Welcome back to yet another Phat Daily Column. Happy Veterans day to everyone! Tonight, we have the Thursday Night Wars...well, I should say the highly rated Smackdown and the slowly growing Thunder. I'm glad I don't have UPN now because now, I don't have to see the Bossman-Big Show garbage that happens. Oh well, on to the PDC.


-I really hope the WWF has the decency to edit the Bossman-Big Show segment out tonight, because it's going even further than the Bossman interrupting the 10 bell rings. The 10 ring salute was a horrible incident in itself, but what happens tonight makes that look bad. I know that the WWF wants to get heat in their angles, and they want the Bossman to get the most heat that he can so it puts Big Show over when they fight, but come on!! You can't have Bossman doing this sick crap, nor should you be milking this angle on your website. I really wonder what UPN or USA really think about the angle cause it's very degrading. Of course, you could argue that the WWF is "Sports Entertainment" and that other soap operas or shows have harsh themes tonight, but after tonight, I assure you, you'll agree that it's gone too far.

-Damn it, Stevie Richards suffered a broken foot when he was thrown out of the ring Monday by Chris Jericho. It will put him out of in-ring action for a month, but rest assured, he's got a good opportunity to remain on television. The WWF is extremely pleased with Stevie's performance, as he's worked his way up to where he is now. He didn't have a grand entrance to live up to. He just had a small debut on Heat, many small appearances on either RAW or Smackdown, and he was wrestling the Jakked circuit. Stevie has worked his way up, and big things are in store for this man.

-I keep hearing the hype about Wrestlemania 2000 being the best video game of all time, and I've seen the screenshots, and I would tend to agree. One thing is intriguing me though. I am already seeing previews for the next WWF game, WWF Smackdown, and the current project isn't even out yet!!! What, is the company making the second game in the middle of the production for the one they are soon to put out? Oh well, I guess we will be seeing lots of WWF video games this year by THQ.

-Wow!! WWF: Volume 4 has nailed the #4 position on the Billboard Charts!!! This is HUGE for the WWF, as this is the first time any wrestling cd has even made it into the top 5. WWF 3 made it into the top 10, but they never could reach the top 5 spots. It must be the Jericho theme....

The Real Federation War Has Started

Hold on to your seats, because both the WWF and WCW are now out for blood. Both companies are positioning themselves for a complete war, and it will become worse by the week. If you thought the war when Bischoff was around was ugly, you ain't seen nothing yet. Both federations have been trading blows for weeks, and they have been taking shots at each other in their shows. If you listened to WCW Live from this past Monday, Russo and Ferarra had some kind words towards the WWF. Ferarra said it was like a prison, when he referred to working with Jim Ross, which he did a cruel impersonation of him. Also, the creative team has had small shots to the WWF, like when Nash was the "booker" that one night, where he was acting like Vince McMahon all night. Also, yesterday on the Howard Stern Show, Bret Hart mentioned something about a nasty rumor that went around about the HBK-Vince McMahon homosexual relationship. That's nasty! I'm sure that will anger the WWF...just a little.

For the fans that love a fight, you are in for some action packed shows coming up. I'm sure we'll see DX do something about Nash's impersonations, like maybe pick 4 WCW wrestlers to make fun of. I'm very sure that the WCW will keep taking their shots at the WWF, because now they have the good booking to back it. The WWF, with the exception of a few remarks, have been the quiet party in this war so far. I would have figured a large shot by the WWF already, but so far they are keeping quiet. Maybe they are letting WCW bury themselves into a whole with all of the cheapshots? It seems to be working so far, as the WWF is still on top by a significant margin. I know the WWF though, and they are probably thinking of a good shot to do towards WCW on one of their shows. When it hits, it's going to get ugly. Just wait and see is all I have to say.


-The many e-mails I get a day about this rumor are forcing me to talk about it. People keep hearing odd rumors that a lot of money is being thrown at the December 20th edition of Monday Nitro. They keep insisting that it will "forever change the world of wrestling". Well, it's only a rumor for now, as I keep seeing the same e-mail copied and pasted a million times! We'll just have to wait, I guess, till December 20th to see if this rumor is true. If not, I applaud whoever started the rumor, because it has created a small buzz on the net.

-I keep hearing more and more rumors about this new valet to Booker T. She's F'N huge! I have heard a few rumors that she might be Booker T's sister or love interest on television, but no true information as of right now proves that. I just hope that the creative team don't make her into yet another Chyna replica, just like the previous bookers did with Asya or however that's spelled. I've also heard that the new woman was supposed to be Bischoff's female bodyguard at one time, but I guess that was scrapped when Bischoff left. I just hope that the creative team doesn't have her cheat for Booker T like Chyna did for Triple H. Booker T can actually carry a match and win a match on his own, so let him! I think Coolbeans would agree.

@Well, that's enough damage that I can do for today. I'll be back tomorrow with more stuff to throw at you in another edition of the PDC, so just chill..till the next episode.

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Take Care, and Happy Wrestling.

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