Welcome to the wild and wonderful Wednesday column. Well, it's the Wednesday column. Anyway, the ratings are in, and *gasp*, they tell a story for this week's Monday Night RAW. It's quite scary.

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WWF Ratings Analysis


First Hour: 4.5
Second Hour: 4.6
Composite: 4.55
Composite Last Week: 5.0
Composite Last Year: 6.2

WWF Weekend Shows

Livewire: 1.1
Superstars: 1.0
Mtv Heat: 1.7

Well, just take a look at the steep drop the ratings did this past Monday. What is there to blame? Could it be the slow pace of the show? Could it be the over exposure of the McMahon family? Could it be the NON improvement of the mid-carders each week? Could it be the fact that Triple H wasn't on the show? Could it be the Steve Austin heel turn? Could it be from the Rock being missing? Could people just be sick of WWF wrestling in general?

Something is going wrong. The show, for me, had some aspects that were good, with some parts just struggling. The WWF tried to recreate another face last night in Rikishi, but will he be enough to fill a void the WWF currently needs? Well, it's sort of too soon for anything, and you never know when an injury will strike him.

One thing I'm really going to blame is the fact that the WWF hasn't completed feuds like Regal vs. Jericho and Benoit vs. Angle. Now Jericho vs. Regal might have ended from the Cage match, but you don't know that. Angle and Benoit have put on two BORING Pay Per View matches, but yet they have to do it one more time? Where's the spark to help the excitement???

I don't know. But what I do know is that the WWF has been free falling ever since Wrestlemania and the extinction of WCW. Obviously, something needs looked at for improvement. However, you should know that wrestling always falls into a rut with many schools getting out, and wrestling fans coming back together once the fall hits. Also, the WWF usually just takes a break to cool themselves down during this period, and they usually put on a strong Summerslam to get things going again.

As for the Weekend shows, they each increased. Well, the early morning shows got back to normal, but Heat only improved because last week's show was hindered by Backlash. A 1.7 for the big, bad new format? Ha! I personally thought the show would have been 100 times better if Triple H/Stephanie tried to call wrestling matches with Tazz and Michael Cole, which I wouldn't doubt will happen next week, although the Big Show will be the guest host.


Is screwing up the color coordination of Austin (knee braces) a way to give him a heel look?

Benoit and Angle must be GOLD MEDAL drivers, because nobody can get get from Uniondale, Long Island to Midtown Manhatten in 40 minutes!

Jerry Lynn, a former ECW World Champion, debuted in the WWF with a cool entrance song. Well, if Tazz & Raven taught us anything......

How come Undertaker gets "arrested" when he beats up Triple HHH or Stone Cold, but Kurt Angle doesnt get arrested when he steals someone elses car?

If Rob Van Dam is the whole F'N show, then why is an internet reporter constantly punking him out and always reporting the news he tries to hide?

Considering Sunday Night Heat's low ratings, maybe Tazz should change his motto to "The Channel is About to Change."

If you were 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin, wouldn't you feel weird to see yourself getting pounded with a sledgehammer in you Tag Team partner's entrance video?

Ever wonder why Chris Benoit doesn't melt one of Kurt Angle's medals down and use it to fill in that gap in his teeth?

The only pop Rikishi will be getting is one from the hotel room vending machine.

When Foley got pulled over hte guard rail and his shirt then came up, instant flashbacks of Mark Madden vs. Tank Abbott came to mind.

I guess the reason Chyna posed for Playboy is because the WWF truly didn't believe she was eligible for the Women's title.

The ONLY good thing Albert has done in the WWF: he put on a shirt!

Benoit + Comedy = No

Credit for Shouting: Young Timmy, Ryan Murphy, Matt, Treach X, Zach Gusse, Bucho, KV, Matt C., Zach Richter, and Joe D.


Thanks to Brad Martin for the banner!

-William reported earlier, rumors are saying that WWF Smackdown will only be 90 minutes long come this fall. That's not for ratings, for Smackdown is STILL the highest rated show on UPN. UPN knows what they would do, though, with the 9:30 - 10:00 whoring out to the latest shitty attempt at a UPN homemade show. Geesh. What's even worse is that the WWF will be using this time change as leverage to convince UPN to carry the XFL. My gosh, Vince McMahon must have rocks in his head. Read the following message and take it with full force:


Oh, excuse me. The reason I no longer report XFL news is for the fact that the league is worthless and the biggest embarrassment in sports league history. Vince needs to get his head out of his ass and realize that WCW won't be the easiest project to handle or fund, especially at a late night timeslot on Saturdays.

-I'll add a little history to the current Disqo situation, as it appears that the WWF is oddly interested in him again I believe in either 1995 or 1996, the WWF was EXTREMELY high on the Disco Inferno, thinking he was the next big thing in wrestling. Disco's contract actually came up as his early career was underway in WCW, and he began negotiating with the WWF for a possible entry there. However, WCW snatched him right back with an incredible money offer which Disco couldn't refuse!! So for one way or another, the WWF has been high on Disco, although he's damaged goods now due to suffering several back injuries.

-For you Tajiri marks, including myself. Don't doubt that Tajiri will wrestle lots of dark matches before debuting on WWF television. Why? Jerry Lynn's career is currently being flushed down the toilet because the WWF forgot to tell any fans who the hell he was!!!! One big problem with these former ECW stars is that somebody is shoving them on camera without telling a story. I guess Paul Heyman has been telling McMahon that the majority of WWF fans know about ECW, when about 20% (if that!) really know what ECW was or knew of any wrestlers.

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