Once again, the Phat Daily Column is back for more chaos! Today, we have a good bit to discuss, as several wrestlers have been released by the WWF, lots of backstage craziness, and the RAW rating. Ever since the nWo arrived in the WWF, news has just multiplied in numbers. Coincidence? I think not.

Some agreed with me, some disagreed with me on my RAW review. Someone liked last night's RAW? How? Anytime you have a very predictable heel turn and Hogan stalling on a motorcycle with a horrible explanation given, it's pretty much a bad show, given that they were given the most time. I know a lot of readers enjoyed the Swanton/5 Star Frog Splash combo, which I did to, citing it as one of the few bright spots in the show.

I could basically write anything and there will always be someone who disagrees with me. That's fine. NEVER in my time as Mr. Tito have I stated that my opinions are fact or of the general feeling of everyone. Sure, I'm aggressive with my opinions, as I'm not afraid to say anything in any way, but my views are in NO WAY the whole internet's views. That's why it is called MR. TITO's Phat Daily Column, and not "The Truth About RAW", etc, etc, etc.

On to the PDC, which is based on Mr. Tito's opinion. Shit, I'm talking in 3rd person.


-RAW's rating actually went up instead of down like I predicted. Wow. RAW scored a 4.6, up a little bit from last week's rating, although anybody of statistics could question if it actually went up or down. It's a bit off from my predicted 4.2, and nobody else predicted it on the LoP Message Board, as a little contest was started there. I guessed the RAW rating would be low, given the Smackdown rating and just the overall horrible show, especially the Hogan segment that would draw viewers away. Instead, the rating went against what I thought, which isn't a bad thing. I hope Smackdown shows us some better results...

My good buddy Coolbeans, who went to both RAW and Smackdown this week, told me that Smackdown was the better show, by far, in comparison to RAW. Coolbeans is the man, so be ready for at least a better show than the crap witnessed on RAW. Speaking of his experience at RAW, you can read about it by Clicking Here.

-A few things I forgot from RAW. What was Kevin Nash's role? All he did was get out of a limo, and he was never mentioned or shown again on the show. Hell, even an interview with Nash was quickly edited from the show by the WWE producers. It's like a Vince Russo hyping all over again.

-Secondly, at some points in Brock Lesnar's match, "Goldberg" chants were started. This is GREAT! In no respect to Lesnar, as I like his character, but the chants could actually force the WWF to sign the free agent, Bill Goldberg. So spread the word! Everyone throughout the internet, tell your friends, tell your relatives, tell whoever, start getting "Goldberg" chants at WWF shows. We, the WWF fans, can get Goldberg into the WWF! What can they do, poorly edit the chants off a live wrestling show? Yeah right! So be sure to spread the word about chanting "Goldberg" at WWF events.

-Guess who got released? Good ol' Scott Hall has failed in life once again, as he was sure to party hard during the UK tour, as he was just barely sobered up for the Insurrextion show. The WWF kept him long enough for the promised RAW main event, and boom, he was released the very next day. For all of you die-hard Hall marks that ever yell at me for criticizing Hall's personal problems, let me ask you this: whose fault was it that Hall was released this time?

And the sad thing was that I was cheering on Hall to do well. I was somewhat pleased with his performances thus far in the WWF, and I was glad that he apparently cleaned up his act. I guess not, as now, we'll probably start hearing stories about Hall feeling up older ladies, keying cars, and getting DUIs, all of which he has done in the past. So long Scott Hall, as you blew your last great chance at redemption in your life.

The Message Board here at LoP asked a great question on if Kevin Nash will follow Hall out the door. I say, probably. Nash is too injury prone, as if you didn't notice, he's injured right now. I don't think Nash will get out of hand with his partying, but his worth as a wrestler, especially with Hall now gone, has just gone down the tubes. I'm very curious about X-Pac's feelings on the matter. It's known that X-Pac and Hall are two closer members of the Clique, just like Triple H and Nash is together. When X-Pac was released in WCW in 1998, Hall stepped up his backstage antics in protest of the move, as did Nash. But I see X-Pac being destructive about this move, given many of his strange actions backstage.

-Also released, Curt Hennig. I figured it was only a matter of time before Hennig was out of the WWF, given his many loses to Rob Van Dam and to some jobbers, such as Tazz. He had a great nostalgia trip at Royal Rumble 2002, but his style just didn't pan out on RAW or Smackdown. I guess the WWF just got him to dirty him up for any other start up promotions who expected to have him as their World Champion, such as the XWF. I like Hennig overall, although I'll agree that his style isn't quite up to date. I wish him the very best.

-Not only was Scott Hall bad on the UK tour, but others were as well, especially on the flight back home. Michael P.S. Hayes, now a road agent for the WWF, fell asleep on the airplane and had his freakin' mullet cut off! Now look, whenever someone grows a mullet, they take lots of pride in it. I remember there was a kid in my highschool who had a mullet for years, and the day he decided to cut it off was a day he long regretted for a long time. Point being, this is just a sick prank performed by a bunch of 20 - 40 year olds, who should know better.

And I guess the now released Curt Hennig and another Royal Rumble nostalgia returnee, Goldust, were partying hard in the UK. What is this, a time for those signed in 2002 to party when they want to? It just goes to show that some veterans out there think they are immortal when it comes to today's wrestling business. They act as if they have a great second option, which that is sadly not the case. Goldust better mature, or he'll be in the same unemployment line as Hall and Hennig.

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