Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. The ratings are in, and they are very surprising to say the least. Did Nitro gain any ground? Did RAW pull away again? We'll find out, on to the PDC.

Ratings Analysis


First Hour: 4.0
Second Hour: 3.1
Third Hour: 2.8
Composite: 3.3


First Hour: 5.1
Second Hour: 5.6
Composite: 5.35

Head to Head

RAW: 5.35 Tito's prediction: 6.0
Nitro: 2.95 Tito's prediction: 3.0

Monday Night Football with Cowboys vs. Vikings: 16.2

-Boy did the NFL get the best of Monday Night wrestling this week. It seems that it took more of a chunk out of RAW's rating than Nitro's, seeing how Nitro has the same rating as last week. Of course, both of their ratings could be higher, but the Monday Night football game definately grabbed some viewers this week. This is one problem neither federation needs, and that's a strong Monday Night Football show taking away the viewers that it took last year. You could also say that Nitro keeps improving because it didn't budge from the Football game, and that RAW is losing viewers. I don't know, the ratings war has unlimited possibilities.


-I read the Smackdown spoilers this morning, as you can read them too by clicking HERE, and I must say that many of you will agree with me about the Bossman-Big Show angle after you watch Smackdown. It's gone way too far already, and it continues to go way too far..and even worse this Thursday. I don't know why the WWF is keeping that angle going, or why they even thought of it in the first place. Cheap heat is nice to get sometimes, but you don't have to get sick about it. As for the rest of the show, you will see Arnold involved in the action just a little bit, along with tons of strange reasons for the matches signed at Survivor Series.

-Calvin Martin reported earlier that Stone Cold might have suffered yet another neck injury. It's just speculation, but it seems to be true considering Austin missed some house shows over the weekend. Already, however, the WWF is denying all reports of Austin's injury, and my money is on that Austin will stick around no matter how injured he really is. The WWF really needs him now, especially with the WCW charging! A loss of Austin could lose a group of fans that could start watching WCW due to loss of interest without Austin around. I have heard everywhere that crowds are split down the middle as far as cheering for the Rock and Austin. If Austin does need time off, then the Rock will then step it up to take the top spot with the fans, and Austin just doesn't want that.

-I'm proud to hear that Stevie Richards might be getting the super push in the WWF. His hard work seems to be paying off, as Vince McMahon, according to Mark Madden, is really impressed with his approach to wrestling. He's been doing a great job throughout the weeks in the Chyna-Jericho angle, adding comic relief when necessary. Let's see here, Jericho and Stevie Richards came in around the same time. Jericho has been hyped to be the next great thing since sliced bread, and Stevie started from the ground up. They are just about on the same level now, so what wrestler should have had the hype in the beginning? (Credit: Kirk Huffman)


-Doh! Rey Mysterio will be out of action for 6 months following his surgery to repair the ACL he injured, and not by Malenko, but in a previous match before that. I'm sure Russo isn't happy about this, as he seems hellbent on pushing the Filthy Animals to the moon, and Rey is a big part of the group. Well, I guess now that the teams are even, with the Revolution having Shane Douglas out for 6 months, and the same with Mysterio.

-Already, people are screaming WORK about Dusty Rhodes quitting WCW. From the WCW Live appearance to Calvin's post, it seems obvious that it is a work. It's very believeable, as every damn thing in WCW is a work. If you still think Hogan leaving isn't a work, then you're wrong. Russo told, I think, Entertainment Weekly, that both Hogan and even Ric Flair are just sitting on sidelines waiting for a return to freshen up their careers or image. Everything is a work in WCW anymore!

-I like how Russo is pretty much taking over the WCW locker room. He's becoming the authority that WCW has lacked for years during Bischoff's reign, and not only that, he's got the wrestlers buzzing about their careers in WCW. I don't think many are upset for Russo being given total control, because they feel he's really great to work with. Ok, it's cool that he's the authority at WCW, but why does he have to be involved on television now? I'm tired of hearing "powers that be" for every other word that Shiavone says on Nitro. They probably don't understand how much they are confusing non-internet fans by doing this angle. Many non-internet fans don't know who Russo is, or what his role is. They probably keep scratching their heads when they see Buff or Jarrett doing something with the "powers that be". Be like tradition, and keep it quiet before it gets too out of hand.

@That's it for today. I'll be back with yet another edition tomorrow, so why not chill till the next episode?

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