It's just another manic Monday... Welcome to another delightful edition of the Phat Daily Column. I am your host, Mr. Tito, if you couldn't tell that from the title of this column. Tonight, we discuss the biggest day of the week, as the two superpowers clash. No, I'm not talking about the Broncos and the Raiders(I'll take the Broncos), I'm talking about RAW and Nitro. Nitro, oddly enough, is slowly improving on the ratings, while the WWF is struggling on their new home, TNN. Let's get on to some hyping!


-RAW Hype-

Oh darn, Steven Richards will be at WWF NY tonight, so that means the Right to Censor won't be shoved down our throat for this week's RAW. I'm hoping for RTC to lose the titles in his absense, but I can only wish. Point being though, less RTC is a good thing. I only wish Vince McMahon could see the light there.

Triple H and Rikishi Phatu will both be talking stuff on Austin/Rock, although they can't exactly do anything since both the Game and Phatu are banged up for the moment. Do you know what that means??!? LOTS and LOTS of LONG interviews! Can you feel the excitement already?

We'll probably have a nice reunited DX against the Radicals feud heating up, as if anyone actually cares. DX is a bunch of old gimmicked wrestlers, packed into one, and the Radicals are 4 of the most talented wrestlers, but are underappreciated by everyone.

Also, Kurt Angle will most likely take a stunner from Austin, and get powerbombed by the Undertaker. That's your world champion folks, and it's something that true Anglefans should be very angry about. At least give him some credibility as World Champ.

Note on No Mercy for N64: Many of you have asked if I'll review No Mercy when it comes out later this week, but I can't say that I can. It's finals week for me, and for the fact that I have no N64 down here on campus and plus that the local K-Mart(the only store here really) won't have it until later, don't expect a No Mercy review for another few weeks. I promise I'll review it. As for Smackdown 2, which is also coming out soon.... unless someone has the game in my area, I won't be able to play it. I don't have Playstation 2, therefore, I won't be buying it myself. But if some kind friend in the area wants me to try it, then I'll be right over. :)


-Nitro Hype-

Firstly, I caught Battledome late last night, and let me say this: who allows for this crap to be on TV?!? This show is horrible, as you have a bunch of muscle-bound morons trying to look tough. These guys are soooo popular that nobody even knows who the hell they are in the WCW crowds. Now isn't that a peach? The Battledome guys are eating up the Time Warner budget by travelling to Britain with WCW this week. Hey, take free money when you can.

AHHHHH!!! Not the Lethal Lottery!!! That brings back bad, bad memories of some very horrible WCW Pay Per Views back in the day. Wasn't it the "spin the wheel, make the deal" thing? That's not the point. I don't know, maybe the way WCW presents the Lethal Lottery could provide a fresh show, especially with some of the good talent they actually have.

Something is going to go down with the Natural Born Thrillers and Kevin Nash tonight. Hey, Nash can no longer rely on Scott Hall!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!! Ahem. If Nash single-handedly clears all 7 members of the NBT, I'm going to change the channel fast! Nobody as washed up and as fragile(his knees) should defeat 7 of the youngest talents at once. NOBODY.

Hey... we get Lance Storm vs. General Rection tonight! Oh please give the belt back to Storm and have no rematches for Mayhem. I can stop praying, because this one will have a run-in, so that we may suffer through another match at Mayhem.

Crowbar, who should NEVER lose that Hardcore Title anytime soon, will fight in a match with "an undeniably English feel". Hey, maybe Fit Finley might make his return tonight? Whoever it is, Crowbar should NOT lose this match. He's earned this title, and should keep it forever.

Dawn Marie to be on Wrestle Palooza!!!

This Wednesday, be sure to check out the Wrestle Palooza Audio Show since ECW's very own Dawn Marie will be a special guest on the show. Click Here to check out the Audio Show area, including past shows, or just information possibly sending YOUR questions to the Wrestle Palooza for them to use when interviewing Dawn Marie.

Backyard BBQ: The BEST in Backyard Wrestling.

@That's all for today. I'll be back tomorrow with the returning Monday Night Impressions in full force. So until then, just chill.....

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