Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Tonight, we have Survivor Series, as I'm wondering what screwjob will take place this year. We'll see tonight, but for now, I have my Surivor Series predictions in this very column. So let's get to it! On to the PDC.


-I heard that Bill Banks said on WCW Live that someone who we haven't seen in a while will be on Nitro this Monday. Is this one of the few wrestlers that have been sidelined for a while, like Hogan or Flair? Or could this be another ratings ploy, which is where my money is at. Shame on you WCW, as you should have learned that this kind of stuff bothers fans. Now if it is indeed true, well that's good, but if not, it's just another worthless ratings ploy that is just like the Hummer Driver...and nobody to this day knows who that is!

-Again, despite the rumors, it seems that Eric Bischoff will NOT be coming back to WCW in any shape or form. It was suggested that he would be the manager of the Outsiders, but of course, that's already proven to be false. He has a few years left on his contract, and he'll just sit back and enjoy those paychecks that keep coming in due to his ironclad contract. The could re-assign him to a new position, but what good would that do? He would just be in the way.


-Why is that I'm getting hammered with e-mails saying that Stone Cold Steve Austin will no-show for Survivor Series? This is about as ridiculous as the Undertaker retiring rumor that was floating around. The only way it would happen is if Stone Cold was very upset with the proposed outcome which would either make him heel or he wouldn't become champ. I highly doubt that Stone Cold would do this, as he enjoys that paycheck that he gets every week.

Survivor Series Predictions

Yes, my WWF record for predictions lately has been horrible. I'm hoping my luck from the perfect 5-0 predicted matches rubs of here. Anyways, here are my predictions:

=Val Venis, Mark Henry, Gangrel, and Steve Blackman vs. British Bulldog and the Mean Street Posse. Why the hell is this team fighting? Hmm..the Bulldog and Mean Street Posse team look more solid to me, and I bet Mankind will cause Val Venis the match if he's at the very end. Winners: Bulldog and the Posse.

=Godfather, D'Lo, and the Headbangers vs. Acolytes and Dudley Boys. Acolytes and Dudley Boys can't get along if they tried, but they will win this match! Acolytes seem to be getting some kind of toughguy push these days, and they'll be tough in this match even if the Dudley Boys are also attacking them.

=Hollys and Too Cool vs. Edge, Christian, and the Hardy Boys. Oh lord, this match will be the showstopper of the night! Lots of spectacular moves to enjoy, and Edge, Christian, and the Hardy Boys are going to pull this one off. Winners: Edge, Christian, and the Hardy Boys.

=Ivory, Jackie, Luna, and Terri Runnels vs. Fabulous Moolah, Mae Young, Debra, and Tori. It seems that Ivory's team will self destruct, and I mainly mean her and Luna. Luna has been scheduled to fight for the title if not win it for a while now, and what better way to let it fire up than this match. Winners: Moolah, Young, Debra, and Tori.

=Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Stasiak. Shawn Stasiak will never win another match again until he starts calling himself 'Meat' again. Period. Plus, Kurt Angle wouldn't lose in his first match, now would he? Winner: Kurt Angle.

=X-Pac vs. Kane. I think X-Pac will give him all he can handle, but he'll have to result to disqualification via New Age Outlaws because his skinny ass can't hurt the Big Red Machine. Winner: Kane by DQ.

=Mankind and Al Snow vs. the New Age Outlaws. I think the WWF loved the duo of Mankind and Al Snow as champs, plus they are finally giving some recognition to Al Snow. However, they are facing the New Age Outlaws, who have proudly returned to their cheating for, and they will cheat their balls off to win this match. Winner: New Age Outlaws.

=Chris Jericho vs. Chyna. Even if Jericho is having backstage problems, the WWF would let him win the title anyways to cover it up. I think they will give him the IC title anyways just to see how he handles himself as champion. If it wouldn't work out, it's jobbing time for him on RAW or Smackdown. Winner: Jericho.

=Big Show, Funaki, Taka, Blue Meanie vs. Bossman, Viscera(WHO ISN'T DEAD), Prince Albert, and Mideon. The odds are against Big Show, as his other 3 partners will get eliminated quickly. This is the night where Big Show will shine, as he'll eliminate all four of the other wrestlers, and he will begin that push that needed the right heat to get him over. I never liked his angle that he was in, but it appears that it will be the starting point of his rise to fame in the WWF. Winner: Big Show and his jobbing friends.

=Steve Austin vs. Rock vs. Triple H. Stone Cold will win this in my opinion. Whether he turns heel or a screwjob backfires, Austin will win this belt! That's just my opinion, as I feel that the Rock's glory moment will be at Wrestlemania, and it's no longer Triple H's time to be champ in the WWF. Winner: Stone Cold.

@That's all for today. Thank God the Survivor Series is tonight, as it has been a very slow newsday. Well, thanks for reading, and I hope to be back tomorrow with more. Just chill...till the next episode. Oh yeah, if you need Survivor Series results and play by play, Lords of Pain has them tonight!!!!

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