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On today's Phat Daily Column...

Scott Hall, a former many time Intercontinental Champion, and many time World Tag champ in WCW(Not to mention US and TV titles), now finds himself in Extreme Championship Wrestling. Will he become a problem again, or prove himself?

Sunday Night Heat....after struggling with a 1.9 rating, will this show survive? If so, how....

Hulk Hogan, a man who has wrecked WCW more times than Dusty Rhodes, is rumored to return...should he?

And finally on this broadcast, the return of the Show of the Week, since our newscenter was able to watch Smackdown this week.

For you may be able to solve a PDC....



Since I was able to catch Smackdown this week, I'm able to bring this back for one more week. Oh by the way, this quarter ends for me next week, therefore, the "Show of the Week" will be a regular feature for a little bit, until I go back to school in January. And the winner is......


This show was one of WCW's best Thunders in a long time, since it had good wrestling action, their top stars, and clear/interesting storylines for a change. Usually, the hardwork of Monday Nitro wears down the wrestlers, especially the "superstars". Not this week, with the wrestlers putting on their best performances. Who knows? Maybe this trend will continue with Thunders?

WWF, as far as action goes, had some decent shows, but the booking was so half assed, even Vince Russo can laugh! They should have made Triple H the driver from the start, instead of wasting Rikishi's career as a bad heel. Nuff said!

The Unexplained


When will WCW get it through their thick head that they do NOT need Hogan right now? Never. Since Hogan does draw his 'hardcore' fans, it will provide a small bump in the first weeks. Then, the hardcore fans will stop watching since it gets too much for them.

Sure, Hogan was the man during the late 1980s and 1996-1997, but his time has passed. As champion, besides those years, he's given wrestling a negative effect in terms of lockerroom morale, storylines, and just overall horrible matches!

But maybe this time, he'll "work" with younger talent. Yeah right. He tried that, remember, and everytime he had the chance to talk to another wrestler, he dogged Russo for putting him in programs with Kidman, Mike Awesome, and even Jeff Jarrett. Having Hogan come back means that WCW no longer have any confidence in people like the Natural Born Thrillers, and so forth.

WCW has enough egos as it is, with Bill Goldberg, Kevin Nash, and Scott Steiner running things in the back, and Hogan will only make it worse. Hogan's contract will always has the creative clause in it, so why the hell would you hire him? Hey, if you are going to bring him back, how about making the return of Brutus "the barber" Beefcake, the Honky Tonk Man, and many other former WWF Hogan buddies too. That way, we could live in 1994-1995 all over again!

The Unknown


Now everyone KNOWS what a big Scott Hall fan I am, right? Well, I used to like him, until I found out that he has no regard for his own life.

He made his ECW debut Friday night, tagging up with Jerry Lynn to go up against Justin Credible/Rhino. By the way, Justin Credible is a long time friend of Scott Hall, which brings me to an incident....

Apparently, during one of Scott Hall's many rehab time-offs in WCW, he tried to visit his buddy and former clique co-conspirator, Justin Credible. However, good old Shane Douglas punked Scott Hall out, not letting him in the ECW lockerroom. If you remember, Douglas had some problems with Hall and the Clique while being "Dean Douglas" in WCW.

However, there is no Douglas to take charge anymore, and plus, ECW needs the money, REALLY BAD! So, they are taking a chance on Scott Hall raking in the dollars, possibly increasing attendance or whatever. You know what, I really hope Hall proves himself at ECW. I'm tired of hearing about how he can't keep his own life under control. When Hall is in his top form, he's one of the bests in the business. When he's under the influence, he's a trainwreck for a promotion.

I'm sure he'll eventually join up with Justin Credible, as this houseshow thing could be hiding an angle to come. Expect ECW to shove Hall on the Pay Per View as well, to keep running PPVs despite no television hype. Plus, ECW got Hall before XPW could snatch him up.....

Lost Loves


Opening quote for's Heat Preview: "You want to talk about a HUGE episode of Heat? Try this on for size:" Wow, they are just begging you to watch this Mtv-themed wrestling show.

Actually, Kurt Angle will be defending this World Title on this show!! Looks like the WWF Panic Mode is in full force now. He will be fighting the person of Debra's choosing, which I'd be laughing in tears if it was Stone Cold Steve Austin. It will probably be Bob Holly, to bore us all (NOTE: I did not read the spoilers, so you "smart" fans need to close Outlook Express before telling me where to go).

Oh my GOD!!! Too Cool, who have proven me right on now being a worthless tag team, will face the best damn heel team in the business, Edge/Christian. Yeah, Too Cool just isn't much these days, are they? In fact, they are right where they belong: on Sunday Night Heat. That way, we don't get any WORMS on RAW, nor will these two cruiserweights get any wins off of any good teams.

Road Dogg will help host Heat from WWF NY. Since when was the last time Road Dogg was a true draw for ratings? Since the WWF seems to be shoving Billy Gunn a new gimmick, why not try with Road Dogg too? Why not X-Pac while we are at it?


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Perhaps there is someone out there, somewhere, that may be able to solve a Phat Daily Column.

@That's all for this Unsolved Mystery themed PDC, if you didn't notice that. I'll be back tomorrow with MONDAY NIGHT HYPE, since we'll need to get ready for each federation's best shows in such a special way. Just chill....

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