor and Ace might be boring Russo fans to death, but at least they are giving some credibility to the storylines for actually making sense for the first time in 3 years. However, this week's show was very boring with nothing flashy going on.

Lance Storm is the NEW US Champ! Whooooo!! Thank God, because No-Draw General Rection won't do a damn thing with that title. Now WCW, you better just cancel their rematch at Mayhem and push Storm to the top like a smart company would.

See... they are already putting some confidence in Crowbar, by letting him defeat Big Vito tonight. By the way, does anybody want to see a Reno vs. Vito match? Didn't think so.

WCW should have looked at past experiences when doing a Lethal Lottery, because it always happens to be rigged each time they do it. Who would have thought that enemies would be forced to tag up, or that regular tag teams would just happen to get teamed up. Come on.... you might as well thrown in the catchphrase too, "spin the wheel, make the deal" from the early 90s.

WCW put KroniK in the main event. Run for your lives!!! You see, it's constant pushing of neanderthals like KroniK, Goldberg, Nash, and Steiner(although he's very good at times) that gets the company in such rocky shape backstage and in the ring. It's so sad, especially when WCW has a nice stock of young talent which they don't normally care about.

NITRO Phat Stats

Matches: 8
Clean Wins: 5
Screwjobs: 2
Disqualifications: 1
No Contests: 0

Last Word: BOORRRRRING!!! That's a good word to describe tonight's show, as even the big "wrestling" fan that I am, I can't enjoy a tiring show like this. Maybe WCW needs to step the intensity in their matches or something? You see, if this show gets bad ratings, then that leaves the door open for guys like Hogan and Vince Russo to walk into the company, take over, and get all hard about a short run ratings victory. However, in about a month after they return to the company, the ratings drop once again. Before I get off on a rant, let me grade on this...


That's generous, but just because the storylines were solid, and good decisions were made with Storm and Crowbar tonight. Thank God. I predict a 2.1 for the first hour of Nitro. Everytime I predict remotely high, they get much lower, and vice versa. Remember folks, Vinnie Roo is coming back November 20th, so be prepared for the obsolete Crash TV wrasslin' again! Yee haw!


Gee, I guess I was right about Kurt Angle. Look what they did to him tonight. First off, they have a rematch with him and Crash as the opening bout. Now I could see the match on Heat, but why RAW? Even more, why the first match on RAW? Thank God Angle won cleanly, especially since he had to cheat on Heat to beat Crash. THEN, Bob "spark plug" Holly made his unanticipated return by attacking Angle, then Edge/Christian hit the ring to make the save, and then the Undertaker runs down. It's made into a match, because the WWF loves to book on the fly now. In that very match, guess who takes the pin? You guessed it, Kurt Angle by the Undertaker. I guess Angle is getting depushed since he won the World Title? All I can say is that Angle better win at Survivor Series, or you can toss his career in the dumpster, already this early.

WWF was trying for the Radicalz/Triple H vs. Foley/Rock/Too Cool/Rikishi effect tonight with Chyna/"The One" Billy Gunn/Stone Cold/Rock vs. the Radicalz. By the way, if you are going to call Billy Gunn "the One", why not give the Backstreet Boys a call to use that song. It would work, since Billy Gunn's career can't get any lower. It was an overall good match, with the Radicalz paying dues. What sucks is that Stone Cold happened to avoid Chris Benoit during the match, and I would have LOVED to see some knife-edge chops going Austin's way. That way, we could REALLY see if he's back or not. "Have a Pepsi Chris Benoit".... Jim Ross still knows how to call them.

However, instead of a decent main event to end this show, the Rock gets laid out by Rikishi who is using a sledgehammer in a moving vehicle. Normally, that would kill someone, but NOT the Rock, who will appear on Smackdown untouched. It's ignorant booking like this that keeps the WWF from doing constant 6.0s on TNN.

Hey, did you hear how quiet the crowd became with Road Dogg and K-Kwick after they started their song? Again, bad booking. Might as well bring in Men on a Mission while you are at it, and if I'm not wrong, the WWF still has Viscera(Mabel), and I'm sure Moe and Oscar aren't hard to find in the unemployment line these days....

Yay, the RTC retains all titles. That's a way to get ratings.

Tazz/Raven vs. Dudley Boyz reminded me of the Fog Bowl between the Bears and the Eagles in the late 1980s. I feel really bad for the effects crew, who probably got chewed out royally from Vince for that lovely error. Both the Dudleys and Tazz/Raven can get more hardcore if they wanted.

RAW Phat Stats

Matches: 7
Clean Wins: 5
Screwjobs: 0
Disqualifications: 2
No Contests: 0

Last Word: Although the booking isn't up to WWF standards, at least the matches and action were. There wasn't a bad match on the card, with a few exceptionally good matches. That, my friends, will carry it to a


grade. Austin did look very ackward working with the Radicalz, as he'll probably complain in the back about working with them. I predict a 4.7 first hour rating against Nitro.

Overall, an OK night of wrestling. I'm convinced that we've returned to 1993, when the wrestling war was the WWF's to lose, while its competition was near becoming extinct, and that's scary.

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@That's all for today. I shall be back tomorrow with MORE PDC, since the ratings will come out. Oh by the way.... this week's History will be revisiting the Survivor Series 97 incident, since you know, Survivor Series 2000 is right around the corner. Don't worry, cause the Ultimate Warrior history will still be on its way.. I just felt that to get into the Survivor Series mood, it would be nice take a look at what actually happened, and the many theories still discussed today.

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