Welcome to another fun-filled edition of the Phat Daily Column. Sorry for no Weekend PDC, but as I started the column late Saturday night after work, my mind drew a blank. I was even struggling to write the introduction! Plans were to write a Survivor Series History, but with histories, you have to be in a certain mood to write them. So I figured I'd try to write some "Daily Apples" instead. I just couldn't get into it. It was one of those nights where you're worn out physically and mentally, and you don't feel like doing anything.

However, I did do something instead of whipping up a Weekend PDC this weekend: I finished Kurt Angle's book, "It's True, It's True". My goal was to have read it by Wednesday, and I've pounded that into the ground. Therefore, you are guaranteed to see a Kurt Angle book review in this Wednesday's column! That is, unless I completely forget to write it, which could happen, since I'm known for having a very bad short term memory.

Looking around on the internet, I see many people debating about the status of one Eddie Guerrero, whether he should be fired by the WWF or not for his DUI. All I can say is that instead of crashing into a gate, what if Eddie hit another car, and killed a few people? That's the risk Eddie ran driving drunk, and he's doing this fresh off the WWF's kindness to spend top dollar for his rehab to stop his pain killer addiction. What a guy.

Drinking and driving is a penalty for a reason: it's dangerous and life threatening. The individuals who think that Eddie should remain in the WWF should ask themselves: would you support Eddie if he killed someone while driving under the influence? No, you wouldn't, and it could have happened. Now would the WWF like some bad publicity, on top of what they currently have, that one of their wrestlers killed innocent human beings while driving under the influence? No they wouldn't, and I'm sure they are fuming at the current bad publicity that Eddie is giving them right now.

And I know the effects of alcohol on drivers, personally. I've had serveral friends hurt, luckily not killed, by oncoming drunk drivers hitting them. Luckily, I've been able to dodge 2 or 3 of them, as they swerved toward me or cut me off on the road. Finally, one drunken bastard almost hit my house, under the influence of alcohol. Thank God that we had a tree stump in front of our house, or a lot of damage could have been done.

But what if Eddie just got drunk? That's fine, and many people get plastered all of the time. What should give no remorse to Eddie is that fact that he tried to drive while drunk. That puts him in a different category from enjoying his liquor to becoming a killer on the road. It has nothing to do with any of the recent faults, with pain killers, that Eddie is recovering from. From reading these 4 paragraphs or segments, I'm sure you know my opinion of him right now, or whether he should remain in the WWF.

On to the PDC.


-Last night, after watching the Seattle Seahawks pull an amazing upset over the Oakland Raiders, I flipped around and caught the very end of Sunday Night Heat. I found myself watching the main event between Diamond Dallas Page, a former WCW star badly used by the WWF, against the current Intercontinental Champion, Edge. I then became at a loss for words.... Edge just beat Diamond Dallas Page, fair and square.

Now don't get me wrong. I'm a fan of Edge, and I think he's the future of the WWF. No doubt about that. However, it's just the continuous fact that Diamond Dallas Page is being totally wasted by the WWF, and he has been that way from the start. Team Alliance needs another big name to replace Shane McMahon for their Survivor Series team, and it's preferred that they use an ECW or WCW name. DDP would have been perfect, but the damn WWF has an overall dislike for him because the Undertaker gave DDP bad reviews for several matches that they had together. Ever since then, the WWF doesn't care about the potential of pushing a BIG NAME WCW star for the Alliance. They'd rather prefer to place WWF stars in the Alliance, instead, making it look much weaker.

It's very sad, indeed. Not only has the WWF blown the Invasion angle, but they've ended the possibilities of various dream matches, like Rock vs. DDP, Steve Austin vs. DDP, Triple H vs. DDP, and so on, to achieve higher buyrates for future Pay Per Views. Instead, DDP has been targeted in the WWF's hatred in anybody who was very loyal to WCW or was a marquee name. More people can associate DDP with WCW than such stars as Booker T, which is why you still see the Bookerman on television. It's an absolute joke at how the WWF Good Ol' Boy Network© can just ruin something that's potentially big for the WWF.

-With all of the financial problems arriving, you know what makes me laugh the most? The inviduals who have told myself, and other columnists, that we've been too negative towards the WWF and their programming. Yeah sure, that's fine and dandy, when only about less than 10% of wrestling fans actually look up wrestling stuff, when using the internet. Therefore, there's no case at blaming the internet for the WWF's destruction. Therefore, it must be the WWF's own fault for recent troubles.

Their lack of creative storylines, to keep the fans interested and watching, has caused ratings to slip, buyrates to drop, many jobs to be cut, and probably some bad problems with advertising and Viacom. Now had they produced better television, like they easily did in 1998 and 1999, some parts of 2000, then they wouldn't be in this hole, now would they? Nope. The WWF does not care about the midcarders, for they continually push the same few wrestlers, over and over again, and they let those same wrestlers make decisions about their own storylines. Why yes, it's Time Warner/AOL WCW again!

So don't blame those "negative" columnists. Maybe pat them on the back for being correct all along? Maybe give them props, for once, for actually seeing a weaker product than before. How about that? How about putting the foot in the mouth for how right we were about the WWF? Please do so, because you very much deserve it for trying to make yourself look "smart" in your internet wrestling writings, putting us down all of the time for our very honest opinions.


Remember kids.... Jim Ross said that this week's television and next week's television would be "compelling and exciting". I hope Jim Ross can place his own foot in his mouth if it's just another bad week of WWF television.

Tonight, we'll only be 6 days away from Survivor Series. So what? It's not like that event will be any fun to get hyped up about. And that's sad, because the Survivor Series is one of those fun events you know will entertain you, guaranteed every year. The WWF will have to half-ass everything to fill the undercard of that show, so look for some out of no where angles to occur. The WWF is probably frustrated because they have 10 of their "stars" in the main event, which they counted on filling the matches.

We'll be in the Boston Fleet Center, which usually has hot crowds. Of course, the bad WWF product couldn't get the New York crowd to cheer loud, so what says they can make the Boston one do the same? Absolutely nothing, of course. The WWF will probably start the show off with another McMahon interview, so that the crowd can get killed at the start of the show by Vince's boring and repetitive words.

WWF.com is stating that Rob Zombie will be appearing on tonight's broadcast. That's how lazy the fellas at WWF.com are becoming, since it's being reported that he won't show up for RAW, rather that the WWF will show footage of Edge at a Zombie concert. Speaking of Rob Zombie, his new CD comes out tomorrow! Yipee!! Although, I will note that his current material isn't as heavy as his earlier stuff, but it's still good, in my opinion, and I'll buy it like the loyal fan that I am of his work.

I'm predicting that this show is going to be another bad one. At this point, I don't think Vince McMahon knows why his wrestling product is dwindling. The only time he knew he was in trouble, back in the day, was in 1996, when WCW became the hottest federation going. It took something to physically and mentally force his back to the wall for Vince McMahon to make the WWF great again, and the big financial empire that it became. As WCW killed itself from 1998 and beyond, they were blind in their own destruction. The WWF has 3 McMahons who can't see their own faults, and aren't willing to admit that their television roles or their creative minds are bad. They won't do that, and until they straighten up, the WWF empire will fall.

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@That's all for today's edition of the PDC. I hope to be back tomorrow with a GREAT show to talk about. I really hope I can do that, but that's out of my power, for it's the WWF's decision to put on a good show or not. See you tomorrow!

Take Care, and Thanks for Reading.

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