Welcome back to yet another edition of the Phat Daily Column! I keep telling myself: there's no such thing as a day off, no such thing as a day off. Anyways, the great Slamboree is tonight, joy, and WCW better put on something amazing, just because the dirty NBA playoffs are taking their Monday Night slot. Anyways, on to the PDC.


-Well, the word around WCW is that Konnan has worked his way out of the WCW doghouse, and he's now friends with Nash again. AWWWW...that's so cute! Now what does that mean? Well, like I stated before, Konnan will now get pushed, since he's "boyz" with Nash again, but if you noticed on the last Nitro, Nash made a face run in at the end of his match. Looks like Nash is becoming a face again. Uh-oh. This is scary, because I remember the times when he was a face. Let's look back shall we? In the WWF, as Diesel, after he defeated Bob Backlund quickly, he became a face. He acted like a complete panzy in his interviews, and he completely lost his edge that he used to have when he was HBK's bodyguard. Then, after being in the NWO black and white for a while, which was good because he got his toughness back, he turned baby face again when he formed that lame Wolfpac, and everyone knew where that supergroup went to. But now is different, as he is coming off his worst heel gimmick ever, returning to the lame Wolfpac with Hogan. Maybe this time he'll be successful as a face. Nah.-Well, late June or July is that time that Eric Bischoff wants for Bret to try to return to the ring. I just hope this time around, Bret finally gets his due and the push that he deserves. The man wrestles hard ever match, and he's very injury prone for doing so. Half the time, he wrestles through his injuries, unlike just about every other wrestler that cries when they break a nail. When he comes back, he'll probably feud with Goldberg, and that hopefully, will be a good angle for him. It's a shame WCW doesn't hold their events everyweek in Canada, or else Bret Hart would get over easily. (Credit to Curt Creighton for the news part)-The word is that Goldberg is currently negotiating a new 3 year extension? Wait just a second! I remember him signing an extension a while back, that gave him a very good salary for a wrestler, but now he wants more. Hmm...looks like now he wants more money, just like how he wants more of a title reign. You know what Goldberg needs? A swift kick in the ass, because he never had to pay his dues in WCW to become a champ. Every other wrestler had to work their way up, but he never had to lose on his way to the WCW championship. What a jerk.


-Well, the main reason that Stone Cold is being brought back to Nash Bridges for the season finale is to save the show from being cancelled. I guess nobody really cares about the show, except when Stone Cold is on it. My theory is that nobody tunes in because of Cheech Martin's clean image. Now if he was a bum and a high crazy S.O.B. like he was in the Cheech and Chong movies, they wouldn't need Stone Cold to save their show..but that's my opinion. Anyways, the word is that CBS wants Stone Cold to be on a few shows a season, not his own show like it has been reported.-Alright, I promised that I wouldn't talk about the Rock's broken arm situation, but I just can't help it. I think that it's a work! That's right. If he really broke his arm, why on Earth did he wait so long to get it checked out? When you break something, your arm can't work worth a crap, plus it really freakin hurts! I'm reading WWF.com, and they are claiming his arm is broken, yet they have no signs of taking him off the Over the Edge card. Very odd. I don't know, maybe he really does have a broken arm, and the WWF should be careful about throwing their franchise players off of a stage. I guess we'll see on Heat what will go down with the Rock, and see what he is really cooking.-Well, the rumors continue about the WWF negotiating with Shane Douglas about coming in. I think he would be a perfect fit to the WWF, and he could become a decent main eventer as well. If he's signed, I'd really look forward to a shoot interview against Vince McMahon. That would be great to see, and it would be well deserved for sticking Shane with that lame Dean Douglas gimmick. Shane is good on the mic as a heel, and the WWF could really use a heel on the mic now that the Rock is a face.

@Wow, I couldn't think of anything when starting today's column, and I'm surprised to see that I have a lot of stuff typed for today. Wow! Anyways, enjoy Slamboree tonight, as you won't see WCW again until Saturday Night. HA! So until next time, just chill..till the next episode!

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