In the midst of all of the turmoil and chaos, out comes the Phat Daily Column. What happened to the Smackdown Tito campaign??? Did I forget to do it? Nope. Yesterday's column mentioned that I will be returning home for the weekend, so I was ABLE to finally watch Smackdown, since Time Warner cable shafts me at Ohio University. That means that I will control the Smackdown thoughts, the opinions, and the Phat 5! Whooo! I will say that I enjoy the voting system for when I'm not able to watch it, and that I appreciate the help, very much.

So for today, we'll look over Smackdown at first, and then I'll explain my motives for the Wednesday column. Many misunderstood that very Wednesday column, and I shall explain! Let's get to it now, so on to the PDC!


I F'N hate opening interviews with a passion, but man was Triple H cutting some mean promos. I guess that he somehow contacted Rikishi back in late 1999 to hit Austin, even though the two probably didn't know each other at the time. Oh wait, I guess they were just "acting" when they fought several times. More on that in a moment...

Who the hell called for the Dusty finish for the Eddie Guerrero vs. Billy G match? (Dusty finish is defined as the type of ending that has an outcome reversed. Dusty Rhodes was famous for booking this way, hence the name 'Dusty finish')

If X-Pac is behind this Kane vs. Jericho feud, I'm going to cry. These two are carrying on a good feud, especially since Kane's help could give Jericho another crack at the top.... no wait! Stone Cold's back, so there is no need to push young talent anymore. *wink* *wink*

Good match as usual with the Hardys and Edge/Christian. What else can I say?

I guess "booking on the fly" is now in for the WWF, as they shoved together, quickly, a #1 contender match to see who would fight Kurt Angle. And wouldn't you know it, the Undertaker won the shot. I guess this is "one effect" for deciding to turn Triple H into a heel again.

So we have the MOST OVER tag team in the WWF going up against a team who NOBODY cares about, and who wins? I still can't believe they made the RTC champions.

Decent match with Crash Holly/Steve Blackman against T&A, even if the crowd won't pop for it. I guess it's safe to say that the T&A experiment has failed, and so has Steve Blackman. Crash was very popular once.........

Odd how the Radicals are now helping Triple H and Rikishi, and it's even more odd that Austin and Rock can clear the ring of them so easily. Those 4 guys were once great champions in their days, but with Austin and the Rock, Hulk Hogan split into two, those 4 guys, especially Benoit, won't ever be able to shine. Why do you think the Radicals reformed?


You want to know why I gave the F to RAW Monday? Because the booking made no sense. Look, I want Triple H to be the top heel, but not in the way the WWF did it Monday. Why couldn't they just made Triple H the driver originally? The fact that he has an odd link to Rikishi didn't set too well, since they have had their small feuds and run ins with each other. Oh, so they were "acting" this whole time? Oh please.

Point is that the WWF has never known who the driver is, and that's the damn truth. They are booking on the fly now, making stuff up as they go along. They *tried* to put Rikishi as the driver, and then they saw what a joke that became, and decided to put another person behind it. They thought and thought over who it could be, and since they only have one guy who could have a purpose of doing it (Summerslam 1999, where Austin refused to job to Triple H). Still, it was handled in a bad way, and I gave the "F" for the sloppy booking.

How can you book something when you have no idea who will be behind it? The WWF should look upon past experiences of a created character who has nobody behind it(Black Scorpion - 1990, Higher Power - 1999, Hummer Driver - 1999, and so on). But they didn't, and I nailed them for that. Again, I want Triple H as the top heel, but at least put some brains behind when turning him heel, instead of forgetting what logic is.

Oh God, the gloves have come off. The WWF is now suing the PTC for the attacks upon advertisers, and all of the evil stuff this group of unresponsible parents did. Wow, the WWF finally got the balls now to sue these guys? What the hell took them so long? Yeah, go ahead and destroy the PTC, because another parental group will just step into their place. The WWF should have just ignored the PTC instead of giving them reason to attack.

Like I've said above, the return of Stone Cold has helped to depush many wrestlers forever. Since he helped make the WWF in 1998, like Hogan did in the 80s, the WWF is pushing firmly behind him. But when you have hungry, younger talent that develop in the Superhero's absence, like Hogan in 1993 and Stone Cold now, it gets a bit ridiculous. Austin must realize that the federation is stacked with guys who can easily out perform him in the ring, and to NOT hog up the spotlight. He's booking himself, which means it was *his* idea to destroy Kurt Angle, two weeks in a row on RAW. Yes, that's your World Champion he's booking himself to make look bad. But I guess nobody wants to notice that, especially when they are marking out.

And if you think I'm sooooo wrong about the WWF, then why are they in panic mode about ratings, attendance, merchandise sales, especially when Stone Cold's return didn't produce a dime? I'll leave you with that thought today.

WWF Phat 5

5. Steve Blackman- Despite the low pops, he had a good week. Defeating Kane on Monday, and winning a tag bout on Thursday. How could I not include him for that?

4. Kane- The most modest WWF worker around. He'll JOB and WORK WITH anybody! Including Jericho.......

3. Chris Benoit- No need for the best technical wrestler to do well in the WWF, even though he's carried the Rock to his BEST matches ever. Let's ignore that fact....

2. Chris Jericho- This man busts his ass for a good show everytime, despite being totally held back by the WWF to shine. Oh, we can't let Austin and Rock look bad!!!

1. Kurt Angle- This is the World Champion that you have a past star run over every week. Maybe one day, Angle will get appreciated as champ, but with Rock and Austin there, it's NOT happening!

Gee, I might have left 3 certain individuals off the list, but I can't just think who.....

@That's all for today. Be here tomorrow for my History column about WCW in 1990, where they first began their bad business and the way they ran their company. Just chill....

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Mr. Tito 2000 Exclusive to, and I always will be.

Now I know this isn't the Political Discussion Column, but I want to make a few points about the crazy election currently going on.

[1] I'm glad to see such a tight race with lots of media coverage, because a lot of the lazy-asses in this country, who think their vote does NOT matter, will finally start voting. Voter turnout was up 5% from 1996's election, and I bet that will jump even more, thanks to this tight election.

[2] I really hope that nothing bad evolves out of this election. It's writing history as we speak, but we don't need an incident to spark it up more. When something is finally officially announced, some people might be angry because votes were reversed, and others will blame a corrupt and unfair election system. I just hope that many can accept whoever the hell wins this election, and just get on with their lives, not being bitter. Sure, if 'other' guy wins, I'll be disappointed, but it won't change the way I live. Yeah, I'll probably be critical, but since I voted, I have that right. However, I'll accept whoever as the leader of our country.

One thing is for sure, and it's that the current system had lots of flaws in it, and I hope somebody wakes up for 2004's election, to avoid any recounting problems or ballot problems.

I do feel bad for whoever does eventually take office, because to put it in a wrestling term, that president won't get the "pop" from the United States, since half of them will feel cheated. I'm hoping that nothing bad comes from this....

I'd still rather have Ric Flair as president. :) Click Here to read about it.