Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. I hope you have enjoyed the Thursday Night shows. The ratings for those shows should be out later today. I'm glad that I missed Smackdown due to the sick Bossman segment! More on that in a moment, and many other goodies, so on to the PDC.


-How low can the WWF get on this Bossman-Big Show angle? Tonight, according to the results that the great Chip Williams did, Bossman hit Big Show with his car, and then he proceeds to drag Big Show's father's casket with his car. How sick can you get? Yes, deaths do happen on television shows. Yes, cancer does happen to a loved one on television shows. But does their arch enemy come to the funeral, try to run over the victim of a lost loved one, and then tie the casket to their car and drive away? NO!!!! That's just sick, and it's uncalled for. That's not entertainment at all, it's just plain horrible!

-Well, the announced Survivor Series matches didn't make sense until you watched Smackdown, but this is only one show to hype these matches up? Nice way to drive the buyrates up, eh? At least the WWF has gone back to the 4 on 4 elimination format, because they kinda went away from the theme for the past few years. Oh well. Should be lots of action in those matches, especially the one with whoever is fighting Edge/Christian/Hardy Boys. That's one team that I wouldn't want to face.

-Hey, Debra came back! Glad that happened, because I get hammered with e-mails asking when she's coming back. Another topic that keeps coming up is about what her new role in the WWF will be. Well, the WWF liked what she did with Jarrett, as she gave him attention until Jarrett came into his own. She can easily do that with another WWF heel that is in need of some attention. As for the never-ending rumors that she'll side with Stone Cold, you never know. The WWF keeps denying that it will happen, but I somehow see a combination like the good ol' WCW days when Steve Austin was managed by Lady Blossom...and hey, that was his love interest at the time too! Rather ironic if it happens, but I don't think the WWF wants Stunning Steve Austin over Stone Cold Steve Austin.

-Looks like I need to follow the video game world again. Yesterday, I ranted about how there was information out on WWF Smackdown when Wrestlemania 2000 hasn't come out yet. Little did I know that Wrestlemania 2000 is only for N64 and that Smackdown would only be for Playstation. I just saw news and screenshots for Smackdown, and I was like "what the f*ck?" because I thought WM2000 was for both systems along with Smackdown. I felt it was rather odd for a company to work so much on the next project when the one before that isn't out yet. I guess it makes sense when they are on two different game consoles. Sorry for the error. Now I know, and knowing is half the battle.


-It's funny to see the reports about Russo getting upset about the production errors and how the Sting-Goldberg match was cut short. I guess Russo has to get used to part of the problems that WCW was suffering though, plus he's working with a whole new crew who have never worked like the way he does. The shows were much more layed back, and errors were ignored back then, but now, Russo must have everything perfect because he knows top quality is the only way that WCW will be successful against his former promotion, the WWF.

-If you haven't been to WCW.com lately, you should go there and check out Bill Bank's column on the main page. He discussed his reasons for joining WCW. He said that he saw the strain of what booking for the WWF did to Russo and Ferarra, and knowing that he would take the top booking role when they were gone, he decided that he didn't want that to happen to him. He said that he's a young 23 years old, and that he didn't need the stress at this time in his life. Bill Banks will be continuing to work with Russo and Ferarra on WCW storylines, and he'll help WCW.com continue to improve.

-From Calvin Martin's Torch hotline report, it said that Thunder will be televised on Wednesdays starting December 8th. Yay, now everyone can enjoy the excitement known as Chunder..ahem, Thunder. This wouldn't effect Smackdown's hussling for a great show, because there is already enough shows for the WWF to compete with on Thursday. It will be interesting to see what will happen about the cutback on Nitro. Russo wants to cut the first hour, and TNT or Time Warner wants the third hour gone. If you cut the first hour, it's all competition on Mondays. Cut the final hour, both shows will only care about he 9-10 hour, thus, very weak competition. We'll have to wait until the end of this year to see what happens with Nitro.


-Tonight, at 8 p.m Eastern Time, ECW will again be on TNN. You'll probably see some effects of the November to Remember show, or just some re-hashed matches from other shows. Well, I hope that ECW can keep in the ones for the ratings, and keep growing. I think now is the time they can really start getting the attention they need for the show. I just hope that they don't sink below the one mark again because everytime they do, I keep hearing about how TNN and ECW has a "strained" relationship. Just check it out tonight if you can, or just tape it like I do. I hope to have my impressions for you tomorrow on this show. I do, however, want to apologize if I've been a little harsh on ECW on my grades. I haven't seen ECW in 2 years, and now that it's back, it's sort of new to me. So far, the TNN show has impressed me on some weeks, and others it didn't. I guess you could say that I was a huge fan when ECW had its stars like the Eliminators, Raven in his prime, Sandman in his prime, and Stevie Richards in his prime. I basically grade the shows if they entertain me, or annoy me. Some things that I've seen so far on the TNN show, have annoyed me, and it might reflect on my grades. I try to be fair as possible when I grade a show, and I've been grading the TNN show on how I see it. It's my opinion, and I everyone elses about the show.

@That's it for today. Thanks a million for reading my column everyday, as I enjoy good clean feedback from it everyday. I'm hoping to be back tomorrow with the ECW impressions, so until then, how about chilling?

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