Welcome to yet another edition of the Phat Daily Column for Tuesday. Today's column usually gets the most hits because everyone has a curiousity about RAW reviews, which is different from the Smackdown reviews. I don't know why that is....

Today, I'll be writing this column while listening to the soulful music of Rob Zombie, for I bought the CD, the "Sinister Urge" just before I came home to write this very column. So if I just suddenly shout "I FEEL SO GOOD, I FEEL SO NUMB YEAH" out of no where, you'll know why.

Anyway, I have a Sinister Urge to talk about the Weakest Link and RAW, so on to the PDC!!

The Weakest Link: WWF Style

This was quite a good laugh! All of the superstars acted professionally, and had fun doing the show, despite the evil host trying to intimidate the wrestlers. I thought that William Regal was the most knowledgeable of the wrestlers, while Booker T and the Big Show lacked something upstairs. The others either got lucky on the questions, or had hot rounds.

What hurt Regal and Trish Stratus, though, was the fact that they don't live in America. Trish got blasted on some American history, while Regal struggled on business or economic stuff in the United States. Lita was an oddball on the show... She was pretty good on the pop culture questions, but I shook my head when she didn't get the "First names of the presidents" question. That was really bad. Of course, Booker T thought Thanksgiving was in October. D'oh!

It was funny to watch Stephanie. She was trying to be in character and putting herself over, and even at one point, she joked about her breasts. Geesh. She's really a horrible person everywhere. Triple H was the most laid back of the bunch, while Kurt Angle was the funniest. Poor Angle wasted way too much time on that one question, which allowed him to get eliminated. He was a strong team member before that happened, too.

Triple H won, beating his own evil wife, Stephanie. Very entertaining to watch, and it could be a keeper in the video collection.


RAW started out with a Kurt Angle interview.... Uh oh, this show is already starting out bad. However, Edge came down, and as a former friend of Angle's, he told Kurt how everyone was pissed at him for joining the Alliance. Therefore, Edge challenged him for the WCW US title. See, this made the opening interview worthwhile, because we got a match, off the get, out of it. Hot opener between Angle and Edge, as if they wouldn't do such a thing together. Edge won the Worthless Championship Wrestling US title after Kane's entrance music distracted Kurt Angle. Hey, the WWF sort of used that ending during the Austin vs. RVD match a while ago. Afterward, Kane did show up and he attacked Angle for damn near breaking his ankle at a surprisingly good match at a Smackdown. Makes sense, although Kane should chase after Steve Austin for hitting that ankle with a chair before Angle finished him off.

Our next match was for the Hardy Boyz vs. Booker T/Test for the Worthless Wrestling Federation Tag Titles. Decent match, although it was too quick and it had the repetitive Lita finish. However, it did further the break up angle between Matt and Lita, as Matt had that look in his face, as if he lost some pride by having his girlfriend helping the team to win. I would have cursed at all hell for this, yet another, title change, but it would make sense later... although the WWF resorts to it too often.

Hugh Morrus and Chavo Guerrero tried to join the WWF, and in doing so, they were FIRED by the Alliance. Looks like that gives an excuse for Chavo to be on Tough Enough 2, so where will Hugh Morrus end up?

I'm sure a whole bunch of ECW marks are going to yell about how quickly Steve Austin destroyed Tazz. We'll hear stuff like "Taz was a dominant ECW champ, so why can't he put up a better match" and so on. Yeah, but this Tazz is not the "Taz" you once saw. In ECW, he wrestled a bunch of smaller wrestlers who would sell ALL of his stiff offense. Plus, he was in better muscular shape in ECW, too. Tazz actually looked short against Austin. But hey, Austin did cheat to win, as he hit the ballshot on Tazz when the ref was somewhat distracted. So at least accept that, you ECW marks?

Next match was Scotty 2 Hotty/Albert vs. the Dudleys. Wow... Albert, as a face and tagging with Scotty? Scotty 2 Hotty still gets monster face pops, so it's somewhat of a good idea to put Albert with him. The match was entertaining until the Duds ran away with Stacy Keibler. The crowd was going crazy for it, too, especially during the double-Worm part. Albert does need a little practice. Did I mention that Stacy is the best female in the WWF lately?

Odd match between the Undertaker and Rob Van Dam. They started out in the ring, and then on to the RAW stage, where a lot of good brawling occurred. I wouldn't ever think that the Undertaker would take a flying body press from someone jumping that far. Booker T would then come down to interfere, telling the story that Booker T and RVD are no longer bickering and can function as a team. Booker T would help RVD get the win against the Undertaker. It's funny, because the Undertaker can beat Austin and Kurt Angle cleanly, but he can't take RVD and Booker T.

Much better backstage scenes this week, instead of the non-stop Austin ones we were fed at Smackdown. The heat between Jericho and the Rock remained, and would play out, later. Also, good part where Austin said he could take the Rock anytime he wanted, which also would affect the events of later on.

Holy Mick Foley sighting! I was wondering where the WWF commissioner was, last week, and he gave us the answer, for he can't do that much with Vince McMahon now back making decisions. However, he addressed the title problem, which was a good part, although he was mixed up on who was the WCW US champ and who was the WWF IC champ. For some reason, I can NEVER remember who is the IC champion anymore. Don't know why. Edge will take on Test, thus the reasoning for the Edge US title win, and the Dudleys will take on the Hardys in a cage match. Both are unifying the titles. It seems as though the WWF relies too much on the Dudleys and Hardys to have breakthrough matches, against each other, on Pay Per Views. I hope they do something on Smackdown to add heat to the match. Foley also booked William Regal against the Rock, who is the WCW CHAMPION. Doesn't the Alliance commissioner have any power to pawn the Rock off, against someone else, for a title shot so that he wouldn't have to fight Rocky?

Throwaway match occurred with the Big Show and Christian. But hey, the WWF actually used Diamond Dallas Page on RAW or Smackdown. Holy cow! DDP got in a Diamond Cutter, and then, the Dudleys broke a table over Big Show's head. Later on, someone said that the Big Show had a concussion, so does that mean that Vince McMahon will take back his spot on the team?

The WWF would then show the full performance of Rob Zombie playing "Never Gonna Stop", while Edge was on the stage, too. I liked it, but I'm sure there are plenty of non-Rob Zombie fans who would prefer something else in place of this.

Speaking of music, awesome Undertaker clip segment during Creed's new song. It was funny, too, because they showed the GREAT Undertaker, as opposed to the washed up guy, trying to be a biker and a no-selling wrestler that he's become now. I liked the Undertaker until the Demonic angle, where he really let himself go and it was then that his age finally caught up to him. Plus, he wasn't putting nobody over, especially after the few losses to Austin.

Somewhat quick match between William Regal and the Rock. Funny that the Rock needed help from Tajiri to get the win. What's even funnier is the fact that the referee didn't notice the green stuff all over Regal's face, as the Rock finished William off. Rock would then get on the mic and call out the man who claimed he could take the Rock whenever he wanted: Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Austin would then come down, and we would get our Sports Entertainment finish of a lifetime. Austin and the Rock would talk trash on each other, play off their catch phrases, etc. The crowd was really into it, especially whenever Austin talked: "what?" I mean, it was somewhat entertaining, but man, it dragged. I at least liked how the Rock reminded Austin of their past, like Wrestlemania 17, for instance. After actually singing together (!!!), the Rock finally had enough, and Rock Bottomed Austin. That made Kurt Angle run down to help Austin, showing that they were a unit. Chris Jericho ran down to save the Rock, showing that they can kiss and make up as well to save their jobs.

RAW Phat Stats
Matches: 7
Clean Wins: 2
Screwjobs: 4
Disqualifications: 0
No Contests: 1

LAST WORD: For all of the WWF's efforts to hype a Pay Per View, this was probably their best one yet. They are attempting to use the Rock vs. Austin trump card (if you call it that) to make the Alliance vs. WWF match seem like something. As far as an overall wrestling show, it was decent and entertaining for the most part. Easily the best RAW in 5 weeks, with a


(B plus) grade. So was Jim Ross right? Well, considering the last 4 RAWs have sucked beyond belief, possibly..... (Jim Ross said the next 2 weeks of television would be "compelling and exciting" in his recent Ross Report)

Rob Zombie: The Sinister Urge

Since I've listened to this CD several times already, since it's unfortunately short, I'll give my quick opinion on it. In my opinion, it's the worst effort by Rob Zombie, although it's still a good listen. The CD has 11 tracks, with 9 of them actually being songs. There's a hidden song, although it's very short, so it won't be counted. Also, if you have the Mission Impossible 2 soundtrack, you already have "Scum of the Earth". So really, it's 8 songs that you've never heard of.

I don't think those 8 songs compare to any of the White Zombie stuff, or anything on the "Hellbilly Deluxe" CD. However, they are better than most music in the industry right now, and it's enough to get my Rob Zombie fix until he puts out a remix CD of these songs. I probably like "Scum of the Earth" the best, since I liked it on the MI 2 soundtrack, anyway. "Iron Head" is interesting, for it's a duet with Ozzy Osborne. It's perfect timing since they are touring together. I like Edge's "Never Gonna Stop" theme, "Feel So Numb" (the 1st single of the album) and "Dead Girl Superstar". The other songs are OK, although I'll probably have to listen to the CD a little more for a full opinion.

My suggestion is that if you're a Rob Zombie junkie, like myself, then screw it, go buy it!! If not, I'd suggest finding a way to check out the CD before buying it or the possibility of buying past Rob Zombie works.

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KOLTERSHOCK!!!! You KNOW you want to check it out!

@That's all for today. I hope I've reviewed enough stuff for you today. If not, I'll be back, tomorrow, with a FULL review of Kurt Angle's book, "It's True, It's True". Until then, why not go out and celebrate the fact that RAW was decent for a change!

Take Care, and Thanks for Reading.

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